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12/16/2019 c90 1SergioPrtrov
12/16/2019 c90 Dasgun
12/14/2019 c60 1CMY187
“no way Captain Simmons could stay polite in the face of this”
I’m curious of the details of the events in which Simmons rose to the rank of Captain.
“rewarded for his decades of service”
How many mercenaries and/or criminals are ex-Alliance?
“that he had been assigned”
“the transition of the Durendal and its crew into the Alliance Navy’s service”
If the Alliance ever gets their hands on the Durendal, the whole crew are going to die…
“walked out of the bridge without taking his leave”
I like Simmons.
“Frost and his Spectre minder, Tigris”
I look forward to seeing what you have in store for Nathan Frost in this series.
“kept a respectable distance away from”
Tigris is an interesting character, and Bau seemed to respect and like her.
“when you become a Spectre”
“He was a little disappointed when that failed to get a smile out of”
I thought of Staff SGT John Lugo in Spec Ops: The Line.
“There was going to be a fight, Jane knew it”
I love Edward Grey so much. He’s really one of the most outstanding characters of this series, and I love that he goes through just as much character development as Jensen and Garrus (and Ramsus).
“the rest of the Deep Eyes stonewalled”
The Deep Eyes are not afraid to kill other human soldiers. Heck, Jane was ready to kill Ashley. Up close, I’d say even the trained and experienced Gunnery Sergeant is no match for Jane Proudfoot; Williams would need to get some distance and engage from long range instead.
“including you”
I grinned at this. Grey is such a great character. He would NEVER just roll over and take orders from anybody other than a UNAS official, and even then, I’m starting to think that he is more attached to Hein than he would ever want to admit.
“all of the Durendal’s DARPA ‘contractors’”
How many of them are there anyway?
“thinking Hein had abandoned the Deep Eyes”
Think again, Jane. To be fair though, the Deep Eyes have good reason to feel expectant of being abandoned.
“Sorry, I prefer aliens”
“she wasn’t in any mood to flirt”
She has been through a lot; enough to replace the nightmares about Mars.
“he unloaded two rounds”
Yep. Knew Frost was nuts. You don’t get to be a Spectre candidate without being at least a little crazy. Shepard, Yang, Ramsus…
“isn’t the only grunt with connections”
Frost is a VERY interesting character.
“the part in your file that says”
I’d love to learn of Garrus’ reaction if he were to learn of this. Considering that he is a skilled and experienced investigator, it probably wouldn’t surprise him very much.
“they had barely a moment to react before they died”
How many people has Garrus shot through the brain?
“Hein had told Jane a long time ago”
Man…Edgar Hein probably does have a Father complex.
“Work with me, help me become Spectre”
Frost later learns; this is bigger than the Council Spectre-hood, bigger than the FAI. THIS is what Hein has been involved in, what he is fighting against. And Frost can choose to help them or not.
“Jensen’s roommates”
“a rather fine specimen of a human being”
It’s Brea, isn’t it?
“the plush toy the pookah had sold him”
Yang is clearly a damaged person. He’s child-like, but not childish.
“real meat is hard to come by”
Imagine being born in and growing up in the Citadel…
“the bandanna that kept her wild crest under control”
“just in case”
Yang’s been attacked within the Agamemnon before, hasn’t he?
“in both Cyrillic and Hanzi”
“Mia had her own theories”
Mia has quite the imagination.
“the most fantastic one was that”
I’d like to know what Mia thinks of the Geth and the Quarians.
“The Turians had been itching for a rematch”
Never change, Turians.
“Mia didn’t like starting wars. It kept her up at night”
I’d be worried if it didn’t. Also, I love that these two sentences are their own paragraph. This series is just too good.
“the commander of a four kilometer long dreadnought”
Yang would be a VALUABLE ally to the heroes…but his allegiance would undoubtedly come at a great price/cost.
“I certainly did”
So did Nihlus. (looks at Bau) Not sure about him, though. He’s very, very pragmatic.
“Faces and Shades”
I wonder how many Shades there are whom even Mia and Bau do not know of.
“Saren was one too”
(narrows eyes) Interesting. Why a Face instead of a Shade? How does the Council decide who becomes which?
“Months after the incident with the Seven, Adam Jensen and Garrus Vakarian started acting the part of Spectres in all but name all over the Citadel”
I grinned at this. The two are FAMOUS; they are today known as the supercop duo of Citadel Security. I can only imagine the public reaction to them leaving C-Sec and becoming outlaws.
“far, far too dangerous to be free”
(sigh) Jensen is never going to be left alone, is he?
“Jensen, on the other hand, didn’t give a damn”
Why do I get the feeling that the Hanar in general actually LIKE Jensen?
“her opinion on the dry-blood very low”
Ooh. Mia’s a racist. (sigh) Asari.
“didn’t really care”
“Saren was on some deep-cover mission, so he missed out on the controversy”
Deep cover, eh? Does Saren often go on undercover missions? How many fake identities and/or disguises does he have?
“thinking about augmenting ourselves to give us an edge”
There’s no way they are the only ones who started to think like this because of Jensen.
“to pick up that plush toy you wanted”
…okay, you got me, Ignusdei. Dammit, stop turning me into a shipper! If Mia were to develop feelings for Yang, it’d compromise their operational integrity! But then again I don’t think they would make a bad coup-DAMMIT Ignusdei!
“Tailing some detective and his robot?”
Wait, so is this how Frost operates? Look for somebody who is a better investigator than himself and just follow them?
“we’ll snatch him up before anyone else can”
I’ve noticed that Jane has made no mention of having worked with (and still working with) Jensen.
“They won’t even know I exist”
I’m grinning already.
“Tenma snickered”
I’m still grinning. MAN is Ramsus dangerous.
“both puzzled and perturbed Yang a little bit”
Yang is not stupid. He knows or at least suspects that Tenma realized something.
“which had quickly replaced”
I laughed at this.
“more than sixty percent artificial”
Hmm. (looks at Saren) (narrows eyes)
12/6/2019 c59 CMY187
“Tarkus is voiced by Willem Dafoe”
Ha! Awesome! I’ll bet Dafoe would be delighted to play a Turian.
“alive with a million golden lights”
I love the Citadel.
“Why would anyone want to frame Adam Jensen?”
Elsa’s got a lot of reading to do and a lot of exposition to listen to.
“with Tarkus as the loudest”
I’d be more worried of the Spectres who PUBLICLY support Jensen. Stories like this make me paranoid as hell.
“Everyone else suspected he was trying to grab some paydata”
If Jensen wants money, it wouldn’t be all that hard for him to get it; he wouldn’t have needed to step on the Spectres’ toes.
“very likely”
I love this. There’s no way that people haven’t tried to replicate/duplicate David Sarif’s breakthroughs.
“I should be going after Saren, not dancing to the Alliance’s tune, or the Spectres’ for that matter”
(looks at the smoke rising over Bekenstein) Sparatus is going to come under fire for this, isn’t he? I wonder if he even cares.
“Bau barely nodded”
Jondum Bau, you are an intriguing person.
“or we could visit Jensen’s apartment”
They haven’t been there as of Chapter 89, come to think of it. I wonder if any of Jensen’s enemies had gotten into and looked around his home.
“we’ve got an all-in-one investigation package”
If the 108 is compromised…
“custom silver and gunmetal armor”
Not a good sign.
“you should be at his side observing and assisting”
I love so much that Bau’s worst enemies are other Spectres.
“this circus are not allowed here”
Tarkus’ arrogance will later prove to be his downfall. Ramsus on the other hand is generally friendly and charming…until he isn’t.
“he had considered killing Tarkus at least three times in the past”
I’m guessing that it wasn’t too hard for Saren to persuade Tarkus to work for him. Also, Bau really is dedicated to his job. Fellow Spectre or no fellow Spectre, if you get in his way…had he ever been emotionally compromised and unable to remove a critical obstacle/liability?
Also, man, Tarkus did NOT even remotely try to endear himself to the heroes. I would have played irritable and wary, then perplexed and angry upon being accused of tampering with the crime scene at the Pallin residence and offered to work with them to uncover the ‘real’ culprit.
“staring at the body bags, singing to himself”
Ramsus has been…strange, ever since he resurrected. He’s still the same person he was before, and at the same time he’s not. Strange things are happening to him, Jensen and Garrus.
“I didn’t bring my sniper rifle”
‘Be Prepared.’ – Scar in The Lion King.
“huddling like this is making all of you look very suspicious”
They are soldiers, not spies. Jensen and Garrus probably don’t have to verbally inform the other that they intend to sneak/break into a place after being denied entry. Perhaps neither do the Deep Eyes; all they need is to silently exchange looks and they’d know what they are going to do next.
“all that Bau could put together on short notice that was above military grade AND fit Elsa’s rather small frame”
Bau needs more resources, and he needs them quickly and in good condition. Where is he going to get that? Hein can’t provide everyone with everything…
“the switch that made the suit hug her contours”
If those switches are ever tampered with…
“very sensitive to Widow’s radiation”
The Citadel is a very old place, and so are the Reapers…
“one of his informants”
You NEED to have a web of effective informants to succeed in a career like this. I wonder how long Bau spent building his own network.
“your maiden name”
Now I’m curious about similar practices and customs in the other alien races.
“Just this one Spectre”
This may tip off Von that there’s tension within the Spectre ranks.
“Europa Genomics”
…and right in the heart of the Citadel too. There are goddamn SNATCHERS in the Citadel. Who knows how many. Christ Almighty…how far does this go? How deep are the enemy’s pockets?
“as they swept the entire city for any remaining Geth”
What do the enemy Geth think of all this, and of the Turian they have chosen to follow?
“Good enough to keep secrets from the Shadow Broker”
I suspect that the Broker survives by selling information to anyone and everyone, including the enemies of the heroes, despite not wanting the Reapers to succeed. I can only hope that the enemy do not get to the Broker’s people and turn them into sleeper/double agents. Also, the Shadow Broker cannot be the only excellent information broker in the galaxy. There is always someone better…
“In light of what we were just told”
Reliable intel is not nearly as easy to come by as some would think. Even with Von’s help, there’s no telling what they may be walking into in there. You have to just expect the unexpected and to prepare yourself as best you can for anything.
“Bau handed her a modified shotgun”
Close-quarters combat. This could get ugly.
“no match for a veteran Salarian Spectre”
At that moment, Chellick looked up and frowned, his mandibles clicking in protest at an unknown slight.
“their belts and straps had redundant shield emitters and power packs”
Elsa can recognize things like these at a glance.
“the sensor package in the helmet, telling where the guards were at all times”
One reason that the Spectres are able to succeed in their missions and overcome the odds is their specialized/custom gear.
“Elsa surprised herself”
I smiled at this.
“argued Bau”
I love Bau.
“It’s also possible that Jensen has actually gone vigilante”
I don’t blame Bau for suspecting this.
“An Asari religious icon”
Bau has travelled and seen much. Elsa has a lot to learn, and would do well to heed his counsel.
“Asari always struck her as shallow”
I don’t know if Elsa would like Manah. Either way, she may feel that Manah is not sufficiently prepared to face Saren or his minions.
“waved his omni-tool at the other’s face”
(sigh) Good help is hard to come by. First Caleston, then Noveria. Maybe Saren would get fed up and decide that he’ll have to do the job himself. This may then draw him out of hiding and into the open.
“quite adamantly”
I suspect that the Templars actually have a LOT of cases of their people fighting and killing each other.
“why did I listen to these two?”
Come to think of it, Edward Gray would not have hesitated to opt for lethal force if he were there and realized that the C-Sec officers aren’t C-Sec officers.
“I was a lot more ruthless”

“Snap out of it!”
Bau has seen crazy stuff too.
“he growled”
I don’t know why, but I always like when Bau gets angry. He is NOT an emotionless machine like a Terminator.
“She was about to punch him”
Methinks that would be a very bad idea. Bau is used to facing bigger and stronger opponents.
“we can safely assume”
This is the part where Saren lowers his head and rubs his forehead.
“put on her best fake smile”
Nobody likes Tarkus.
“…This looks genuine”
“Jensen took out one of your operations here”
I LOVE this story-telling so much. It’s so surreal and awesome to view the perspectives of other characters following Jensen’s trail.
“Someone threw that, you idiots”
The xenomorph in Alien: Isolation not being fooled by a noisemaker or flare and instead moving in the other direction from where the object landed.
“right in the nearest fake cop’s face”
“The gun had incredible recoil”
How does Bau handle wielding such weapons?
“Vega and Jenkins”
Those two seem to be the heavy-duty guys; sheer firepower and tenacity. Vega in ME3 ‘disables’ a Geth anti-air gun by kicking it.
“though the 108 remained silent”
That’s it, it’s a character now, and it being compromised just makes the act more horrifying.
“Tarkus engaged him at close range”
Tarkus prioritized him as a threat, understandably.
“You’ll be trapped!”
Captain Dallas in Alien (1979). Also, in Alien: Isolation, there is probably no worse place to be than in the vents with the xenomorph.
“getting herself lost in the maze of ducts”
I’d be terrified out of my mind in her place.
“She could hear someone else crawling in the ducts with her”

“Nothing but an evil smile, and a wave goodbye”
I hate you, Ignusdei. What a way to end this chapter. My hands SHOOK as I typed this! Imagine being in those ducts, and seeing a sight like Elsa did, just before falling through the open grate! ARGH.
12/4/2019 c23 yasulong
oh...OH .! That Manah ! Caim ! Red Dragon! Why didnt i realize it sooner ? Its effing Drakengard ! I played it, even read the famous LP. Nice cameo there.
11/30/2019 c58 CMY187
“What horror”
It never stops, does it? I still can’t get Noveria out of my head; that it was raining people. The surviving soldiers there probably won’t ever forget it either. Numerous people witnessed Garrus and Hannibal killing that…thing. The heroes are becoming known. They really should have expected Saren and the Illuminati to strike directly at them sooner or later instead of only responding to Hein sending his people to investigate and interfere in their operations.
