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5/14/2020 c2 2Kitsune6
Hi. I've read your story before, and I love Mizore stories. The thing that made me stop reading was the first and second chapters having too much "on the nose" dialog. It was just too jarring. Look that up to see what that means. I think your fiction (which is already good) would be a lot better if just that one element was removed.
8/21/2018 c8 alwynonlinereading
What happens next
6/4/2018 c1 Lunarphantomm
Ae. r6 dud6w
4/15/2018 c5 StyxUA
That was really pathetic and disgusting. Calling his mommy and daddy? Lol, talk about stomping on your characters.
4/11/2017 c4 Shogun lord poke burst
Razor is a chimera isn't he
1/31/2016 c8 1diggerboy4
Ok, your OC talks about his family wayyy too much for a normal high school student
6/15/2015 c8 BlizzardTail
Yay! the suspense as to what monster he was nearly killed me. I nearly skipped,to this chapter to find out but no i continued with the rest instead. Just wanted to say that this is great and you should most definatly keep going with it.
6/13/2015 c1 cthulhuian
Loved it you must continue this story I thought it was the best fanfiction that I found
4/28/2015 c8 1pokemonking0924
Got to say that this is awesome, please update this soon
I got to know what happens to Razor next in this fight and his secrets
1/1/2015 c8 Mizore.Moriarty
I LOVE this story! It absolutely keeps me going but I've run out of story...Î just was wondering if you were going to write anymore xx
10/9/2014 c8 XxXxXxXxXxXxXxX
I miz diss.
7/23/2014 c2 Animelvr975
When Razor called Kurumu "Jiggles" it made me remember Soul Eater abridged episode 1 by TheSEATeam when Soul called Maka "Squiggles". What I'm trying to say is that I laughed my ass off XD this is going pretty good. I'm gonna go read the next chapter now :D
6/25/2014 c8 Dr.clockwork
I. Really enjoying this in working on something similar to what you're doing tough mizore feels more open two red razor the i thought anyway I love it almost as much as I love mizore also I may include someone like razor in my story. The good old
6/19/2014 c8 Inactivepear
Please continue I'm hooked!
5/16/2014 c9 SoundSage
I have mixed feeling over this fan fic some chapters seemed to flow very well while others seemed to take a step back and reexplain stuff that has already been brought up. i like the idea of this story but feel like it could us refinement or more in depth story line it feels alittle rushed how quickly mizore just accepts razor then switches to thinking hes a pervert even if gin is his adopted brother that seem flip flop destitute. over all liked it enough to follow this but not enough to favorite it hope theres no hard feelings
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