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for Mass Effect: Human Revolution

3/1 c37 2BlueBlazeCOMET
Holy FUCK I love me some System Shock references. You've been leaving so many references around this story I was keeping System Shock in the back of my mind pocket just in case. And you delivered.

Fantastic writing.
2/29 c32 BlueBlazeCOMET
Beautiful, brillant storytelling.
2/20 c11 mst3ktoo
Jesus you couldn't pick a worse situation to get yourself a job. Blackmail the boss with humiliation? Is he planning on keeping that hanging over his head forever with some recordings? He's sitting alanco up for some pain and suffering
2/12 c91 drakiesan
P.S.: The problem of this fic is that it is extremely ambitious. Way too much. It's just a mess. An awful maze of nonsense and barely understood concepts. Kinda sad, the start was interesting (before Noveria). But during Noveria and after, the story just degraded.
2/12 c47 drakiesan
The whole fic is an unreadable mess of references nobody gets unless they know detailed lore of Deus Ex and Mass Effect, the several languages mixed together doesn't help, and the whole fic is a bloated mess of story lines full of holes and annoyance. It became really boring, especially with Jensen losing his MC status, and becoming a mess of personalities meshed together to create a messiah, basically a goody two shoes.

And what is worst, the whole fic is BORING! The bait-and-switch tactics are terribly overdone here. Jensen lives only thanks to PLOT ARMOR thicker than Naruto's...
1/9 c91 2Malgrath
Did ME!Adam actully wake up in these circumstances and the secret history goes WAY farther back, or is the memories of Nier!Adam bleeding and he just perceives them as is own?
1/8 c86 Malgrath
Jesus fucking christ Hein. Remember when i said jumping the shark? Welk that shark turned into a a megalodon. Fucking folding space physics, Conrad's not-a-Conrad-slider-timeline-bullshit, secret history of humanity and androids.
1/8 c85 Malgrath
as much i as i love this fic, i can also recognize when it jumps the shark. And it jumped the shark when vampires started draining some poor bastards. Nevermind the secret history and Nier-style androids. JC Denton being a messiah figure is believable but where does Adam fic in if he was before the Promethens and Denton? And his encounter with Aleph.

Also Teg, you're not being very subtle, you know being Geth programs stuffed in human mech body.
1/3 c51 Malgrath
So...with all thia talk of pychics, does Adam have the ability too? With aleph in his head and all the werid techno-magic stuff that comes with it, is pychic potential out ofnthe cards? You already had the bug dust-up with Scholar and Adam showed he deal ith that, some what at leastand all the slight breaks in time when he talks to Aleph implies something.
12/15/2023 c14 kukuhimanpr
plastic people. presidium plasticium. jensen never asked for this.
11/6/2023 c42 Christof Ley
8/30/2023 c91 JustAnotherFan
Ignus, I've been reading ME:HR since Noveria. I've read it, re-read it, left and returned at least half a dozen times over the last decade(!), and first of all I wanted to say how grateful I am this work exists. I keep reading complaint after complaint that I just don't understand. This AU/Xover/atomsmashed masterpiece elevates its source material beautifully while tying together a thematic whole that honestly inspired me to get back into writing. I hope one day I come back to this fic like an old friend, and see it complete at last.

Best wishes,
8/14/2023 c15 jonathan.jt.batz
Definitely hitting the “everything is terrible and only gets worse” vibe of the Detroit games.
7/13/2023 c7 3maskedkeeper
Interesting that unlike the game(Shepard) the cop had to avoid killing.
5/14/2023 c3 knacklethrasher1
Started off decent but a ME crossover without Shepard just ain't it.
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