“seeing plenty of violence, especially in her teens, when gang wars were common in the less fortunate areas of Paris”
Hmm. Elsa cannot be the only skilled fighter to have hailed from the European Union. So why is she out of all of them their Number One candidate to represent them as a Council Spectre? (looks at the other former Spectre candidates) Same goes for them. I love that so many stories are going on in this series that don’t directly involve the Durendal or Normandy teams.
“she had to admit…made her feel a bit ill”
Elsa thinks she has seen the horrors of the galaxy. She is wrong. Maybe even death won’t be enough to stop it. If she is brought back to life later in this series, Elsa would carry both the physical and mental scars of her experiences forever. Ramsus carries much pain with him as well, and he deals with it by dishing pain right back at the world. (looks at Saren Arterius) …people like him don’t push themselves as hard as he does unless they are damaged. But neither Hein nor Jensen see Saren as someone to be sympathized with. Especially not Hein. After all, Shepard was his daughter.
“he had bought for just that occasion”
I love Zoller. He’s become one of the Breakout Characters of this series for me. Come to think of it, I wonder what he would think of Jaeger in Altered Carbon. Takeshi Kovacs stated that Jaeger is somebody who NEVER gives up; a decorated, determined and accomplished CTAC officer who always gets the job done and the mission accomplished. And also vicious, brutal and merciless. Jaeger executed Kovacs’ partner and lover in the first episode for no reason other than Kovacs being sassy to him. Jaeger also sees himself as the good guy and Kovacs as a despicable and deplorable traitor, conveniently forgetting that he LIED to Kovacs when the latter was a child, promising him that Rei would be safe and sent to live with a good family.
Zoller could probably become as decorated and accomplished a soldier as Jaeger…but he would have to sacrifice a part of himself to do so. (looks at Saren) …God help the Illuminati if Saren ever finds a way to break free of the gun they have to his head. A very important thing to note; the heroes don’t know that the Illuminati are COERCING Saren to co-operate with them under threat of death.
“each one belonging to a C-Sec officer”
The memorials for the fallen of C-Sec have too many names to count…
“proceeded to kill all three officers”
If the Illuminati want to frame Jensen, they really didn’t bother to do a thorough job of it. Then again, they probably felt they didn’t have to considering that Jensen has numerous enemies who’d jump at any excuse to go after him with legal support and approval.
“evaded his pursuers and disappeared somewhere in the Upper Wards”
Neither Jensen’s nor Garrus’ first running gun-fight in the Citadel. This is their home turf. I look forward to seeing how they would participate in the hunt for the Snatchers. They may have to call on all their investigative skills and experience to track those things down.
“Keep examining the scene, and THEN draw your conclusion”
Bau is a man who is thorough and meticulous. He’d wait until he has all the available information before he starts drawing theories.
“ripped out the poor police officer’s spine through the belly, splaying out a few miles of intestines on the way out”
I feel sick.
“she said a bit coldly”
Elsa is not valued for being diplomatic.
“The cockpit filters out the horror”
It was not the case for the Normandy team. I can’t imagine the nightmares that Vega and Williams must be having. And they’re only acquiring more thanks to the events in the Citadel; Blacklight attacked and killed some of their people within their own ship.
“didn’t pierce the brain in the critical area”

“staring up the corpse, his expression unreadable”
What the hell do the Templars do to condition their soldiers to become like Caim?
“kept a wide berth from the racist with swords”
The rest of the galaxy would NEVER accept the Templars as humanity’s dominant faction. The Templars don’t want to co-exist with aliens, they want to enslave or destroy them. And I doubt they could fight the whole galaxy.
“but all she could see”
Elsa is intelligent and capable, but she’s no trained investigator. She’s a former criminal, not cop. I like that Bau is mentoring her. I love the idea of Bau being a teacher of sorts.
“Bau suppressed a smile”
I didn’t. I grinned.
“he would have been stealthier and more surgical”
The Shadow of Elysium.
“painted red…painted silver…glowing a bright blue”
“Elsa glared at the robot, before finally recognizing”
I love Elsa.
“Oh, right. Robot. I forgot”
Yang is a strange person. His background and dossier must be quite an interesting read.
“much to the annoyance of everyone”
Yang, stop stealing every scene you are in. Man, I love little moments like these, be they movies, TV shows, video games, novels, comics or fanfiction. Rick & Morty is full of little moments and details in its backgrounds too.
“through telepresence”
That has its strengths and weaknesses.
“I took the liberty of hiring a consulting detective”
Yang is not stupid. He may have noted that ‘Tenma’ is more than he appears.
“almost proud of the fact”
Goddammit, Ignusdei, stop making me feel that the 108 deserves its on Character sheet on the ME:HR TvTropes page!
“We have no need for aid”
Yes you do, Zoller.
“least of all from a Coolie”
(sigh) Zoller, you fought alongside UNAS and Alliance soldiers in Noveria. Please stop.
“trying real hard to make it do just that”
I love Yang.
“the Council expects us to fail. Only cooperation will see us succeed”
How would Sparatus react if he were to learn of the events in Bekenstein? The heroes left a TRAIL of destruction along with a smoking ruin of a mansion behind them, not to mention the dozens of corpses. They turned Bekenstein into a goddamn warzone to get Jensen back. This may send a message to many people throughout the galaxy; Adam Jensen has friends, and not just Garrus Vakarian.
Also, it seems that Yang has co-operated with people in the past considering how willing he is to work with the other Spectre candidates. Frost on the other hand is arrogant. I wonder what he would think of Edward Gray after getting to know the latter.
“with the 108 in tow”
Hmph. Hein clearly has noted that Elsa had developed an attachment to the machine.
“a flower, of all things”
Even Ramsus himself does not know what has happened and may still be happening to him…he was DEAD. His heart, lungs and brains had stopped. He was a decomposing mass of flesh and bone. Then those girls killed themselves, and he returned to life…Christ, this series is horrifying. Gothic and Psychological Horror, among others.
“a voice that she recalled hearing somewhere”
Elsa is not stupid. She is no mere muscle-head who is only good for piloting Wanzers and driving high-speed cars. Bau holds her in high regard for a reason.
“wondered if she had some kind of fetish for men with artificial limbs”
If so, then she REALLY shouldn’t be sent to hunt down someone like Jensen. Saren’s got cybernetics too, possibly an entirely artificial arm.
“You haven’t told them?”
‘Tenma’ just revealed to everybody that he has similar skills to Caim in having a keen sense of smell.
“of turian sweat”
Hmm. Wrex was able to track Tali by scent in the Upper Zakera sewers.
“barely hiding some giddiness”
Hide in Plain Sight. Ramsus is very good at doing that.
“Bau took a moment to consider the requests, then finally nodded”
Bau is one of the most pragmatic characters in the series. He is a formidable opponent for the villains, but like all the other heroes there is only so much that he can accomplish on his own. If he loses the trust and/or support of Councilor Valern…Bau was at ground zero for the Bekenstein battle…then again, he’s probably done worse. It’s clear that Bau has no love or liking for the Templars. After all, people like them tend to cause trouble and disrupt peace and stability.
“a cartoon version of Edgar Hein”
Let me guess; Hein draw his own cartoon version himself. He probably has a training/tutorial/manual in video-form for anybody using the 108. Now I’m imagining Saren stealing a 108 prototype and being forced to watch such a video in order to operate and direct the mech.
“Remind me to dispose of this Omni-Tool at my earliest convenience”
The dialogue in this series is SO good.
“countless little sensors and cameras”
Is there anything the 108 CAN’T do? How much does one of those things cost? How much money did Hein sink into designing and building it?! Jensen was apparently the very first person to field-test it. After he was captured and brought to Bekenstein, Hein put on the 108 himself to participate in the rescue…and then someone somehow got into the 108’s system and rigged it to kill Hein.
“When she tired of that after five minutes”
Wow, her first instinct is NOT to speak to the people around her.
“kept defying her expectations of what a citizen of the Coalition was”
Has Elsa ever been to the Coalition territories and regions?
“ambassadors were just that, ambassadors”
I really like the three Councilors who appear in ME3 if the Destiny Ascension is destroyed in ME1. In this series, Irissa, Esheel and Quentius are not Councilors. Is Irissa – like Tevos – also involved with the Asari Illuminati, and if so, in what way? (Irissa is more cold-hearted than Tevos. If she has you on the ropes, she’d mercilessly press her advantage) What would Esheel think of Spectre Jondum Bau (whose opinion is valued and respected by Valern, whom Esheel has a low opinion of and believes would have led the Salarian Union ‘down the sewage pipe’) What does Quentius think of Adam Jensen?
“why did a remote-controlled robot need to be comfortable?”
What does Yang think of the Geth and of the Quarians?
“originated from ancient Greece”
I thought of the fall of the Macedonian Empire after Alexander’s death. Like so many others…too big, too many players. By uniting the seven kingdoms of Westeros into a huge empire, building a capital city and creating the Iron Throne, Aegon I Targaryen aka The Conqueror set in motion something that will continue for numerous generations. As long as they had dragons, the Targaryen Dynasty stood tall and uncontested. But their dragons died, and thus the Game is Afoot. (looks at this series) The Asari Republics, Turian Hierarchy and Salarian Union stand at the top of the galaxy, and they are very concerned about the power-hungry race that is Humanity. Hmm…are there any pro-Ardat Yakshi factions among the Asari?
“Very thorough…Anything else, however…re-education camp”
The Coalition sounds like a wonderful faction…then again, the Alliance really are no better.
“There was a story there”
I hate you, Ignusdei. I really, really do. All great writers are evil.
“gotten lost in the city and wandered about”
“It had only taken him an hour to find us”
Jensen is a very dangerous enemy.
“a game of Kepesh-Yakshi”
…coming up with games for this series. Christ. Anybody who says that writing is easy should be forced to write their own epic-genre series.
“this rube of a human”
A common flaw in many Asari; arrogance.
“it takes centuries to master”
How many times throughout history have there been cases of otherwise-brilliant strategists losing because they became arrogant idiots due to their own success? Cao Cao is one such example. A fictional example is Emperor Palpatine. He was incredible in the Clone Wars, but after becoming Emperor he became a MORON. He was SO stupid in the Battle of Endor that he by all accounts should have easily won. He COMPLETELY mis-read Luke Skywalker and failed in humiliating fashion to manipulate the young Jedi, and that’s not even mentioning his failure to predict or suspect how Anakin would have reacted to him attempting to slowly torture Luke to death. WHY did he not keep Vader under surveillance and monitor any and all interactions between him and HIS SON?
“well-combed golden-brown hair”
“you could do so much better”
T’suzsa is an idiot.
“the way a history teacher schooling a child usually sounded”
GODDAMMIT, Yang, STOP stealing EVERY scene you are in! Stop it!
“at least not by proxy”
Seriously. The Asari have become FAR too arrogant. They often patronize, condescend to, and look down on non-Asari and even each other. They are NOT as universally attractive to everyone else as they like to think they are. There is a reason that so many people are attracted to Manah, and it isn’t really her looks; it’s the impression she gives off. Manah is a beautiful person, and I don’t mean that she is pretty. Even Brea of all people could not help but like her and Tali – while jealous and possessive – also couldn’t bring herself to dislike Manah. I wonder who in this series would see and understand Manah, then view her with contempt. Gray is very no-nonsense toward her when it comes to her less-than-stellar combat skill. Still, yeah, Manah is primarily a researcher, not a warrior. Hein didn’t scout her because he wanted a fighter, and neither did Saren.
“How dare this ape squatting on his chair criticize the Asari?”
Garrus is not too fond of his own people (even though many Turians openly respect Jensen), and Detective Anaya lives in a port city populated by Asari and has seen and investigated many crimes committed by her own people.
“Our spears were tipped with iron”
This made me smile.
“How long did it take for the Asari to”
Hmm. (looks at Yang speaking of the Coalition’s policies of teaching history to students) It seems that Yang has strong feelings toward people re-writing their own history. He clearly has little love for his own faction.
“If they had kept things friendly, humanity would have reached within five years, maybe”
Too bad Stalin was not only in charge but also killed or imprisoned all the smart, good and/or capable ones. I wonder if the alien races have had their own Stalins.
“as if it were made of pure filth”
Yang is WEIRD. I look forward to the role he would play further into this series.
“any inkling of respect for human history”
Humanity drove the Turian punitive force from Shanzi, T’suzsa. They did so by being even more vicious and brutal than General Arterius was.
Also, Yang places value in respecting the history of others. What does he think of the Quarians and the Krogan?
“how outmatched she actually was”
A truly smart tactician would have welcomed the challenge and readily accepted the likelihood of losing to Yang.
“screeching now, stomping the ground petulantly”
So much for the superior wisdom and maturity of the Asari people, eh, T’suzsa?
“the Krogan bouncer”
Mercenaries, muscle, hitmen…the Krogan are dying. And they know it. How many of them are aware of what is happening with Warlord Okeer and Saren?
…if the enemy Krogan get their hands on Kell Charr, they’ll TORTURE HIM FOR DAYS before finally executing him in public as an example to his people.
…I imagined this, Ignusdei; Charr receiving a message with just four words; ‘We have your girlfriend.’
“What was the point of all that build up…I thought it was funny”
That’s you speaking, isn’t it, Ignusdei?
“In games I can always gauge how my opponent thinks”
How about the biggest game of them all, Yang? The one with only one rule; you win or you die.
Yang may now suspect that Jensen suffers from temporary memory loss, perhaps as a result of his augmentations. He WAS shot in the head and kept on ice for over a century. Who knows what the long-term effects of both are.
“What does that mean”
I love this chapter.
“have you paid attention to”
When you see it all as a game…ah. I see. So that’s how Yang works. How he operates.
My favorite line in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire: ‘I agree she should die, but in the right way. At the right time. It’s moves and counter-moves. That’s all we gotta look at.’
