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12/29/2019 c29 legosx99
“I can keep my dick in my pants, moody” epic
12/29/2019 c27 legosx99
I fucking love this story
12/29/2019 c27 legosx99
Iam an American HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH YOOO this is priceless. I love your sorry but that line was full of shit LMAO. the CIA begs to differ
12/28/2019 c64 1CMY187
“the reduced length and update frequency of this fic”
To be honest, I also wish that the chapters would be longer and more frequent, but I am NOT going to pressure ANY writer to increase the quantity and release-rate of their work, because to do so would be sacrificing the quality. When a writer is reluctant and rushed, the work WILL suffer greatly for it.
“Whether or not this fic goes Dead with a capital D”
I really, really hope that doesn’t happen; ME:HR is THE most epic fanfiction I have ever read, and I still have yet to find any that even come CLOSE.
“If it totals up to 600 dollars per chapter”
As boring and tedious as it can be, Ignusdei, I’m gonna recommend it anyway:
Get your work out there, on every website you possibly can. Archive, FF net, Spacebattles, even Questionable Questing. Anything and everything.
If it takes time out of writing/updating the story itself, so be it. If possible, find someone who is trustworthy and willing to put your stories and artworks on other websites.
Yudkowsky’s HPMoR got serialized and published, and RJ Palmer (arvalis on Deviantart)’s Realistic Pokemon artworks landed him a job for the Detective Pikachu movie.
Get your work out there, Ignusdei! I’ll keep on being a patron as well! (pumps fist)

“Weeks ago, Frost had done some of his homework before coming to the Citadel”
He may be arrogant, but he isn’t stupid.
“for the past couple of decades”
And he has been a good Executor even before Jensen and Garrus came onto the scene four years ago, though he only really started to get results after recruiting the duo.
“put a huge dent in the Citadel’s rising crime wave”
With Pallin gone, many sharks in the Citadel would be smelling blood in the water. It’d be up to Chellick to deal with that.
(looks at Aerys II Targaryen and his son Rhaegar) Many people in Westoros – including Barristan Selmy - lament on the events leading to Robert’s Rebellion and believe that if Aerys had died earlier and Rhaegar ascended the throne, that war could have been prevented. I disagree. Like WW2, I believe that war within the Seven Kingdoms was inevitable; with the source of the Targaryen family’s dominance now gone, namely their dragons, their hold over Westeros had diminished greatly, and the other noble families, after three long centuries, sense opportunity at long last.
“obvious sponsoring of Adam Jensen”
Jensen has a surprisingly large support base among Turians, which may not have gone unnoticed by other individuals and groups.
“so he was completely unprepared when”
You clearly don’t know Pallin all that well, Frost. Maybe you’d get a chance to know him better in the future, or you wouldn’t.
“the Spectres shot at his head”
It’s far worse than any of them could have imagined. HOW many Spectres are secretly working with Saren?
“a high-powered sniper rifle”
If he’s got other Spectres on his side, Saren has access to whatever they have access to. Who knows what resources and intel he has at his disposal now. Christ, how long had he been planning to go rogue and become a humanity-targeting terrorist?
“screaming obscenities”
“Elsa was all too ready to provide it by stealing a car and performing a drive-by on the responding officers”
I winced at this.
“There had been no fatalities”
I imagined Chellick asking, ‘Any casualties?’, and when the reporting officer replied, ‘Zero,’ Chellick immediately says, ‘It’s a distraction, tell your people to focus on the other fleeing suspects.’
“his tone eager and menacing”
I can easily imagine Ramsus inwardly calling Caim an idiot for displaying his sadism for all to hear.
“The same C-Sec that has been compromised by both AIA agents and skeleton robots?”
Could Chellick be of aid to the heroes in hunting the Snatchers, or would it be too risky to go anywhere near him? I get the feeling that he may be in grave danger considering his public ordering of a Turian salute for Jensen, though he could always spin it by stating that he did it deliberately to manipulate Jensen…which may not be entirely false. You never know with Chellick.