“unsure of what Yang meant by ‘opening moves’”
It’s not a game to her. It never was; being a soldier as well as a criminal in her earlier years. Heck, it’s not really a game to Saren either; he believes that if he fails to stop humanity, the rest of the galaxy will burn. And he would sacrifice anything and anyone to accomplish his mission.
“She had heard that one of Saren’s minions had died there”
She wasn’t there. She didn’t see what the other heroes including Bau saw. Wrex, Anderson, Taylor and Vega were there too. Jenkins unfortunately was blinded while Williams had to be tied up and left behind, and thus they both missed the final confrontation.
“your apparent amnesia”
What secrets are the Templars keeping from the rest of the galaxy? What the hell are they involved in?
“Are we to fight, then…No. If you prove a liability, I’ll simply kill you”
Bau does not mess around. He doesn’t care about proving his manliness or superiority or whatever. He’s all about the job.
“A credit to your cowardly race”
Caim rolled for Diplomacy, but his Charisma stat is simply too low.
“an abomination”
Caim…YOU’RE an abomination. You are an indoctrinated, brain-washed fanatic conditioned to freakishly enjoy agonizing pain.
“a fusion of flesh and metal, and that in and of itself is an abomination”
Jesse Custer: ‘Why do the greatest champions of the white race always turn out to be the worst examples of it? YOU. WHERE THE F-K IS YOUR CHIN.’
(looks up) Hm. Probably compensation. They know deep down that they are flawed and unattractive, so they tell themselves that they are better than others because of their race. Like an ugly, uneducated white person claiming that he’s better than a good-looking, educated black person because RACE. Of course, racism can cut both ways. Racism always struck me as making absolutely zero sense, especially when you consider that the worst atrocities and crimes usually are committed within the same race or nationalities and that most cases of murder and molestation are domestic.
“she couldn’t just have Caim guard the latrines”
Just treat him like a psychotic guard dog, Elsa, and throw him at wherever the enemy is strongest whenever you find yourself in battle.
“She now occupied a corner in his mind”
Dammit. Manah really IS a danger to others and to herself.
“only by touching an alien creature did a Templar suddenly become more…human”
You know what I think is the best way to counter religious fanatics? Other religious fanatics. The Crusades had both sides screaming ‘God Wills It’ at themselves and each other as they commit atrocities.
“use that to his advantage, if he could…teach Manah how to use him”
What would Hannibal think of Ramsus taking in a student or protégé of sorts?
“much to his disappointment”
Ramsus likes the sight, smell (and taste) of blood and the dead. After all, his hobby is to turn people into art.
“you can always peer into the mind of…by looking at his works”
General Thrawn!
“pink light, wreathed in green embers”
Colors are important in this series.
“he turned on the charm”
Intelligent psychopaths are the most frightening thing in the world to me. Saren is one, and so is Ramsus. (looks at Jonathan Scholar) He isn’t. His success made him stupid.
“said Bau and Tenma in unison”
Ramsus is obvious, but I love that Bau also has an ego.
“Someone in power armour”
Caim is very, very biased and definitely not fit to be an investigator.
“second-gen Snatcher…obvious that Lang was the more powerful machine”
Not all Snatchers are hostile. That’s gonna complicate things.
11/15/2019 c57 CMY187
“Elsa had screamed”
How would she react if Hein had offered her her own 108 armor?
“the crowd cheered”
“and the 108 casually deflected them all with a stick”
There’s no understating it; Edgar Hein is a genius. Many people know about the 108 now. Heck, the Europeans wanted to steal the mech for themselves in Noveria, and I don’t blame them. Also, the Geth have analyzed both Jensen and Hannibal…
“The sailors’ blood was up”
It can get boring on a spaceship. The Durendal on the other hand could use LESS excitement and more idleness. (looks at the Normandy) …this series is so brutal to its characters.
“I can tell when someone is in full control of a fight”
Hmm. Who trained Bau?
“she shouted at the 108 and Caim”
Caim will not be an easy person to keep in line…
“the smoking, burning ruin of the Acheron freefalling towards the icy plains of Noveria”
Saren, the Illuminati and especially the Reapers have much to answer for. Killing them wouldn’t be enough in my opinion. They all deserve to be dragged into the light and their crimes be revealed to the whole galaxy. But I still fear that Saren may cut a deal and get away scot-free. How many criminals arrested by Jensen and Garrus in the Citadel have done the same thing to save their own skin? Hm, Way Down In the Hole (The Blind Boys of Alabama) chose this moment to start playing on my phone.
“recently and famously led the defense of Noveria against a major Geth attack”
I notice the reporter made no mention of the Krogan…
“The Alliance has quarantined Noveria”
God damn it…like the people down there haven’t suffered enough.
“if he declared a nanite alert”
Forget nanites. Saren has something worse; Snatchers.
“the Alliance annihilated the crash site”
(looks at Anderson, Williams, Joker, Vega, Jenkins and Taylor) Jesus Christ…their worlds may already be crashing down around them. Their greatest enemy is the Alliance itself. Anderson may end up distrusting Hackett, or at least wondering if Hackett had been compromised.
“It wasn’t his finest work, as far as pulse beacons went”
I like Kell Charr. He’s an engineer, not a warrior. He doesn’t have the killing instinct that most Krogan have, though he’s still as tough and durable as the average Krogan.
“The Europeans weren’t certain if this wasn’t one of Saren’s tricks”
Elsa was nearly killed and Snatched during the Europeans’ attempt to give her advantages that would aid in her Spectre candidacy. Bau personally supported her candidacy as well. But now I don’t think anybody would want to become a Spectre considering that the Spectre ranks are now revealed to be compromised and under suspicion. If Bau cannot trust his own people…
“improvised gauss shotgun”
I wonder what Charr would think of Drebin.
“the toxic engine cleanser that had been used as disinfectant”
Is it wrong that this made me laugh?
“Get her on a stretcher, now!”
Nazir as of Chapter 89 is tired of all the death and blood-spilling. But there is more to come…
“Their Warlord was close to three bloody metres tall”
Krogan are terrifying.
“I say we space him as soon as we’re done with him”
(sigh) The Krogan killed many people in Noveria.
“I won’t space a man – alien or not – who may be innocent”
I fear that Aubrey may get pulled into the insane, chaotic mess that is Hein and Jensen’s war against Saren and the Illuminati. But he’s a part of this whether he knows or wants it or not; after all, his life is on the line too.
“he scowled when he saw”
Poor Bau.
“Bosch found that show of concern very interesting”
I thought of Ramsus.
“the pastry had been laced with a very potent, but slow acting toxin”
Remind me never to mess with Bosch. Let me guess; he’s the ship’s interrogator. Possibly torturer as well. Makes me wonder exactly what kind of missions and assignments Aubrey and his crew receive and carry out.
“an intelligent and compassionate sort”
I hope that Urdnot Bakara and Wrex would meet him one day.
“He just seemed like the type”
Taggart’s a fighter, not a diplomat.
“Close to a thousand families on Earth will hear of the deaths of their loved ones”
And Ramsus stated that humanity would do nothing about any of it.
“salvaged Geth technology”
I’d advise the humans to be very, very careful with that, lest they inadvertently reassemble working/sentient Geth.
“so I slapped together a flamethrower”
Wait, what?
“trying to…consume me”
Hm. So they need to feed and heedlessly attack anything biological? Do they attack and consume synthetics?
“turned into some kind of super-husk”
What the hell kind of technology does that to people? It kills them, then brings in a new kind of life to the remains that retains some form of memory of the deceased…?
This was a coordinated attack. Someone wanted to kill every single person within the Archeron. Why?
“If the Geth had any ships with perfect stealth capabilities”
They’re working on it, though. Geth do not tire or require sleep or rest like other peoples. (looks at Hannibal) Huh.
“Bosch recognized the happy look of a gearhead”
I smiled at this.
“the large krogan engineer”
I suspect that Charr may be a valuable addition to any team or crew that would have him, especially against other Krogan. And God knows there are a lot of Krogan who are enemies of the heroes now.
“thank Vaul”
How much Krogan history and culture has been lost as a result of the Genophage? What does Saren know about the Krogan?
“a surly old one-eyed Turian with a prosthetic arm”
Dammit, Ignusdei! Why does EVERY character have to be fascinating? There’s such a thing as being too good!
“damage was consistent with 3.1 mm auto-cannon”
In terms of military technology and firepower, the Krogan are/were FAR more advanced than most give them credit for. In the end, it was biological science that stopped them and ended the Rebellions. The Salarians gave, and they took away.
“I see. Interesting.”
Bosch may be wondering what his people might be getting themselves into.
“mercs firing into her back”
Jesus Christ, somebody really wanted the whole Archeron crew dead.
“The Alliance carrier Bandung was on its way to Noveria”
…let me guess; if Charr had contacted that carrier, he and Traynor would both be dead by now.
“Charr smashed the table with his fist, shouting”
Charr does have pride in himself despite not being a warrior. Would he ever see his beloved again?
“the money was too good”
Saren has enough finances and funding to hire any number of mercenaries he needs. Heck, how much is he spending on the Snatchers?
“against a vast Geth force”
…yeah. It’s obvious that nobody wants to bring up the Krogan. Probably because it would be very ugly for the Council considering why so many Krogan are now following the terrorist Saren.
“fell on him”
I winced at this. Poor Nazir.
Gregory House: ‘It is in the nature of medicine, that you ARE gonna screw up. You are gonna kill kill someone. If you can’t handle that reality, pick another profession. Or, finish medical school and teach.’
“she simply had never been very good at helping people cope with despair”
She has enough trouble struggling with her own demons.
“quiet and angry and sad at the same time”
Elsa dies later in Bekenstein, and Zoller falls into a deep despair…
“destroyed hundreds of escape pods that had made it out of the Archeron”
That wasn’t a raid. It was a hit. Its purpose was extermination.
“We have been betrayed…the Alliance, for one”
…yeah. This story is ugly in all the right ways. Also, the Alliance – and other human factions – have been trying to get Jensen brought in chains back to Earth for years.
“She laughed sadly”
I wonder what Tali and Manah – if they were to have gotten to know her better – would have thought of Elsa.
“I have to hunt down a man I have no quarrel with. For all I know that man could be perfectly innocent”
‘Do you even know why you’re supposed to kill me? Look at us. Look at what they make you give.’ – The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)
11/9/2019 c56 CMY187
“played by Ruth Negga”
Ooh, the actress who was in Preacher!
“Chiwetel Eijofor”
I love that actor.
“Christoph Waltz…Pedro Pascal”
Oh, what I would give to watch a movie or TV series with scenes of those two together. I wish Christoph Waltz was in Game of Thrones.
“Politics makes strange bedfellows”
I grinned at this.
“20 year tenure as commander in chief of C-Sec”
Pallin likely knows things that Jensen and Garrus don’t.
“the beginning of Sephtis Falsum’s…allegations of”
Falsum may now go down in history as having the shortest reign of all C-Sec Executors.
“not a major priority right now”
“all of the Citadel – not to mention Citadel space – is holding its collective breath”
…seriously. The results of the Spectre candidacy campaign have been nothing short of a total mess. And Sparatus, more than anybody else, is responsible for it.
“An All Points Bulletin has been called for Adam Jensen”
If Jensen is now a fugitive, you can be damn sure Garrus is one too. Good luck trying to bring in both of them.
“all eyes were on the Council, and Sparatus’ eyes were upon the five Terran Spectre candidates”
I’m grinning now. One of my absolute favorite moments of this whole series is coming up.
“He was not a happy man at this moment”
I’m still grinning.
“take his well deserved place had turned to terrorism”
I wonder what Chellick thinks of the allegations against Jensen.
“Instead, he had these”
“psychological profiling had revealed”
Sparatus really is taking the Spectre selection process seriously.
“lost Sparatus’ approval almost immediately”
“a show-off, and greatly enjoyed the attention…rated to be a better soldier”
Frost is an interesting character.
“no soul”
I’m curious about Vandermark.
“Udina had come to his rescue”
Udina is only in power because he does what he is told. He reminds me of Valchek in The Wire. Udina doesn’t realize that he is ultimately utterly expendable and can be replaced at any time.
“Sparatus hated eccentrics”
Also, I’m guessing Sparatus wouldn’t like Hein.
“when they’re so tangled up in these…strings?”
Unlike Udina, Sparatus didn’t become a Councilor by being stupid.
“Bau had cleared her of corruption”
Sparatus seems to respect and value Bau’s opinion and word.
“even those I hate deserve to be proven worthy”
I really, really hope that the former Spectre candidates – heck, all the heroes – would get to meet with Sparatus in the future.
“dutiful, and capable, and most of all he was truly humble about it”
Jensen is respected by so many Turians, and loved in particular by two – Garrus and Pallin. I wonder what Saren thinks of Jensen and Garrus.
“Wait. That’s it”
My grin widened.
“What are you doing?!”
My grin is now so wide it’s starting to hurt.
“The Council has decided to”
Oh my God, I love this. I love it so much. I think Hein likes and is a fan of Sparatus now. Sparatus at the very least is going to be much more interesting to many more people now.
“will have, without a doubt, proven him or herself worthy of the title of Spectre”
With this line, Sparatus makes it clear that he regards the notorious Adam Jensen with respect.
“two things would come of this”
Nope. Instead, more than a few of the candidates are now working WITH Jensen against Saren and the Illuminati. Because the Council – at least the Spectres – have been infiltrated by Saren’s agents.
“More infuriating was the fact that”
Sparatus doesn’t find you interesting, Tevos. I wonder what he thinks of Valern.
“Sparatus spat the last word”
Wow. There is much anger in Sparatus. In this, he is not dissimilar to Jensen and Garrus.
“who was reclining on his chair”
I wonder what Valern thinks of what Sparatus just did.
“Politics are NOT a factor in Spectre selection! Spectres are our main line of defence against complete chaos!”
(looks at some Spectres having joined Saren’s cause) …Sparatus is going to re-double and re-focus his efforts to bring Saren to justice, isn’t he?
Wow. How did Sparatus earn his title as Councilor?
“about him attacking Pallin’s home”
He respects Pallin.
“That’s putting it mildly”
I love this.
“in clear violation of their treaty with the Batarians”
War may be brewing between humanity and the Hegemony. The question is what Saren would do about it, if he does anything at all.
“on the verge of falling apart. None of them are suitable in the long run”
Saren is SUCH a dangerous enemy. What if he unites the Council against humanity? He’s already gotten the Krogan and Geth on his side, though acquiring the latter that may have alienated him from the Quarians…then again, maybe people like Daro’Xen would be interested in meeting with Saren.
“the thought of suffering Udina for another decade triggered some very, very violent thoughts”
Huh. Maybe that’s why Udina was made an Ambassador.
“commander of the Coalition Supercarrier Agamemmon…I think we should work together on this”
Yang instantly is an interesting character. I don’t know how you manage it, Ignusdei; so many characters in this series who are obviously protagonists of their own stories.
“At this, Nathan Frost simply laughed…leaning back against his chair, his boots on the table…Did you miss the part where this is supposed to be a competition, kid?”
Frost is arrogant.
“she had been quite shocked to see that”
I wonder what Jensen and Garrus (and Hein) would have made of Yang upon first meeting him.
“It stopped being a competition the minute Sparatus sent us after Jensen”
Yang does not underestimate Jensen at all.
“A bullet in the brainpan will end anyone”
There’s so much that Frost at this point does not know. He has no idea what he is about to get himself into.
“The name is Vandermark”
Something is seriously wrong with Vandermark. I wonder what he was like in the past, before he became a soldier.
“Kim giggled…now he has nothing to show for it”
Kim really is a sociopath. Methinks Ramsus would find her to be boring.
“he doesn’t expect us to work together”
As of Chapter 89, Yang and Frost have joined forces with Jensen and Hein. Their involvement and aid would aid the heroes, but also cause problems for them.
“Frost spat”
The whole galaxy is at risk. Everybody will die if the Reapers are not stopped. Frost at this point has no inkling of it. How would his views and values be affected by that knowledge? What kind of character development would he undergo in this series?
“leaving Yang alone to ponder his next move in silence”
Yang is (apparently) the smartest of the candidates, but he has his flaws and short-comings like everybody else.
“Ambassador Katsulas. The EU diplomat”
Another character enters this series. Nice.
“on Zakera Ward”
This may actually be better than the Presidium, in some ways. Some may say that it would allow the EU to see the ‘real’ Citadel rather than the image that the Council likes to project to humanity.
“Yang is a celebrated hero”
…like Junko Shepard? And how did that one turn out?
“a mechanically augmented agent like him”
How many people fear, suspect and respect Pallin for winning Jensen’s loyalty?
“I’ve been granted support by the Americans”
Hein has had his eye on Elsa for a long time.
“your report on this ‘Shadow 108’”
“only one aspect of being a Spectre. Being able to navigate a web of intrigue is another”
(looks at Jondum Bau) Hm.
“Yang’s greatest flaws are his honesty and modesty”
I tilted my head at this. Yang just becomes more and more interesting throughout this series. He may steal a considerable amount of the spotlight in a series filled with awesome characters.
“Cherdenko is a troll”
I think I like Cherdenko already.
“I spoke to High Augur Chen”
“The issue Elsa had was with its crew”
You can have the best weapon in the world, but its effectiveness would be affected by the capability of its wielder. The same goes for a ship and its crew.
“there wasn’t a single mainland European crew member aboard”
(looks at the Durendal) Neil doesn’t get many lines, but the ones he has are just gold.
Mordin Solus: ‘A Prothean. Excellent.’
“The term ‘Gaulish whore’”
I love that the British and French STILL hate each other. Seriously, I love it. They are so much better at being enemies to each other than being friends.
“the master and commander”
I see what you did there.
“the glares of the crew”
Maybe it’s just as much her working with a Templar as it is being EU.
“in agonizing pain with every vowel and consonant he pronounced”
…what the hell is wrong with the Templars.
“My life is yours”
Caim is a goddamn fanatic. I don’t know if he could be saved. As of Chapter 89, rather than blame Elsa’s death on others, he blames himself.
“to see if he could drink the alien infusion”
Do Salarians have something similar to tea?
“even that much room was considered luxurious aboard the ship”
Cabin fever is no joke. (looks at submarines) I shuddered.
“Ah, him”
How many humans had read of and listened to humanity’s leaders’ accounts of Jensen, then spoke to aliens and received very different versions of what the notorious cyborg is like?
“Elsa will be selected”
…and now she is dead. And there are Spectres who are revealed to be in league with Saren. Bau’s world may be crumbling around him. But as always, he shoulders on, because that’s what he does. After all, he has a mission he cannot afford to fail in. He has been in the front lines of events like Caleston and Noveria.
“Bau made a mental note to steal this mech the first chance he got”
I don’t know why, but I imagined Bau engaged in a tug-of-war with Edgar Hein.
“She is kinda cute…in a wounded bird sort of way”
Jensen is one of very few people to truly see Elsa as she is. He is the same for Ramsus as well.
“if you haven’t noticed”
DOES Bau have a spouse or lover (or contracted breeder)? What passions and hobbies does he have outside of work, if any?
“No sooner than I receive”
Aubrey isn’t stupid. I wonder if he would return in this series.
“Templars have a band tendency to think they’re in charge”
They REALLY do not have a good reputation.
“That doesn’t mean we get along with Templars”
Aubrey is an interesting character. I love this.
“the man was known to treat this bit of space as his personal little palace”
Udina is similar to Cersei Lannister to me in that he is a comic relief-character.
“He looked like he hadn’t slept in days”
“it was easy to conclude that Udina fully expected the cyborg to come kill the ambassador in his sleep”
Donnell. If Jensen wanted you dead, you already would be. He could kill you any time he wishes, and make it look like an accident or suicide. Heck, he could even just make you disappear.
Seriously. What would happen if Jensen turns bad?
“playing the part of a greenhorn”
Garrus may note that for an apparent rookie, Brooks knows how to wear and handle a firearm very well.
“with surprising restraint”
I wonder what Udina was like in his youth. How did he become what he is now? The man is SO inept that it’s mind-boggling.
“the Justicars are more than willing to help capture this fugitive”
I suspect that Samara may at this very moment be in mortal danger…
“Manah T’Soni, a serial killer”
There are quite a number of Asari serial killers, come to think of it. (looks at Detective Anaya) She spends a lot of time seeing Nos Astra at its worst; the terrible things that people do to each other, underneath all that image of being cultured and civilized.
“The Marines were recruiting aliens, now?”
Brooks has every right to be interested by this.
“the recent rediscovery of pre-Collapse cybernetics”
(narrows eyes)
“Who’s thirsty?!”
I love this series.
“the vending machine”
I imagined a store owner seeing Jensen and yelling at him, ‘No! Not my vending machine! Throw something else at them!’
“stopping them immediately”
Morons. Talk about underestimating Jensen.
“one Ashley Williams”
I grinned at this.
“for the AIA to double check their security”
Let me guess; one of their tech specialists stupidly used a personal portable device instead of a designated secured computer and nobody did anything to stop them.
“Everyone that ever met them thought the duo odd”
I’m still smiling. This chapter is so damn good.
“what do you think about our new Lieutenant?”
Bosch and Canovas are going to be Those Two Guys, aren’t they?
“this assignment is turning out to be a dream come true”
Canovas may change his tune if he were to join Jensen and Hein’s cause. What happened in Caleston and Noveria was nothing short of a nightmare. And again, so many men look upon Elsa superficially, even Jenkins, while others view Elsa through hero-worship-tinted glasses like Zoller does. No wonder Elsa feels so lonely. (looks at Brea) In that one’s case, she has no one but herself to blame. I love that Tali keeps calling her a bimbo.
“You don’t bloody separate soldiers from the battlefield!”
Taggart’s old-school. He probably would have liked Anderson.
“Heathens, the lot of ye”
I miss Taggart.
“who had wanted this ‘unboxing’ to be a private affair and was not happy to have an audience”
I smiled at this. Elsa is one of the best characters of this series.
“unless we give it back in pristine condition”
Hein knew what was going to happen when he loaned the 108 to the Surprise, didn’t he?
“A pre-recorded orchestral tune”
I wonder what Grey thought of that.
“I think I rather like DARPA”
Oh my God, if everybody decides to work with Hein…but the man is currently in critical condition. I don’t know if he would even make a full recovery, if ever. The manner in which he was nearly assassinated is horrific. I look forward to reviewing that particular scene in the future.
…and this is why Templars are viewed with wariness and suspicion.
“Popola sang”
I’ve noticed that Garrus doesn’t name his weapons. (looks at Jensen’s revolver Sasha) There’s a difference between them. Hm…what if someone were to take and use Sasha against Jensen?
“Other, smaller, but elite companies”
Something horrible is going on within the OCU. I wonder if Saren intends to unravel all of it.
“sensitive covert ops in enemy territory”
Makes sense that Vampire would be scumbags. Still, the cannibalism angle…what the hell was done to them? (looks at hanar and drell) Huh.
“incredible industrial output”
I thought of the death tolls of Stalin’s Five Year Plans.
“numbers that can nearly match that of the Turian Military”
In the end, it took the Genophage to put an end to the Krogan Rebellions…or perhaps not, for the Krogan have rallied once more under Saren Arterius.
“designed to be mobile factories”
The size of Yang’s ship may mean that it is easier to infiltrate and hide in…
“They are, on occasion, outgunned and outmanoeuvred”
Love ya, Hein.
“I’m running out of steam for this story, having worked on it and nothing else for so long, and decided to put it on hold while I work on a Star Wars / Shadowrun crossover”
Never write something when you are feeling reluctant to write it, Ignusdei. Take your time to plan and outline it, and write it when you wish to.
11/2/2019 c55 CMY187
(Part 2 of my review of Chapter 55)

“the name of some serial killer he’s a fan of?”
Garrus REALLY doesn’t like Ramsus. Maybe it’s because Ramsus is intelligent and charismatic; in other words, the most dangerous kind of psychopath. Could be why Garrus deliberately refuses to even be remotely friendly or cordial with him; he’s afraid of Ramsus, and for good reason.
“I will sing the entirety of”
Another of my Top 10 favorite moments of ME:HR. While the battles are epic and beautiful and beautifully ugly, it isn’t the battle-scenes that are the best moments of series like Three Kingdoms (2010) or Game of Thrones in my opinion.
“Brea entered the apartment she had arranged for Adam”
I’m now trying not to laugh in the public library.
“that middle-to-low class closet he insisted on living in, for some unfathomable reason”
I wonder what Tali, Manah and Elsa would think of Jensen’s apartment.
“simply meant purchasing a mech to handle the cleaning, or reprogramming Teg to do it”
God is Brea spoiled.
“ruining her white button shirt, her high-waisted black business skirt and, of course, her hair”
You clearly enjoy writing Brea, Ignusdei. THIS is how one writes characters like her; make them the comic relief.
“Please don’t rape me…almost sobbing”
He probably thought that being given his own hotel suite was too good to be true.
“kept her extreme annoyance under control”
She’s had a lot of recent practice.
“We were never involved in any ‘kill and replace’ missions”
“With a smirk…put it on loudspeaker”
I love Jensen.
“an angry Brea was a fun thing to listen to”
I agree.
“you’ve got a partner”
Goddammit, Garrus.
“there’s no way we’ll be jobless for long”
I agree with this one too.
“do they allow pets?”
Garrus just enjoys teasing people, doesn’t he?
“the apartment is probably still under my name”
(looks at Jensen’s numerous enemies) I think the homeless guy should probably leave the condo soon…
“something that’s nearly impossible to get on the Citadel”
Have there been attempts at agriculture or animal farming in the Citadel?
“best to let this case go”
Jensen and Garrus are not the type to let cases go.
“I know a place that might set you up”
Caleston, Illium, now the Citadel. Moody knows a lot of people. Makes sense in the world he lives and works in.
“a mall under a mall deep beneath the sewage and power conduits of the Ward, a maze of tunnels lit up by lamps, holiday lights, and OLED panels”
The Snatchers could be ANYWHERE. It could take weeks or even months to track them down, never mind kill them. Hm…what if instead of trying to find them, the heroes attempt to get the Snatchers to come to them?
“made for a faster ride than”
I love this.
“Garrus had never been to the Cavern before”
If so, that’s a sign of competence on the part of the Cavern’s criminals; they keep their heads down and don’t do anything that attracts the attention of the (now former) two super-cops of C-Sec.
“Hannibal was tapping him with the tip of his long tail”
There are things in this galaxy that are worth fighting for. Hannibal chose to work with Hein and Jensen for a reason.
“it wasn’t exactly a delicacy, either”
Are there any famous Turian chefs or cooks?
“disappointed in”
Hannibal is a culinary snob. I love it.
“had some issue with”
I grinned at this.
“who had killed his share of Templars on Caleston”
Caim stabbed Jensen, causing Garrus to fly into a rage and charge at him screaming. Come to think of it, what does a screaming Turian sound like?
“She encountered Caim, of all people…He didn’t recognize her”
The scumbag who blinded Jenkins. And now he’s working with them. That’s a goddamn powder keg just waiting to go off.
“it could spark a war”
Which may be exactly what Saren wants…
“Kell Kugel”
Huh. The Kell clan have more than a few talented engineers.
“undeniably, unquestionably old”
I wonder what Wrex would think of Kugel.
“A lot of Turians are Junkers”
Wait, really?
“about 3 years back”
Wow. Talk about paranoid. Three years ago…that would be around the first year that Jensen and Garrus were partners in C-Sec.
“Krogan are the only ones that still use the technology”
“Modern electronic optics are just too good and sensitive: They react badly to the electron beam’s scanning”
My head is spinning again. No wonder you slowed down the pace of this series; I can’t imagine how much effort goes into every chapter.