“not caring one bit how inconspicuous she looked at a noodle cart with a large combat mech as an escort”
I love this series.
“This unit needs to explain how it can crack my comms’ encryption”
Is Hein’s laugh similar to that of Cao Cao in the 2010 Three Kingdoms TV series?
“uncharacteristically angry”
I love this.
“in complete shock”
…hmm. Why exactly did Saren choose not to approach Jondum Bau? Could he have convinced Bau to join him if he had? Are there other Salarian Spectres who are allied with Saren?
I felt a chill run down my back. Elsa did not hesitate for a second. I wonder if she simply feels numbed to all this considering that she was nearly consumed body and soul by a goddamn Reaper.
“Inside a luxury model X3M hovercar”
I suspect that with their new mission to destroy the Snatchers, more vehicles in the Citadel are going to be stolen by the heroes.
“if the Spectres killed him, there’s going to be one hell of an incident”
I agree. Still, probably would be nothing compared to the consequences of at least a few of the Spectre candidates joining UNAS/DARPA Colonel Edgar Hein.
“do you require assistance?”
Underfunded, underequipped, over-worked…I do not envy C-Sec.
“which used gunpowder ammunition and had a report easily twice as loud as any modern mass effect-based firearm”
I thought of Sasha.
“we’ve already got responders”
I wonder if Jensen and Garrus had ever successfully apprehended a suspect by exploiting the latter’s ability/capacity to listen in on C-Sec channels.
“ignore all reports in”
…there’s a lot that needs to be done in the Citadel, and not just the Snatchers. The heroes cannot allow the Spectres allied with Saren to roam free.
“F-king Coolie bailed on us!”
Bit of prejudice there, Frost? Or were you snubbed, burned or betrayed by someone from another human faction in the past?
“the snipers had Drill ammo”
Goddamn Spectres…
“The only thing keeping him alive”
You’re fighting Council Spectres now, Nathan Frost.
“Either way, there was screaming”

“walked away from Dubai”
Every time I see the name of that city, I’m going to think of my favorite video game Spec Ops: The Line.
“a hatred of anyone who killed civilians”
Frost is going to be a problem when they return to the Citadel, isn’t he?
“two gatling guns”
“The two snipers were definitely Turian”
How many Turians hate and/or fear humanity and joined Saren as a result? Seriously, how many?! Could there be hundreds or even thousands of them? How many Turians lost loved ones at Shanxi?
“a model Frost didn’t recognize”
“wrestle his M6 under the sniper’s chin and pull the trigger”
He used his firearm in melee rather than a melee weapon. Frost really puts a lot of preference on his sidearm.
“strangling the other sniper to death with his bare hands”
With the gloves off at this point, Ramsus probably figured that his real identity would be revealed sooner or later.
“You crazy b-h! Get over here!”
“controlled bursts of assault rifle fire”
Pallin is great for providing excellent suppressive fire.
“a hundred micro-munitions”
Oh God damn it!
“Almost casually”
This is the man whom Jensen and Garrus hold in very high regard, and I can see why.
…fanatics. Just great. We have a Turian equivalent of the Templars as an enemy. Wonderful.
“Everyone sighed in relief, save for Tenma”
“said Pallin immediately”
Leave it to a Turian to instantly recognize and identify firearms.
“I fully expect your faces on Most Wanted posters within the hour”
The Spectres are their enemy now…
“getting away from this s-t show”
There’s no getting away from this, Frost. Like it or not, you’re in this now. In fact, I don’t think it would be wise to return to your own people.
“keep a hand on his handgun at all times”
I. Hate. Snatchers.
You just don’t let up on your characters, do you, Ignusdei?
How many people believe or suspect that it is Saren himself?
12/27/2019 c63 CMY187
“if this was what death was supposed to have been like all along”
Elsa is shellshocked, guilt-ridden and listless. However, during her time in Noveria, she met and became fascinated by a man named Jake Armitage, later discovering that he was piloting the 108 mech that saved her life and those of her fellow Silver Drakes. Honestly, I wonder if she would even WANT to be brought back to life. For what? To be thrown right back into the horror and death that is this bitter war against the Reapers?
“were they still frozen in time, too, forever stuck in agony?”
…I don’t want to think about this, Ignusdei. Christ, this is going to stay in my head for a while.
“time, for whatever reason, had decided to slow itself down to a crawl”
Like Jensen’s Quicksilver, it isn’t that the person is slowing down time in a small space, but that they are administering a stim/drug to themselves that drastically speeds up their reflexes.
“A minute. 60 seconds. That’s the eternity it took”
Jesus Christ...
“Creve! Creve! CREVE, putain de monstre!”
I love Elsa.
“None of the pellets found their way into the heart of the machine”
How expensive are these things?! Saren’s pockets can’t be limitless!
“The creature roared”
Fighting a Snatcher alone in the dark. Elsa is in an even worse predicament than Jensen, Garrus and Brea were when confronting Shepard’s killer.
“tried to keep the stream steady and on target”
They are not invincible. They make mistakes, they sustain damage, and they can be killed. If Elsa survives this, never mind destroys it, then Bau’s confidence in her would be justified.
“inches from him, now”
There’s no escaping from it. Only way out of this is to win, and she cannot count on anybody getting to her in time to provide aid.
“tossed her red-hot shotgun away”
Methinks Wrex would have ignored the heat and used it as a melee weapon.
“through the wall, and into a pit three stories deep”
Jesus Christ!
“only the bracing of the light hardsuit and exo-frame kept Elsa’s bones from shattering”
I cringed at this. This fight is horrifying.
“but barely dented it”
The heroes need better weapons if they are to overcome their enemies.
“biomechanical monstrosities born in the nightmares of Giger”
I am still wondering what the hell Saren may had done to himself in regards to possible augmentations or cybernetics.
“shattering the ceramic plating”
Have I mentioned that I hate Snatchers?
“sensed this sudden nakedness”
“into the very core of Elsa’s being”
I thought of Jensen discovering an entire Snatcher manufacturing facility in Earth.
“feel herself leave her body”
Yeah…this story is not just an epic adventure. It’s also Horror.
“finely tuned to destroy inter-dimensional plasma entities known as reapers”
I wonder what the very first weapon capable of harming reapers is, and how it came to be.
“It would be a simple thing to destroy the Snatcher”
The 108 is (arguably) Edgar Hein’s magnum opus, his greatest work and creation…and someone managed to compromise it and even rig it to kill him. Until that person is caught and all countermeasures implemented, the 108 would never be safe to wear.
Who in the hell would program these things to have emotions?! What madman designed them?
If the enemy ever manages to build/acquire 108 mechs of their own…
“Elsa laughed bitterly”
She needs help. In her very introduction to this story, she is already tired, weary and shellshocked.
“sore joints and muscles pains”
(looks at the cyborg Adam Jensen) I suspect that using the 108 took a lot out of Hein.
“That’s it?”
I love every scene that Elsa and Hein have with each other.
“felt her very spirit being masticated by something not of this world”
I shuddered. The heroes have got to hunt down and kill every single one of the Snatchers. They cannot leave even one of them alive. The Snatchers all have to go. Here’s hoping none of them manage to escape the Citadel. Seriously, I don’t know how the hell the heroes are going to accomplish this. There are so many civilians in the Citadel, not to mention that causing a massive battle in what many consider to be the hub/center of galactic society would not do the heroes any favors.
“his echoing voice joined by Caim”
I wonder…would a Templar’s faith, beliefs and convictions be affected if they were to be nearly-consumed by a Reaper? Caim was mind-controlled by a Reaper that called itself the Masque of the Black Queen.
“C-Sec’s finally responding”
With Pallin, Jensen and Garrus gone, C-Sec needs a strong leader more than ever as well as capable agents and officers. Here’s hoping Chellick would be up to the task. Come to think of it, how would it make the Asari look if people start to remark that all the best C-Sec Executors are Turian?
“how anyone could possibly face such a thing on their own”
Anndd the scene transitions to Jane Proudfoot fighting a Snatcher one-on-one. I love this series.