“They were practically AIs”
(looks at the Quarians and the Geth) …
“and now here I am in the back of a secondhand electronics store fixing old computers for a Quarian”
I smiled at this.
“He was wearing the 108 under them”
Best to be prepared for anything.
“you humans”
“nearly nuking yourselves to the stone age”
I wonder at what point in their history that the Turians were closest to total extinction.
“dismissed Garrus”
Garrus is always looking to get better weapons and armor.
“Turian Brutalism and Quarian GlassFrame architecture”
Pallin’s got good taste.
“she replied icily”
“Snatchers may be involved. Entering his house, saturated with Snowblind”
Brea would definitely not have forgotten what happened the first time she encountered a Snatcher.
“the next time we meet, and be armed”
Hein recently got a handgun pointed at his chest due to Jensen’s fear and paranoia of Snatchers…
“giving Bailey a gentle slap on the back”
I’m smiling already.
“the internal sensors and external security sensors disabled”
I hate Snowblind.
“Garrus greeted everyone”
The first time I read this I immediately realized what he was doing.
“asked Bailey”
He probably realized it too.
“gave a nice, long, and very awkward hug”
“he said cheerfully”
He probably felt like an idiot doing that.
“he spoke often of you, whenever I visited him”
Pallin does not have an easy life. And it isn’t going to get any easier…
“what sort of MONSTER would twist off another person’s head?”
Hein snapped a Drell’s neck in a public bathroom. Ramsus turns people into art.
“Officer Biers told me”
I thought of the option in Deus Ex: Human Revolution to tell Megan’s mother exactly what happened to Megan.
“deal with the fits and use it at least six times a day”
This is so gut-wrenching. I hate that you made me feel this way, Ignusdei. Livia doesn’t deserve this, and neither does her grandfather.
“he sometimes longed for the good old days back in the Turian Navy”
Garrus by contrast did not enjoy his time in the Turian military.
“it began licking his hand”
Did Hannibal suspect what Bailey truly is?
“the rare occurrence of Pallin smiling”
As unlikely as it is, I hope Pallin and his granddaughter survive to the end of this series.
“so obsessed with its reputation”
(sigh) Humanity could have gotten an incredible asset in Adam Jensen, but instead shun and persecute him.
“Congratulations were heaped upon Garrus Vakarian for…Adam Jensen got a brief mention at the end of the article”
I love that Garrus not only does not mind but loves that Jensen is now even more famous than he is.
“and even Chellick”
Huh. What does Pallin think of Chellick?
“They always shoot the screen”
This made me smile.
“trying to get used to Hannibal licking her hand”
Hannibal’s got a good heart. The Templars and AIA did not rip it out of him.
“And here I was hoping someone stole it and sold all the parts”
“Can’t you get new lungs…The Hierarchy won’t allow me to have them”
(turns very slowly to look at Hein) Got any spare healthy turian lungs, Edgar?
“Maybe they would have a word with Hein”
This is what Hein does. If he secures a cure for Livia, he secures her grandfather’s loyalty and allegiance.
“Tali made my new eye a little too sensitive”
Repairing or even replacing parts for a cyborg. Tali’s gaining a lot of skills throughout this series.
“The Council are fools”
Hopefully Valern is taking the Snatchers seriously now. He has to at this point. If Bau couldn’t convince him, who else could?
“Spirits, where is he?”
Pallin’s got a LOT of catching up to do.
“Stealing memories”
Could Saren’s memories be stolen somehow? What if he tries to steal the heroes’?
“Lunchbox started to sweat”
…yeah. Here’s where the horror kicks in. In my opinion this is even worse than Caleston or Noveria.
“who was trembling”
The poor kid. Hopefully she’d be relatively safe. Still, I don’t think it’s a good idea to leave her in the Citadel…
“the brilliance of these Snatchers”
They must be tracked down and destroyed, every one of them. Hopefully Pallin’s got leads the other heroes could investigate.
“the entrance sensors at the academy”
Pallin decided to disappear; fake his own death, become a ghost, leave behind a trail for Jensen and Garrus to find when they inevitably investigate.
“suggested Lunchbox, nervously”
Manuel’s got in now; the Snatcher-fear. I don’t blame him.
“Hunt the Snatchers down”
As of Chapter 89, this objective is still not complete. They cannot abandon nor postpone it.
Pallin will be a deadly and dangerous enemy. And now with Hein on his side, he intends to root out and kill every last one of the Snatchers in HIS Citadel.
“Adam moved quickly”
Gotta be fast and have good instincts and reflexes, or you’re dead. I’m guessing that Jensen and Garrus had their weapons out as soon as Manuel suggested checking the test results on the other C-Sec cops in the house.
11/2/2019 c55 CMY187
“he had not been actually expecting that one at all”
Hein may be a genius, but he is only mortal and makes mistakes like everybody else. If Jensen had not had his doubts, Hein’s life could have ended right then and there.
“how can I trust what my augs tell me about you?”
Bioroid or no bioroid, Jensen doesn’t fully trust Hein.
“had put an idea in Adam’s head: How can I trust anything or anyone to be real?”
Does Saren explore his own dreams, or those of others?
“Nothing is ever quite what it seems”
As of Chapter 89, Garrus fears that his sanity may be eroding. He has been on the frontlines for a majority of the most mentally-battering events of this series. That’s what the Reapers do to people; they attack psychologically and mentally as well as physically. All warfare is based on deception; not just the ones with knives or guns.
“need to have faith to stay the course of their research”
Mordin Solus. Padok Wiks. Warlord Okeer.
“apathy is death”
What made Junko Shepard into the legend that she was? What drove her, pushed her? What drew her to Kaidan Alenko of all people, made her want to spend the rest of her life with him?
I love this series so much.
“Oh, Adam, never change”
I wonder…has Hein over the course of this series come to see Jensen as something of a son to him?
“we can’t exactly have you stay in a pod hotel”
I agree. That’s just asking for trouble. If I were Jensen, I’d stay at Garrus’ place. Better to stick together in dangerous times like this.
“I said: T’soni’s here, Jensen”
Jensen isn’t the only badass in the Durendal team. Edward Grey is one of the best goddamn soldiers in the entire galaxy because – unlike others – being a soldier isn’t just a job to him. It’s what he is. He lives, eats and breathes it. Imagine what he would be like as an Admiral or General…
“You are not alone”
(looks at Saren) …are there still people who genuinely love and care for him, who could bring out the ‘good’ side of him? Or is Saren well and truly beyond all help?
To defeat one’s enemy, one needs to know, understand and even respect them.
“Yes, DAD”
How do you think Garrus feels, Hein?
“thought he heard someone come in”
Hein said that it is never, ever just the wind. In my opinion, the Deep Eyes may have increased/improved their own paranoia thanks to him. I love that Grey has a plan/strategy to kill EVERYBODY in the Durandel team, just in case. He is genuinely confident that he can kill both Jensen and Garrus. Remind me to never, ever mess with him.
“So, where is it?”
Hein was always going to kill him. Clay was already a dead man.
“snapping Clay’s neck”
Big boys’ rules. Leaving Clay alive would have been a mistake, and Hein knew it. When the ENTIRE GALAXY is at stake…
“disguised AIA agent’s body”
So the AIA have Drell working for them. Interesting…seems like some Drell are branching out from the Hanar.
“To Hein, bypassing the security and breaking the encryption was child’s play”
Saren has an ARMY on his side, possibly multiple. The best of Krogan engineers, scientists and researchers may now be working for him, under the promise that they would not only gain revenge for the loss of the Rebellions but also force the Council to create and distribute a cure for the Genophage. The Krogan literally have nothing to lose; Saren or no Saren, this was always going to happen. Perhaps the Council (or some of them) knew it.
There will be more Krogan and Geth invasions. Eden Prime, Caleston and Noveria were only the beginning. But for now, the heroes must deal with a (possibly) even more dangerous threat; the Snatchers who have infiltrated the Citadel itself. If I were them, I’d start with the Presidium. Hide in Plain Sight.
“my enemy would have been alerted, too”
Not long afterward, Hein is nearly assassinated aboard his own ship…if that’s not a major security breach, I don’t know what is.
“Did you get me fired?”
…I honestly don’t blame Jensen for this. Hein is a VERY manipulative and deceitful person. Even his honesty is dubious. He is simultaneously the most honest and dishonest character in the entire series. Heck, even Ramsus probably doesn’t know what to make of him.
“way too much invested in your C-Sec career”
Wait, what?
“I spent the last six years fighting it”
Frank Castle: (referring to his destruction of a human trafficking ring) ‘I knew from the start I’d never put an end to it. No more than I could stop the trade in heroin, or keep the tide from coming in. The most I could do, I figured, was give them pause for thought…I get word of other traffickers from time to time. I hit one here, a couple there, but the operations get more sophisticated by the day.’
The money always flows up, Jensen. Major problems in a society always start at the top, never the bottom. (looks at the Council) (looks at who the Council have to answer to) Yep.
“Once you and Vakarian started cleaning house”
I wonder…did Pallin have allies? How did he become Executor of C-Sec? Did anyone protect and/or support him while he was protecting and supporting Jensen and Garrus?
Ignusdei, in my opinion, the alien race that may simultaneously be the greatest ally and enemy to the heroes are the Turians. Aria T’Loak could not have hoped to stop Leto Valerius if he had the full support of the Turian Hierarchy behind him.
“The enemy is going to thrive here”
…so now that the heroes are (possibly) going to enter the Citadel in force to root out and destroy the Snatchers in it, how many people – bad, good or innocent – are going to be caught in the crossfire? The Citadel is not a remote planet; it’s a heavily populated city. In my opinion, there WILL be civilian casualties. Lord knows how many there were in Caleston and Noveria. The heroes are going to be branded as terrorists, aren’t they? The former Spectre candidates HAVE to be brought in line and made to understand; this is bigger than any of them, or their former allegiances or loyalties. The enemy they are fighting threatens not only humanity but the entire galaxy.
“Our psych profile on her”
What does the Broker have on Saren? Also, if the Broker turns on Hein, it would be nothing short of disaster. To say nothing of how Brea would react…or what she may choose to do.
“Pallin was convinced we were trying to help”
Pallin is a cop who actually wants to help people. Lord knows there aren’t enough people like him, so he needs all the help he can get, even if it’s from shady people like Hein.
“do you have anyone in mind to replace Pallin”
I love this; that Chellick may achieve his dream of becoming Executor because Jensen recommended him to Hein and the Broker.
“Hein grinned”
I love Hein.
“it won’t be long before someone powerful will try to get you on his payroll”
Honestly, it could have been any number of people who wanted Hein dead. The question who would have the means and opportunity.
“four Wanzers”
They’re going to need the firepower. Wanzers are such a nightmare to fight. If the Quarians are to develop their own…
“Let’s fix that, shall we?”
Goddammit, Hein.
“warned Jane”
Seriously, she’s way too much like Garrus, it’s uncanny. Except whereas Garrus is an excellent marksman, she is a highly skilled and experienced CQC fighter.
“the fact that his jawline was devoid of any hair”
Jensen was born to be a detective.
“equal parts goth princess…and cabaret dancer…miniature top hat”
“Why is she dressed like an OCU pop idol?”
I’m just blinking rapidly at the screen now. Maybe Manah just has bizarre taste in clothing.
“with a cold, menacing edge to his voice…slapped the side of the Roegadyn’s head”
He’s trying to hide it, even from himself, but the news of Pallin’s murder have shaken him greatly.
“His promotion was recent, but overdue”
“If Nathaniel Frost was made Spectre, the Durendal would be serving as his mobile base of operations”
Interesting. Does Frost have experience in commanding crews or teams? Combat skill alone is not enough; it takes more than that to be an effective Council Spectre. Jondum Bau in this series realizes that he is NOT an all-round excellent Spectre; that he lacks leadership skills.
“suffer the indignity of being Hein’s new chew toy”
I like Simmons already.
“it was good to see Simmons once again. They had had a brief courtship”
(looks at Grey) Uh-oh.
“From here on in”
I suspect that this series has not seen the last of Simmons.
“the user interfaces weren’t Navy standard”
Neil in my opinion is a VITAL component of the Durendal crew. I wonder how Joker would fare if he had to pilot the ship in Neil’s place.
“a heavy hand is exactly what we need to keep him focused”
Hein has lost all faith in the Alliance brass, if he ever had it to begin with.
“Are they going to be a problem?”
Simmons has every right to be concerned, in my opinion. But he is an Alliance man, and he has yet to realize that Hein, the Deep Eyes and their companions and allies are fighting not for the Alliance but for the whole galaxy. If he does come to that realization, what choice would he make? If the heroes fall, then the Reapers win, and everything that Simmons loves and cares about will be consumed or destroyed.
“then a lot of cheering”
“Marcus wasn’t much of a boxer”
I’d rather fight Marcus than Wrex, honestly. Urdnot Wrex did not live as long as he has for nothing.
“once a Roegadyn’s blood was up there was no stopping them until they were dead”
…this is why Grey was reluctant to accept Marcus into the team.
“Grey had seen”
So many people – including the man himself - have yet to realize what Hein already knows; that Edward Grey is one of the best human soldiers of his generation.
“screamed Marcus”
I really should get back to watching the JoJo series one day.
“a well-timed electromagnetically assisted cross-counter on his face”
Marcus has strength and power, but Jensen has experience and the ingenious work of David Sarif AND Edgar Hein.
It takes a considerable amount of charisma and force of personality to lead a unit like the Deep Eyes and the rest of the people that Hein has roped into working with/for him. What if Grey were to be killed or incapacitated? Who would lead the Deep Eyes then?
“More accurately, Simmons was arguing. Hein just nodded and looked like he wasn’t taking this seriously at all, as usual”
Hein likes Pallin, doesn’t he? Though I’m unsure if Pallin likes him back.
“There’s only one way for us to save face”
Simmons doesn’t strike me as a bad person, only someone who doesn’t have all the facts. Of course, if he is brought in on the loop and chooses to ally with Hein, that would be putting a big target on his back…along with everybody that he cares about.