“Jane screamed”
She has never in her life faced anything like this, and she has fought and killed many living creatures.
“Burroughs acted quickly”
If Hein falls behind in providing his people with adequate weapons, armor and equipment, they will die and the Reapers win. He’s really got his work cut out for him. Here’s hoping that Jensen, Garrus, Ramsus, Hannibal and Teg’s trip through time/realities/dimensions would gain them SOMETHING, otherwise all they’d be doing is wasting precious time. Worse still, Garrus now determinedly wishes to go to Palaven after dealing with the Snatcher threat.
“Jane screamed as she buried her heat knife in the Snatcher’s mouth”
Jane does not allow fear or terror to freeze her up. After all, she is often utilized as the scout and infiltrator of the Deep Eyes, sent alone into enemy territory and putting herself into extremely stressful situations.
“because she wasn’t done”
I love this.
“Jane ducked and weaved under the eight lethal little razors”
Any one of those could tear through her armor like butter.
“For every slash that Tigris attempted, Jane successfully struck her back three times”
Jane is amazing in hand-to-hand combat. I wonder what kind of mindset you need to have and training you need to undergo to get that good.
“She then pulled it towards the knee”
It’s not like being in a gun-fight. Killing people up close and personal like this requires…something else.
“Jane felt a trickle of blood on her lips, licked it, and smiled”
I love that this duel is more like one between two villains than hero vs villain.
“The terror that the Snatcher is used to seeing in its victims simply wasn’t there”
I love this. Jane wasn’t kidding when she said that everybody in the Deep Eyes is crazy to some degree. (looks at Neil) Goddammit.
“the Reaper machine found that unacceptable”
The Xenomorph in Alien (1979) is intelligent and sadistic. It enjoys killing and tormenting its victims.
“through a boarded up window”
“thankfully, abandoned”
Sooner or later, there are going to be civilian casualties while fighting the Snatchers. It’s a horrible thing, but there’s just no getting around it.
“between the fingers, and pulled it down”
Not the first time Jane has done this.
“knee it repeatedly in the belly”
If it were (almost) anybody else, they would be dead by now, yet Jane is not only still alive but giving a good fight.
“Jane didn’t want to stop stabbing”
Well, she DID say that she is crazy…
“Reducing aggression levels”
I thought of CTAC soldiers in Altered Carbon.
“We saw”
Yang, Pallin and Ramsus now have more knowledge and awareness of Jane’s combat skills and temperament.
“their favoured kind of spots for killing grounds”
Unlike Jensen or Garrus, Pallin has been investigating the Snatchers infesting the Citadel for weeks.
“The four of you are now, as you say, knee-deep into this s-t, whether you like it or not”
I agree. Even if they try to walk away, the enemy wouldn’t let them.
“you’re all I’ve got in this war”
Pallin is no fool. He knows what this is, and has whole-heartedly thrown in his lot with Hein, for better and for worse.
“not happy of having orders barked at him by an alien”
Hein is going to set up Frost to be a subordinate to an alien, isn’t he?
“The Turian stared at him for a moment”
This is one of my favorite paragraphs of the whole series, and I suspect, Ignusdei, that it may also be one of yours.
“He stepped up to Frost, not giving a damn about any notion of personal space”
Pallin is a soldier and law enforcement officer first and a politician second. (looks at Chellick) Hmm.
12/27/2019 c10 legosx99
This shit is EPIC
12/24/2019 c42 96hanzo
So many references in this chapter alone makes my heart and my brain goes vavoom. Dragon age, fallout, dead space and the alien from The Thing. Holy crap it is fantastic
12/24/2019 c62 CMY187
“Delphi was ready to leave”
Every life in this universe has a story of its own. Every life. And the Reapers have ended so many of them…trillions, probably. The Illuminatis of the galaxy – human, Asari, etc – do not realize that they are playing directly into the Reapers’ hands.
“a pod hotel in Upper Zakera”
I wonder how long pod hotels have been around in the Citadel.
“behaving curiously”
It seems like Snatchers could only behave convincingly if they are unaware that they are Snatchers.