“this is my ship”
It really is. Half of its facilities and equipment can’t be accessed or utilized without Hein.
“the colors of C-Sec”
I love this.
“It looked upon Simmons and let out a low growl”
The ‘Bad dog! Bad!’ scene is still one of my Top 10 favorite moments of this series.
“I’ve called Jensen’s partner and alerted him to the situation. He should be here soon”
Over the past four years, there have likely been many attempts to have Jensen forcibly brought to Earth. Which would have been as good as killing him. I love that Garrus is feared just as much as Jensen, if not more. Put one hand on his partner and best friend and he’d perforate your skull. Had he been present, he would have definitely intervened in the fight with Marcus.
“you keep telling me what to do, and I don’t like you very much”
I love Hein so much.
“Simmons took his cue to run like hell”
“Bakara cleared her throat and gave him a harsh glare that made him put it back”
I smiled at this.
“who was standing right there”
Grey has never been known for his tact.
“Hein ignored Grey”
While everyone else stood and gawked, Marcus raced to investigate the crashed ship and subsequently rescued and protected Manah.
“His brain is no longer swollen”
Jesus Christ. Jensen’s punches are probably like getting hit by a truck.
“Bakara decided to simply grab him by the ear”
…that’s a Krogan gripping his ear. Marcus had better lie still now.
“Hey Eddie!”
Huh. So Marcus knows Hein. Interesting.
“evil beard and shades”
At that moment, elsewhere in the Citadel, Garrus suddenly felt an urge to snicker.
“I don’t trust cops! They’re jerks!”
He grew up on Earth…
“so we tried sneaking out…that, um, didn’t work too well”
So many awesome scenes that happened off-screen…how do you decide which ones would be shown/highlighted and which ones wouldn’t?
“I blacked out a bit”
Marcus has similarities to Manah.
“I touched her plenty of times and she didn’t mind”
Huh. Why is that? Are Roegaydn immune to what Manah transmits via physical contact?
“OCU clothing stores”
Seems like Australia is trying to make money wherever and however it can. Earth’s multiple major factions are all competing for resources and funding to become the top dog of humanity.
“Nobody would suspect that a fugitive would dress so outlandishly”
(looks at all the heroes now being fugitives as of Chapter 89 and having to go right back into the Citadel) …oh please. Please let that happen.
“if she could have controlled her embarrassment a little better”
…Moody warned you in Nos Astra, Jensen. You didn’t listen.
“while Hannibal made room for itself”
I smiled at this.
“No acts of thrilling heroics?”
They had to go to SO much trouble to rescue Tali. But now that Hein and the Deep Eyes are on their side, they’ve got people to take some of the missions for them.
“snickered Adam…Garrus snorted”
Still one of the best dynamics of the series. Making them long-time partners and best friends was such a great decision, Ignusdei.
“Woman…Always trouble”
At that moment, Jane’s eyebrow twitched.
“besides quarians these guys are the ones to call when dealing with high tech”
I wonder…could there be Krogan who were raised by Salarians?
“I got a little suspicious when they sent two Asari instead”
Geez. The Asari Illuminati are just as bungling as the human one.
“my instincts told me I should keep an eye on them”
You don’t survive this long and close as many cases as Garrus has without having good instincts.
“I asked Bailey to do a check on them”
Little did Garrus know at the time what ‘Bailey’ truly is…
“Kind of wish I could have recovered a weapon”
Is Garrus still using the Templar rifle?
“Asari were not high on his list of people to trust at the moment”
The Asari really have become VERY antagonistic throughout this series. They have so much to lose, after all. I wonder if Saren has Asari enemies as well.
“forwarded to me by Hein”
This made me snicker.
“an OCU PMC called ‘Vampire’”
(looks at Bekenstein) …what the hell have the OCU been up to? What other demonic secrets has humanity been keeping?
“thousands of stasis pods…piled two stories high”

“perhaps that he should ask it”
Hmm. Does Saren have an interest in the Keepers as well?
“believed to be imbued with the spirit of the dead person it belonged to”
(looks at Jensen and Garrus) Huh.
“myriad animist faiths far more common in Palaven’s distant past”
Ignusdei, I absolutely love what you have done with this universe. It is Mass Effect, and yet so much more than that. Thank you so much.
“reminiscing about his or her exploits before he fell”
Saren loved his brother Desolas very much. Hein not only has no guilt or remorse but relished killing the Turian General. Maybe Desolas was a wonderful brother as well as a monster.
“The only priests around these days lead cults”
At least as far as Garrus knows.
“…could we see his face?”
There it is; the investigator’s instinct again. It’s ingrained into the person’s psyche, and cannot be taught; they either have it or they don’t. Ever since he got the news, Jensen has had that prickling at the back of his skull; that something just doesn’t FEEL right about Pallin’s apparent murder.
“looked at one another, keenly aware of the alarms now ringing in their head”
Ramsus and Hannibal probably have something similar in their own dynamic.
“winking twice”
I grinned at this.
“A few Breaches later”
Engineer Adams of the SSV Normandy has stated that Adam Jensen is an absolute marvel of engineering and technology. I agree. Sarif was an absolute genius as well as a madman. Heck, if he could have, Sarif would have opted to be the one to be thoroughly augmented instead of Jensen.
“Biotics react to strong EM fields”
Wrex could probably detect cloaked individuals.
“nothing that could immediately point to a suspect”
Pallin did a good job in faking his own death. He had to essentially disappear.
“Garrus tried it once. It wasn’t pretty”
Wait, what?
“looks like you’re going on a sneaking mission of your own”
I think Hein’s starting to influence you a bit, Jensen.
“Please remind me why I agreed to do this?”
“silver mirrored shades”
Someone seems to be trying to emulate Jensen’s shades. Which Brea hates. Heh.
“…Something feels off”
What would it take to catch Jensen or Garrus completely off-guard? Probably a significant distraction.
“after 5 minutes in the elevator had passed”
Is there an actual profession in music specifically geared toward producing music for elevators?
“Okay, I have to ask”
This made me smile.
“Hannibal sighed”
He’s adorable, for a vicious-killer-mechanical-dog.
“Hannibal felt the urge to break the silence”
I love Hannibal.
“Clearly, this is hell”
I love the running gag that Hannibal is a terrible singer.
“the physical data of a thousand years of cases”
How many people does it take just to manage and run C-Sec Evidence Storage? Has Detective Anaya of Nos Astra ever been to the Citadel?
“Internal Affairs”
I’m becoming more and more curious of what C-Sec Internal Affairs is like.
“like an actual robot dog”
Hannibal has spent a long time working with Ramsus, a skilled and experienced spy, infiltrator and assassin.
“Detective Valerius”
If the Vakarian family ever hear of a ‘Detective Valerius’ in C-Sec…
“Said story had a couple of holes”
Garrus may be charming and charismatic, but he doesn’t have a CASIE aug.
“but one actually couldn’t”
This detail did not need to be there, but it adds so much to the setting and atmosphere. It’s always the little details that make or break a story.
“practically a piece of furniture…there’s no accounting for that”
There may be more than one group that extensively studies, observes and attempts to interact with the Keepers.
“strategy, military history, warships, hand weapons”
Councilor Sparatus is a politician and diplomat, not a soldier. His job is to talk, not fight.
“Turian Edition”
Wait, what?
“the unusual was often worth examining further”
I wonder why Garrus is afraid of the dark. He probably doesn’t even know himself.
“would probably take a decade”
“that Dabus…The Keeper”
…yeah. No wonder Manah is so fascinated with Jensen. It doesn’t help that she has romantic feelings for him as well.
“lines of light appeared atop its head, and they coalesced into a single symbol”
I tilted my head at this. This series never fails to captivate and fascinate me.
“Garrus shook his head”
Poor Garrus.
“you can communicate with what may be the oldest species in the galaxy?!”
If Jensen ever falls into Saren’s hands…
“with not so subtle sarcasm”
Oh my God, I hope these two don’t ever lose each other.
“the killer produced a giant wrench”
Pallin obviously wanted Jensen and Garrus to follow his trail, but I doubt he predicted that they would be able to communicate with a Keeper.
“the keeper took it out and offered it to Garrus, who took it without a word, still trying to process what had just happened”
Being able to speak with Keepers may give Jensen a tremendous advantage over the Snatchers in the Citadel. Which is good; he’s going to need it. Snatchers really are that lethal. They had enough trouble hunting and bringing down just one…
“I’ve created an entire profile”
“Don’t judge me”
“the name of some serial killer he’s a fan of?”
Garrus REALLY doesn’t like Ramsus. Maybe it’s because Ramsus is intelligent and charismatic; in other words, the most dangerous kind of psychopath. Could be why Garrus d
10/27/2019 c54 CMY187
(Part 2 of my review of Chapter 54)

“the cold indifference of the Turian ones”
I suspect that this hurt Jensen more than the malicious/spiteful glee of the human cops.
“He didn’t have much to gather”
Jensen strikes me as somebody who doesn’t spend much time in the office. I wonder if he or Garrus hired their own secretary to handle the paperwork.
“counterbalanced by the fact that he was very manipulative and quite ambitious”
I love this. You clearly put a lot of thought into Chellick’s character. In my opinion, Chellick could become one hell of an ally to the heroes even from afar…as well as an enemy. I suspect that soon there is going to be an awesome story in which Chellick and Harken are main characters. Harken may not be quite the same kind of supercop as Jensen or Garrus, but he’s awesome in his own way. Now I’m imagining Harken sardonically stating, ‘Unlike SOME people, I try not to get into a shootout every time I leave HQ’ and Jensen and Garrus glaring and fuming at him and saying that it isn’t THEIR fault that criminals keep pulling guns on them.
“Was he a political liability too?”
It seems that Jensen still feels numb from the news of Pallin being murdered.
“Falsum couldn’t pin anything on him”
…this made me suspect that Garrus is WAY more scary and possibly even more feared than Jensen, both by criminals and by his fellow (now former) C-Sec cops. I wonder if – without telling Jensen – he would have plotted to murder Falsum had Hein not stepped in.
“you lack ambition, and a sense of practically”
I’m still grinning. Chellick is awesome. I love that this series has enough great characters OUTSIDE of the heroes. Man is this truly the most epic fanfic ever. If only more writers would be daring enough to write something like this.
Falsum may be Executor, but it is clear who the rank-and-file of C-Sec are truly loyal to.
“the Turians put their left fists on the center of their chests, heads held up high”
Jensen is hated and feared by humanity and held in very high regard by Turians. Sparatus is secretly one of his biggest fans. By the way, I still love the scene in which Jensen blamed Fawkes Moody for them being in yet another battle.
“Adam didn’t know what to think of the gesture”
He was one of the best cops that C-Sec has EVER had, and he was never in it for the fame or even really for building a better world.
“at my place”
This series has yet to show Garrus’ home in the Citadel. Considering all the enemies they have, Garrus may have fortified it to be defensible.
“Look, I’m off to investigate a crash somewhere in the tips”
No rest for the wicked. I laughed so hard when Pallin told Jensen and Garrus how much vacation time they have had saved up. To think that Caleston and Noveria were them taking a VACATION. Oh my God is this series amazing.
“Didn’t you two used to date?”
Garrus, how many co-workers have you dated?!
‘she owes me a favour”
I imagined Jane raising an eyebrow and asking Garrus how many women at C-Sec owe him favors. The guy can be ridiculously charming when he wants to be. Heck, even in Mass Effect-canon both Doctor Michel and Tali are attracted to him.
“trying to find the son of a b-h that murdered the Executor”
I wonder how many people, upon learning of Pallin apparently being murdered, realized that whoever killed Pallin is now going to have Jensen and Garrus relentlessly hunting them.
“I won’t”
Garrus was over-confident and arrogant when he stormed Chora’s Den alone. He won’t make the same mistake twice.
“Little else needed to be said”
I grinned at this.
“Jondum Bau”
Yay, haven’t seen him in a while!
“entered the office of Councilor Valern”
Valern is an interesting character. How DID he become a Councilor?
“This was done on purpose”
Salarians are nothing if not practical.
“a bit odd, because he was currently armed and quite capable of killing the other Salarian in the room”
Salarians honestly can be really disturbing and frightening in regards to how they think. I suspect that Valern can handle himself in a fight.
“report of your mission to Noveria that you sent to the STG”
“our initial assumptions”
Wait, ‘our’? Who is Valern working with or for?
“Is that what you are most concerned with?”
Maybe Pallin is not the only person who is investigating the Snatchers in the Citadel.
“causing hundreds of Terran soldiers to go into comas”

“the sea of fluid in Upper Dosadi…made from human bodies…tens of thousands of Noveria’s citizens unaccounted for”
Jesus Christ…Jesus. Christ. Oh my God. What was happening – what happened – in Noveria was a goddamn nightmare. And Ramsus said that humanity will do absolutely nothing.
“After the first human spectre was selected, Bau planned to go after him”
Scholar’s got no money left now and is hell-bent on getting revenge against Jensen. Also, Bau picked up a lot of experience and lessons at Caleston, Noveria and Bekenstein. You don’t survive on the kind of missions he takes by not learning from your mistakes and failures.
“You’re saying that it was a Terran biotech megacorp”
Valern maintains a watchful eye over big businesses and corporations. Rather than military factions, he looks at the people who fund and supply them.
“I’d like to hear your thoughts on the matter”
(looks at Amelyssan torturing Vasir and at Falsum’s treatment of Jensen) Methinks the Asari have been in power for far too long. It has gotten to their heads and made them arrogant. Hopefully that would be their undoing. (looks at the Krogan and Quarians) Their failures may only have made them stronger. For all I know, Okeer may be one of THE most brilliant biological researchers in the galaxy. A pure Krogan, immune to the Genophage…Jesus. In my opinion, Okeer is FAR more valuable than Bakara; perhaps too valuable to allow to perish or to fall into the wrong hands. Imagine if he had been at Peak 15 while it was still in operation; he probably would have killed the overseer and taken over the entire operation for Scholar, then maybe scheme to overthrow Scholar as well.
“Why would Terrans kill Junko Shepard”
Bau knows what he is up against, and that he’ll need all the help he can get. If he could get Valern to support and back him, he may be able to secure aid from the highest echelons of the Salarian Union. He’s going to need it against the galactic terrorist and rogue Spectre Saren Arterius.
“Nihlus’ evaluation of her”
Nihlus had files on both Junko and Jensen. He may have evaluated other people as well.
“a Spectre under their control”
I don’t know if what Sparatus did would make things better or worse. On the one hand, the heroes now have new allies. On the other hand, Elsa is dead and they attracted a lot of attention and made a lot of enemies in Bekenstein.
“Detective Sergeants Vakarian and Jensen’s reports”
Bau makes no secret that he respects and values the two (now former) supercops of C-Sec. Nobody can deny that the duo gets results.
“in charge of bringing down Saren in the name of the European Union”
After what he did in Eden Prime, Saren may now be humanity’s Number One Most Wanted. I wonder how the Templars would attempt to capture him. It was nothing short of humiliating that a not-small number of them were mind-controlled by Benezia.
“Saren is under the AIA’s control…or, at the very least cooperating with them”
The Salarians are one of the three most powerful races in the entire galaxy for a reason; the Turians have military might, the Asari their culture and arts. The Salarians have something else. It was they who saved the galaxy from being overrun by the Rachni via rapidly accelerating the uplifting of the Krogan.
And now Councilor Valern knows or at least suspects that the people responsible for the Alliance’s biggest heroine may be the Alliance themselves.
“compromised by these synthetic abominations”
If there is anybody who would aid the heroes in hunting the Snatchers in the Citadel, in my opinion it would be Valern. Which means he may be in mortal danger.
“my colleagues in the STG will be able to extract some information out of agent Lawson and Urdnot Wreav”
By their very nature, I’m not sure if there even would be a Salarian Illuminati…but anything is possible. Can Bau trust his people in STG to ensure that Lawson and Wreav do not escape or die in captivity before they could give up any valuable information?
“Pallin brought the Nielsen case to our attention”
I suspect that far from destroying all traces of the bioroids, Valern may wish to gain the means to create them himself.
“I have never really worked well with other Spectres”
“gather my own team of specialists for any given task”
Bau did reasonably well in Noveria, but Vega, Jenkins and Wrex all had problems with his leadership.
“I would prefer if you coordinated your efforts with others”
It turned out to be even worse than Valern or Bau could have imagined; there are Spectres who are secretly allied with Saren. Who knows how many there are.
“and even the cockroaches were kept clean”
I love you, Ignusdei. I hope you’d be writing stories (hopefully published) for years and years to come.
“a drunk Adam Jensen was an Adam Jensen in the mood for a fight”
Now I wonder what the rest of the cast are like drunk. Hein may be solemn and sad rather than giggly or violent. He carries just as much pain as Jensen and Anderson do, if not more.
“I didn’t see him on Elysium…And I certainly didn’t see YOU punks there, either”
No wonder Jensen is hated by so much of humanity and beloved and respected by so many aliens. He does not discriminate. He’s seen too much horror and cruelty of human-on-human to be swept up by the racist BS.
“the bartender had every intention of keeping Jensen’s glass full, and at half price”
They may no longer be C-Sec, but Jensen and Garrus have a lot of people in the Citadel with whom they could call in favors. And it’s a good thing because when you’re dealing with Snatchers, you’re going to need every advantage.
“God damn you and your quality standards”
I love David Sarif. In my opinion, the guy wasn’t evil, he was crazy. A Mad Scientist who augmented Jensen down to the bone without his consent.
“Will the Citadel’s dynamic duo solve this one?”
Jensen and Garrus have undoubtedly been a money-maker for Citadel News Network. Now C-Sec will need other mascots with the duo and Pallin having left it.
“living in a filthy alley for a couple of months”
Jensen had thought that he had given up on and stopped caring about everything. Pallin was the one who reminded him that there are in fact many things that he still cares about, that would push him to keep going.
“I’m here to offer you a job”
When and how did Pallin first learn of Adam Jensen? What is it about Jensen that makes him so appealing and inspiring to Turians in particular?
“The bounty on each of them alive”
I don’t know if C-Sec as it is now could afford to set up bounties. Jensen and Garrus caused a LOT of property damage despite closing many cases in the past four years.
“the Illuminated Primacy”
In my opinion, these guys are way scarier than the Templars.
“That’s a human expression, isn’t it?”
I want Jensen to go to Palaven in the future; the homeworld of the Turian race. That would be a thing of beauty. Man is it awesome that one of the main villains of this series is a Turian, and what a villain he is.
“you could become chief of an entire precinct”
What did Pallin believe that Jensen and Garrus would both become if they had more time in C-Sec? Little did he know that their investigation of Shepard’s murder would send them into Edgar Hein’s arms on a mission to save the entire galaxy. I suspect that Pallin could scarcely believe it himself; did he ever imagine in his wildest dreams that he would become involved in something so tremendous? What did Pallin want to be when he was a child? Who raised and/or taught him?
‘you might even catch the attention of the Spectres”
Methinks Hein and Anderson would want to get a chance to speak with Councilor Sparatus.
“while everyone else just stared…The kind that acts, when nobody else will. The kind of man that C-Sec will need in the coming future”
As of Chapter 89, Jensen now has many people who care for, respect and even love him, and who would sacrifice their very lives to protect him, even though they haven’t known him all that long. EVERYBODY set out together to rescue him in Bekenstein. They see his life as one that is worth saving.
“the Krogan with gold teeth”
Oh my God. He probably thinks it makes him look cool or tough, but it probably just makes him look silly.
“with the spiked dog collar”
Vorcha are strange.
“warned Tuak, fearful”
I imagined numerous store and eatery owners shouting as soon as they spot Jensen and/or Garrus walking through their door, ‘No! Out! Out now! Everywhere you go, violence happens!’
“I just finished fixing the windows”
I love this running gag of Tuak’s bar being repeatedly trashed.
How many people have regularly tuned in during the past four years to view the latest exploits and mishaps of Jensen and Vakarian? How many have read or news-watched about the events in Caleston and Noveria and immediately wondered or assumed that the two supercops were involved?
“thirty officers killed”
…the Citadel is a horrific place. People die in it all the time. It may even be worse in some ways than the world of Judge Dredd.
“bullets whizzing by her head”
I wouldn’t be surprised if Emily were to voluntarily travel to the frontlines of a war to cover it. Makes me think of Joe Galloway. The guy was CRAZY to put himself right in the middle of the battle.
“with blue stripes on his face”
I wonder what stripes Saren has.
“Emily grabbed her camera drone and tossed it at the giant”
Emily may be known in the Citadel as The Crazy Human Reporter. Still, sooner or later her luck is going to run out…
Also, I wonder if Emily had tried to interview Jensen and/or Garrus in the middle of a gunfight only to end up silently filming them loudly bickering back and forth as to whose fault it is that they are in yet another harrowing shootout.
Bad Boys 2 (2003) is in my opinion one of the most watchable (or least bad) of Michael Bay’s movies due to the charisma and chemistry of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.
“her body riddled with scars and synthetic skin grafts”
…what the hell have the Hanar done to them?
“mechanical prostheses”
Augmented Drell. Jesus, that’s a scary thought. They’re dangerous enough already.
“said the cyborg, bitterly”
I wonder how much worse mentally and psychologically Jensen would be if he never had a partner like Garrus. It cannot be easy being Jensen’s partner; Garrus has had to push himself to his physical and mental limit just to keep up with the cyborg. I guess it helps that Garrus is more than a little crazy. Archangel power-armor. ‘nuff said.
“a couple of cuts and bruises on his face”
This made me smile.
“gave Adam a reproachful look for a moment”
Jensen…Hein likely has problems that make yours seem like a pleasant afternoon stroll. You’re not the only messed up person in the galaxy.
“helping Anderson repel an attack on Galbadia Garden by Blacklight”
I love this so much. I wonder if Harken and/or Chellick have had their own (mis)adventures in the Citadel in the past four years.
“Hey, don’t interrupt!”
“sniffed it, coughed, and put it away”
This made me laugh again.
“Kahlee Sanders…runs Galbadia Garden”
That’s honestly impressive.
“more than a few students there were fans of Junko”
I’m guessing some of said students believe in the BS about Jensen that humanity’s leaders spew. Also, I’m curious of what the Earth-news version of C-Sec Detective-Sergeant Jensen and his crazy, trigger-happy Turian partner is like.
“I didn’t need a gun to kill them…Anyways!”
This is a very dangerous enemy that Saren has. And someone very nearly succeeded in killing him.
“the Batarian mercs they hired”
In my opinion, the Batarians may be in just as much of a freefall/decline as the Krogan or Quarians. Elysium is yet another blow to the reputation of their race. I love that Detective Anaya has a Turian-raised Batarian comrade in Nos Astra.
“as thanks for my heroism someone high in the Alliance chain of command decided that I should be arrested and dragged before them”
Hein would definitely be able to empathize with Leto Valerius.
“test out those Geth weapons”
If the Geth are not stopped, they may make the Rachni seem like a nice vacation. In some ways they are deadlier than the Rachni too.
“a good soldier at heart, and he did as he was told”
Man is Anderson and his team absolutely put through the wringer in this series. And now Chakwas and Pressly are dead…
“Right where the Snatcher’s power core should be”
And suddenly all mirth and humor is gone from the scene, as it cuts to black and the episode ends.
Ignusdei, I’ll say it now; you are a master writer.
10/27/2019 c54 CMY187
“Executor Pallin is voiced by Michael Ironside”
The voice of Sam Fisher. I wonder how long you had been planning to write Pallin the way you wrote him. Unlike Jensen and Garrus, Pallin is a former Executor of Citadel Security, which makes him a politician of sorts. He knows what it is like to lose someone, and may be the one person in the galaxy whom Jensen and Garrus respect above all else.
“Amelyssan is voiced by Carice Van Houten”
Melissandre in Game of Thrones. Sadly, with Seasons 5 through 8 going past the books and then plummeting off a cliff, we won’t get to see what George Martin intended for Melissandre and the Lord of Light.
“Echo had tried to make light of the fact that they had gotten some pretty good loot out of the Spectre’s corvette”
Deal with everything with a smile. Maybe it’s her upbringing that made her that way. I can only hope that in time, Tali would come to accept her as a trusted ally and companion…assuming Echo doesn’t abandon or betray the team.
“Spectre Master Gear weapons”
Who is the main supplier and quartermaster of the Council Spectres? Do the Spectres have to provide their own funds to purchase from him/her/them, or are they funded by the Council? Jondum Bau commandeered/requisitioned the Normandy to locate Manah T’Soni.
“because he had failed to protect her”
This cannot happen again. If it does, I wouldn’t blame Brea for deeming Manah a liability and forbid her from accompany the team on field missions until after she has undergone extensive and intensive training over a period of weeks. The problem is there may not be time nor space to spare to train Manah. She is ultimately a researcher, not a warrior.
“he knew Adam would have a hard time with that failure”
Garrus over the past four years had grown to love Jensen like a brother, and has worked himself to the bone to keep up with the cyborg. Saren’s brother Desolas died in Shanxi at the hands of Edgar Hein.
“Thank Conrad for saving us all”
I suspect that ‘Conrad’ may not be around much longer as of Chapter 89; the Reapers may now be aware of him and the danger he poses.
“fifty meter fall”
“giving him some ideas for some new tactics”
I smiled at this. Garrus is constantly seeking to improve himself in order to keep up with and to protect his partner.
“The group split up, with instructions to lay low but keep in touch”
It’s going to be much, much more difficult to get back into the Citadel now as of Chapter 89; they are all wanted fugitives there. Not attracting attention is one thing…how are they going to track and hunt the Snatchers? I doubt Hein’s going to be of much help in the immediate future after nearly being killed.
“nobody trusted him to behave himself on his own”
There will inevitably come a time when Ramsus HAS to be allowed to go off by himself. Hopefully when that time comes, Ramsus would prove to be reliable and trustworthy. He and Annah will both perish if the Reapers win, after all.
“took a stance that telegraphed”
“Just you and me all alone”
Ramsus, you KNEW that she was going to shock you for that. You’re a masochist, aren’t you?
“Hein had added ‘just in case”
An enemy may use that suit feature against Ramsus.
“as to its true identity”
If word gets out that the 108 DARPA mech is in fact Jensen in disguise…
“When did I start thinking like a superhero?”
This series HAS to be serialized one day, after it is finished. It’d be an injustice not to. Be it five years or ten or even fifteen, I hope that one day I’ll see this story in book form in stores, with the first novel ending at the Caleston arc, the second ending at the Noveria arc, and the third at the Bekenstein arc with Elsa dying to help rescue Jensen.
Also, are there any superhero characters whose occupations are in law enforcement?
“not once seen by the store’s security cameras”
I imagined two C-Sec cops investigating this theft, one of them saying, ‘Who goes undetected by the security system AND leaves money for the things they steal?’ and the other one answering, ‘Jensen.’
“pedestrians outside had borne witness”
How many innocent people have died due to the AIA’s actions not because of malice or callousness but because of incompetence? This is not Earth; the Alliance cannot rely on political leverage to cover up their clandestine operations or screw-ups, at least not as much.
“a heavily armed human man”
More and more people may be compelled to support Saren, if not in his extreme methods and views, than in the stance that humanity must not be allowed to take any further power in the galaxy; no human Spectres, no seat on the Council, etc.
“pulled away to provide security for the big event at the Presidium”
Pallin has struggled for years to maintain and improve C-Sec. With him, Jensen, Garrus and other good cops, they have at least managed to stop things from getting worse. That’s it. Now that all three of them have left C-Sec…man this story is depressing. But it’s not like they have a choice; it isn’t just the Citadel that is at stake. Saren’s actions threaten the whole galaxy, though he clearly believes that they serve to protect it.