“a few days ago”
I wonder about Pallin’s strategy in leaving clues for Jensen and Garrus, but I suppose his main priority was to get the Snatchers off his trail, at least until the two supercops return in time to learn of and investigate his ‘death’.
“but Ramsus did”
Serial killer in Sherlock: ‘I know how people think. I know how people think I think. I can see it all like a map inside my head.’
“Then the teasing had begun”
Delphi should have run. She knew something was wrong and that they’d notice that she knew.
“before he experienced the really nasty part”
No good person could do this kind of work without being broken…
“they usually made him feel hungry”
I wonder when was the first time that Ramsus ate human (or Asari or otherwise) flesh, and what led to him doing it.
“it disquieted Ramsus that there were people that simply did not rage against the dying of their light…he wondered”
I love this.
“How brightly did I rage”
The character development in this series is impeccable.
“came up with some rubbish”
Ramsus is a skilled liar.
“quite difficult for Ramsus to tell”
I like the Yang-Ramsus dynamic.
“finally figured out how to set her suit back to default”
This made me laugh.
“all she needed to do was ask Burroughs politely”
It’s all Hein’s fault, isn’t it?
“his sense of humour”
Ah, so Frost knows Hein. Interesting.
“an awkward silence crawl”
Frost and Jane make for an entertaining duo.
“Our Spooky?!”
I love this. Garrus later laments on the condition of his sanity.
“The devil-may-care and slightly flirtatious tone…replaced with cool professionalism”
Which one of these is the ‘real’ Nathan Frost?
“a bit annoyed”
I love Jane.
“close to the Tips”
I really like how you’ve built and designed the settlements/societies of the Citadel.
“I probably got mutant eyes or something”
‘or something’? Jane, you should get a checkup from Dr Ross.
“Allergic to that crap”
“Kim’s minder is a Salarian”
“What the…”
I love that Jane could sneak away from Frost without him noticing.
“living in Hochelaga for a spell”
A village in Montreal. What were you doing there, Jane?
“Jane rolled her eyes”
She’s stealing this chapter for me.
“she knew Frost wouldn’t believe”
Is Frost a skeptic? I suppose in Jane’s case that when you work with Edgar Hein for an extended period of time you become more open-minded about the bizarre and the weird.
“Omni-Gel slid out from the muzzle, forming a tube”
Huh. I thought of the Lawgivers in Dredd.
“Frost had gotten frustrated with the slow pace”
Jane on the other hand is trained to be patient as befitting an infiltrator.
“I can’t let them win”
Frost is an interesting character.
“her tone alarmed”
Burroughs isn’t really an AI, is she?
“his own little criminal empire of illegal foodstuffs”
Rudy Cullen is the type of person who never, ever learns his lesson.
“no matter what”
I see why he is a Spectre candidate.
“fighting viciously”
Like Garrus, Pallin relies heavily on his armor, weapons and equipment.
“Something’s wrong here”
Jane isn’t a bad investigator herself.
“Goddamn she’s got fast legs”
…Jane’s first encounter with a Snatcher. She’s never going to forget it.
“It was Tigris”
From this point on, all the way to Chapter 90, none of the heroes dare to go anywhere alone or be separated from each other for too long.
12/21/2019 c30 The-White-Spiral
Awww yeah, the TTA. Brilliant.
12/20/2019 c61 CMY187
“falling from a ceiling vent”
If not for her armor, she could have easily been killed or crippled.
“The scratch of static was the only reply she received”
Alone in a hostile location, and quiet too…this story just tilted into the Psychological Thriller/Horror genre again.
Garrus would throw himself into a chaotic battle without hesitation, but is afraid of entering the dark, so much so that he’d panic and fire off wild shots despite his discipline and training. I love it.
“she was fairly certain there had been something stalking her in there”

“replaced by a warped cackle…footsteps behind her”
Whatever-it-is could have taken Elsa completely by surprise. But it is sadistic. It wants to toy with her first.