…what if he is right? Would sacrificing the human race be the only means to saving the rest of the galaxy from the Reapers?
“a shrine had been put in place there”
Children die all over this galaxy all the time, sometimes by the dozens. All Jensen or anyone else can do is try to keep the losses down. I wonder if Chellick would utilize methods that, while bringing in results that Pallin’s did not, may have big consequences for himself, C-Sec and/or others in the future. Chellick is skilled and ambitious; he may respect Jensen, but who knows if he would choose comradeship over power. And even if he does…the fact is that C-Sec NEEDS an overhaul; Chellick may wish to make it so that C-Sec wouldn’t need supercops like Jensen or Garrus to keep the crime rate down.
“the turian boy the Blacklight soldiers had so callously killed and ‘sanitized’”
I wonder if Saren is aware of this. Then again, how many children died in Eden Prime, Caleston and Noveria? Saren in my opinion is now more of a monster than his brother Desolas ever was.
“how many men and women and children SHE has killed…?!”
Brea is no hero, nor does she claim to be. She believes in getting the mission done no matter the cost. I wonder how she would fare if she were to pair/team up with Edward Grey. What if Brea were to insist that for the sake of the whole galaxy, the United North American States must be sacrificed?
“none of his most precious personal effects”
Seriously, Brea, not cool.
“don’t leave small packages for the people they steal from!”
Considering how many enemies Jensen has, I’m surprised the landlord didn’t suspect that the package was a bomb. Then again, he strikes me as somebody who doesn’t pay much attention to, well, anything.
“Tiberius Towers, a luxury apartment building in the middle of the Silversun strip, one of the more opulent parts of the Citadel”
So how much time did Brea spend on searching for a new residence for Jensen?
“Marines from the OCU, the UNAS and the EU”
How many factions, nations and militaries does the Turian Hierarchy have? Which ones are the Vakarians a part of?
“Some of them had already spent it all on a holographic three-card monte scam run by a Vorcha”
This made me snicker. Welcome to the galaxy, guys.
“clean manufactured scent of the Tiberius Towers”
This series is just beautiful in its detail and world-building. I can’t state that enough.
“who pulled double duty as security guard”
I already find her to be an interesting character. Maybe Brea did too.
“Less than five seconds and a short walk later, Adam entered his new apartment. Then, he left his new apartment, with a duffel bag full of the personal effects he could not do without”
And here it is; one of my favorite moments of the whole series and one of the best establishing character moments of Adam Jensen. How much did you smile while writing this, Ignusdei?
“The old man stared at the keys, utterly confused”
Word of this is going to spread.
“the pod hotel”
The Citadel is entirely different from Earth and at the same time exactly the same as it.
“looking forward to the relative normalcy of the life of a police officer”
You’re evil and cruel, Ignusdei. Yes, I’m grinning as I type that.
“how Pallin would react to his story up to now”
I love that Pallin has clearly been busy being the protagonist of his own Crime/Psychological Thriller story while Jensen, Garrus and the others were busy fighting Benezia, Wreav and Scholar.
“Something was wrong about this place. More so than usual”
Does Saren have similar dreams? Are they even worse than Jensen’s? Do the Reapers dream? Do the Illuminati?
“ancient Promethean architecture”
I wonder if there are Prothean artefacts or even whole settlements that have yet to be discovered by anyone. But if no one else have been able to locate them, how would the heroes? Is there anyone other than Manah who has extensive knowledge of Prothean research and records? In order to defeat the Reapers, the heroes must learn everything they can about them. But the shade(?) known as Aleph residing within Jensen is running out of time…
“Papa! Papa!”
He had finally found love and peace at last…but the galaxy refused to let him rest. Worse still, it wasn’t even the pirates or slavers; the Templars specifically targeted him and his family.
“on a world with a name I have long forgotten”
Aleph, like Jensen, has been fighting the Reapers, only for much, much longer. But soon, his war will be over, like it ended for Jack. (looks at Jack’s children Annah and Ramsus) I got a shiver down my back and A Song of Ice and Fire vibes.
“We’ve come back to Sigil”
How much does Saren know about the Citadel? Has he spent time in it, or was he always busy with his Council missions and personal projects/schemes?
“Without really thinking about it”
“less metal, and far more stone and wood, and flesh and bone”
There is so much that is not known about the Citadel. No one knows where the Keepers come from, how they breed/reproduce, why they do what they do, etc.
“a multitude of aliens he had never seen before”
Historians would KILL to see and study what Jensen has seen. But this knowledge is not to write history books; it’s to ensure that history won’t repeat itself.
“much stronger back then”
Why do I get the feeling that this is very important somehow?
“We didn’t quite understand what we were doing”
I love that Aleph is clearly the protagonist of his own story. This is why Epic-genre stories are so daunting to write.
“come together in one place”
And the Snatchers have infiltrated it…
“Peace. Right”
I grinned at this.
“ a small crime can inspire a greater good”
Herr Starr in the Preacher comic series: ‘This is not the way the world should be.’
“Sigil was ancient when I was young”
I thought of the Children of the Forest in A Song of Ice and Fire.
“my wife”
Has Garrus ever been in love? Hm…he’s had casual relationships, but that seems to be it. Honestly, I think that if he were to fall for Jane Proudfoot, it would affect him badly. There is a reason that fraternization is generally discouraged or even outright forbidden. (looks at Edgar Hein) I wonder if he had met Kahlee Sanders. What drives David Anderson, pushes him to be the badass Alliance soldier that he is now?
Jensen refrains from pursuing romantic relationships with anyone, and in my opinion, Tali is the one who seems to have been hit hardest by this, though Echo was the person whom Jensen explained his reasons to, not her.
“varnished, wooden walls supported by pillars of ivory”
Oh my God, this series is RIDICULOUSLY beautiful in its detail. Christ do I love it.
“a garden filled with beautiful flowers”
The Krogan live in Tuchanka. The Quarians live as nomads in spaceships. The Krogan breed at insane rates because of the death rates in Tuchanka. The Quarians are forced to permanently wear suits due to spending centuries in sterile environments. I wonder if Tali or Bakara would take a closer look at Hein’s innovations/inventions and hope that he would design something that could help not only them but their people. One thing I am certain of; a conversation between Hein and Okeer would definitely be an interesting one.
“a great oak”
What is the biggest plant in the entire galaxy?
“a dairy farmer”
Beasts evolve over time, becoming the new ‘intelligent’ races that dominate the galaxy. Then the Reapers reap, and the cycle begins again.
“dueling with swords”
From swords to guns and swords again. I love this series.
“golden-haired woman with cream coloured skin”
I thought of the Hannibal episode entitled, ‘And the Woman Clothed in the Sun.’
“wearing an azure and blue dress decorated with”
I wonder if Quarians could somehow make fashion trends out of their suits that other races would want to spend money on.
“She is easily the most beautiful woman you have ever seen”
I thought of what Tali, Brea, Manah and Elsa felt when they got their first real look at Adam Jensen. Garrus on the other hand had known Jensen longer than all of them; four years, in fact. Also, I thought of Megan Reed.
“one of the brood mares of the Gaian Horde”
Ignusdei, are you secretly George Martin? So much detail for characters and factions generations before the ‘current’ timeline.
“your own most striking feature”
Which one of the heroes is the most skilled at blending into a crowd/the background?
“every Gria you encountered either tried to seduce you or screamed obscenities at you”
It was established in Caleston that not all the Templars are bloodthirsty sociopaths.
“they clawed at your shell”
I shuddered. Aleph was sexually assaulted.
“Don’t be afraid”
Has anyone ever said that to Saren? Seriously, Saren is one of the most fascinating characters of this series, and that is saying a lot. He’s a villain, and at the same time he isn’t.
“Ayailla Fell”
(looks at Paxton Fell) Huh.
“You haven’t made much in the way of progress”
Was he sent here on a mission, or did he come of his own accord?
“how old are you…108”
…how did Hein come up with the title/name of the 108 mech?
“nothing but a war”
Christ. No wonder he fell in love with Ayailla. She was probably one of the very first people to treat him like an actual person.
“This is wrong!”
Aleph is not a god. He is only a mortal like everybody else, and makes mistakes and miscalculations. And I’m still not sure if he could be completely trusted. For all I know, he may be lying about slowly dying.
“replied Adam sardonically”
I love Jensen so much. I’m still playing Deus Ex, but man is the gameplay clunky. Maybe I should just enable God Mode to get through to the story.
“play nicer and don’t start a war”
Have I ever mentioned that I love Sparatus? Sparatus is worse than evil; he’s crazy. I think all the years and years of being a politician have made him bored and bitter.
“I can’t stay in your mind for much longer…You’ll perish within the week”
I noticed that Jensen hasn’t told the rest of the team this, for obvious reasons. However, I feel that he should. But there’s been so much insanity since that he simply hasn’t found the time.
“find a Promethean Warform”
Okay. That should be one of the main objectives of the heroes, if possible their number one priority. But where in the hell are they going to find one?
“Echo and Tali…best suited candidates for the task”
…this story’s going to become even more tragic and heart-wrenching than it already is, isn’t it?
“either of them would do it if he told them that his life depended on them making a sacrifice. That bothered him”
Hein hasn’t just assembled a team. He’s built a family. I wonder what Pallin thinks of that. Could Tali be starting to subconsciously see Hein as a father-figure? I doubt Rael ever put post-it notes on her helmet.
“Brea and Garrus”
Either option would be both hilarious and gut-wrenching. Garrus is NOT Jensen. He has his own personality, beliefs, convictions, fears, hopes and dreams. I wonder what Aleph would make of him.
“I need an augmented organic brain”
Hmm. (looks at Saren) …wow. If Aleph were to enter and share a body with Saren…
“He would be a last resort”
…Garrus would sacrifice himself in a heartbeat to save Jensen, and Jensen knows it.
“I’ll archive myself and keep my activity low”
…I don’t trust him. Something just doesn’t seem right about Aleph. At the very least, he knows things that he isn’t sharing.
“long, flowing red dress, its vivid crimson cloth embroidered in gold”
I tried to picture Jane Proudfoot wearing a dress and like that and ended up snickering. Sorry, Jane. All the other women wear fancy dresses to an event and she just goes there wearing casual clothes, a jacket and heavy boots.
“piercing blue-grey eyes”
The first appearance of a member of the highest echelons of the Asari Republics, aka the Asari Illuminati. This story begins its next arc here, with the stakes moving ever-higher.
“the edge that we risk to lose?”
People may have witnessed and reported sightings of strange Asari who are definitely not with any publicly-known branch of the military or government.
“don’t turn to your left”
The Preacher comic series.
“I’ll need to have a little look inside your soul”
These are very, very dangerous people; the Asari are one of the most powerful people in the entire galaxy for a reason.
“the price of defiance”
Hein on the other hand uses carrots rather than sticks. Seriously, Lord help everybody in the galaxy if Hein turns bad. Assuming he hasn’t already…
“As far as nightmares went”

“That puts a damper on things”
Jensen has been through so much pain and torment at this point that death doesn’t even shake him all that much anymore.
“to imbue her expressions with a sense of beautiful authority”
I love so much that Hein damaged and possibly ruined her career in about less than a day.
“she didn’t offer him a seat”
Arrogance has been the downfall of countless people throughout history, and the Asari are no exception.
“demanding respect”
People like Falsum demand respect. People like Pallin, Hackett and Anderson command it. (looks at Hein) (shrugs)
“And he’s left me quite a few outstanding issues to resolved”
Hi, Asari-Udina!
“privacy of some of the Citadel’s most influential citizens…Matriarch Eneles’ mansion”
How many cops would have left C-Sec in protest had Falsum been allowed to remain as Executor?
“a serial killer who liked to wear the skin of her victims”
The human soldiers on shore leave would think that the Citadel is a paradise. They would be wrong.
Also, I wonder if Jensen and/or Garrus have had to speak with convicted criminals for help in hunting/catching other criminals, Hannibal Lecter-style.
“half by ambassador Udina”
Udina has no idea that the only reason for him being an Ambassador is to be the fall guy; the perfect scapegoat for the next ambitious human to pin all the blame on for humanity’s failures in securing its position with the rest of galactic society. He has no goddamn clue.
“various members of the Alliance Parliament itself”
I suspect that there would soon be an order from the Alliance brass to bring in UNAS Colonel Hein for questioning.
“It cannot afford to make any sort of enemies”
Under Falsum’s leadership, C-Sec would crumble entirely and become an absolute joke of a law enforcement organization. It would focus only on protecting the rich and powerful while ignoring the plights of the destitute. This would increase resentment toward C-Sec as well as the crime rate.
“such a critical a time as the selection of its first Spectre”
I now feel that Councilor Sparatus is the protagonist of his own Political Thriller story and that the pivotal announcement and ultimatum he gave to the human candidates is The Big Moment of said story.
“trying and failing not to look smug”
(looks at a smugly grinning Edgar Hein) You tried to play the game, Falsum. Little did you know that Jensen’s got friends who are better at playing it than you.
“the cold indifference of the Turian ones”
I suspect that this hurt Jensen more than th
10/26/2019 c89 2Publiclee Speaking
So, is this a dead fic? If that's true then that would absolutely suck, but it hasn't been updated in half a year. Oh well, still a great ride if it was, but I was really looking forward to how the Thorian would play out (Gaian data repository?). I was going to put this up there with Embers & HP:MOR, but it looks like it will join the pile of 'Great, but never to be finished'. Near the top of that heap, but there nonetheless.
10/22/2019 c20 Publiclee Speaking
Not Liara? My this is AU. My money's on her being an Ardat, or however you spell psychic vampire in space babe also interesting that the Human Spectre hasn't been announced. Then again, that's beurocracy for you.
10/21/2019 c17 Publiclee Speaking
God, I wish thus was a TV show. Your writing is cinematic enough, and doesn't include that much internal dialogue, so it'd work.
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