“sensors to detect motion and sounds”
Technology is ever-escalating in this series; people constantly trying to one-up and out-pace each other. Later in this series, the heroes barely stop a nuclear weapon in the Citadel from detonating.
“The basement level had been mostly untouched”
“lack of visible elevators or stairwells”
“from the lack of dust on the walls and furniture”
Not just a pilot; Elsa is a former criminal.
“literally made of paper…Chinese calligraphy”
Dammit, Ignusdei, there’s such a thing as making everything TOO interesting!
“she could feel something was stalking her”
Bau sees potential in her for a reason; Elsa has good instincts.
“ready to pounce and claim a valuable prize”
Jane’s a D&D fan, isn’t she?
“knock out a C-Sec officer for her uniform”
Jane really is not afraid or even hesitant to break the law or assault law enforcement. And Grey is not afraid to use lethal force to disperse an angry mob.
“Who the f-k are you and how the f-k do I shut you the f-k up?!”
“And no, you can’t”
Hein. I blame Hein.
“Initiating Chameleon module”
Hein is way too smart for his own good. And C-Sec really needs more funding and experienced/knowledgeably officers.
“what I can glean from the passing techs”
I hate Psionics. Ramsus and Annah can’t be the only ones out there.
“the same inner fire that Junko had – almost as intense…and yet far more muted”
Your character-writing is top-notch, Ignusdei.
“There had been little time for introductions before”
No rest for the heroes since arriving in the Citadel.
“he was not keen on listening to all this again for a third time”
“I have his contact information right here”
Cullen is such a moron.
“learned anything from studies of the Mongol Empire, it was that behind every great man stood an even greater woman”
(looks at Cao Cao’s fetish for married woman, at Liu Bei’s treatment of his wives, at Sun Quan’s harem) Hm. (looks at Sima Yi, the man who actually won the War of the Three Kingdoms) Huh.
“visible only to those who cared to read between the lines printed in a history book”
I wonder what Asari history books are like.
“Yang found this a little suspicious”
Like Elsa, Yang has good instincts.
“An occidental pretending to be an oriental? Who even does that?”
Very funny, ‘Tenma’. Goddamn do I love Ramsus.
“I’d like to see the body”
Ramsus has knowledge of biology and anatomy, it seems.
“only had ‘English’ set for human languages”
I suppose it’s because English is the main language for most of the major factions in Earth in this universe.
Parasites have managed to enter this area.
“most of the bodies here were those of Asari”
…what the hell is happening in the Citadel?
“mutated overgrown gut flora”
I feel sick.
“I’ve yet to meet a Turian that was neither”
I smiled at this. It’s clearly due to the circles that Elsa runs in.
“an imitation conceived by an alien mind”
“it didn’t move. Satisfied”
Next time, Elsa, when in doubt, shoot it.
“her motion tracker blinked red again”
In Alien: Isolation, just because the motion tracker doesn’t show anything doesn’t mean that the xenomorph isn’t there. It KNOWS you have a device that tracks by movement, and may be keeping still…
“distracting her”
Never rely too much on your equipment, Elsa.
“The very visage of death, grinning insanely at her…End of Chapter 53”
I hate you, Ignusdei. Man, I HATE Snatchers.
12/20/2019 c38 AnthonyR89
...dude, Wreav is a douche. how could you do that to Ronon Dex? honestly i always pictured Wreav as Michael Dorn, or maybe Michael Clarke Duncan.
12/19/2019 c22 96hanzo
You know, I first hate hein due to his double dealing corporate crap but now I just felt like he is deadpool. That is if deadpool are actually interested in helping people instead of themselves.
12/17/2019 c25 AnthonyR89
i...really don't like Sam Witwer. ever since i first saw him on Smallville. he just grates on my nerves. seriously, listening to gilbert godfrey is preferable to seeing or hearing him to me.
12/17/2019 c24 AnthonyR89
kind of siding with caim on this one. teenagers or not, the galaxy is better off without scum like that.
12/17/2019 c90 5Liningcorn9
Oh my god the waaaaaaiiiit...!

Delightful job as usual by the way. But the wait! Ahhh! Agonizing...but worth it...
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