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9/25/2021 c83 3awesomeman1990
SCP 212? You've got some pretty diverse interests.
9/25/2021 c81 awesomeman1990
How long have you been working on this? It feels like years but you wrote the whole thing in 2013
9/25/2021 c80 awesomeman1990
Good god, 80 chapters was PART 1?! I haven't seen Saren in ages, I want to see the conversation with Soveriegn and you've barely covered it. How many more parts? I can already see myself in my fifties waiting for part 9.

Good stuff so far. I think I've been reading for several hours without stopping.
9/25/2021 c79 awesomeman1990
It's been a while since a fictional character made me feel hurt. Nice job.
9/19/2021 c70 awesomeman1990
Well now I needed a couple of laughs.
9/17/2021 c47 awesomeman1990
So one complaint, rockets aren't dodgeable. They move just as fast as bullets do. They are just a bit bigger.
8/8/2021 c21 CMDR Kai
I really hope Hein is on the up-and-up, but he’s tripping all of my “evil Bond villain” sensors.
7/30/2021 c91 1CMY187
“unbelievably perfect, beautiful, blindfolded porcelain face”
Takeshi Kovacs: ‘Nothing real is perfect.’
“couldn’t stop his mind from trying to process”
Can’t say I blame him.
“a smelly hobo version of himself behind the counter”
Other dimensions. Jesus Christ, this is scary. Honestly, if ‘Conrad’ survives long enough, he may become like Rick Sanchez.
“Stop asking questions”
For a True Detective, that’s like telling them to stop breathing.
“Everybody Lies, said Eliza Cassan”
Deus Ex: Human Revolution is such an awesome game. It’s a goddamn shame that the ending had to be rushed and that the sequel was probably doomed to be a failure in terms of building on the story of DE:HR long before it was released.
“the Illuminati”
Frank Castle: ‘You get to the end of one of these things, and you can’t help it. You have an idea in your head, a picture you’ve built up, of what the bad guys ought to be. The villains. The monsters. You get the feeling they should be spectacular, considering what they’ve caused. But all you ever get are…well.’
- The Punisher: Soviet comic mini-series, issue 06.
“designed to re-frame the truth to suit the needs of”
So like most news businesses then.
“he had failed to bring to justice”
It will never stop. There will always be another scumbag to take the place of the one you bring down.
“for all the good he did, for all the help he gave, was a liar, just like Everybody Else”
Jensen is sick of being lied to his whole life. He does not like to talk about Megan.
“some of the first he had ever seen”
Was it a coincidence that set Fyodor on Jensen’s path?
“Hein’s no wizard, he’s a mortal man”
Hein may be a genius, but I agree, he is ultimately just a man. Why else would he gather such a team to help him?
“what could only be the Mass Effect – or perhaps something else?”
Ignusdei, I don’t know how you do it. This kind of story is mind-boggling. The reader has no idea what to expect next, and I mean that in a good way. Talk about a psychological thriller.
“those prisms that Hein kept in storage”
Hein may very well help to save the galaxy only to become a villain later…assuming he isn’t already one.
“A synthetic”
Jensen is…difficult to pin down. I don’t think even he knows himself if he is an organic or synthetic.
“he’d need to talk his way out of getting his throat cut”
While a spy or investigator COULD carry an entire arsenal of tools and devices, the truly good ones more-or-less are often able to get what they need by talking.
I still say the CASIE aug is one hell of a creepy and disturbing one.
“Gibberish appeared over”
The CASIE aug seemingly pulls information from the person themselves.
“Elevated stress levels and micro-expressions”
David Sarif was the sort of genius who only comes along once in a dozen or more generations. I suspect that not only humanity but the entire galaxy are either studying or attempting to study his work. Jensen himself is a prime example of what Sarif was capable of. I wonder if there are turians, asari, salarians or krogan who have attempted to implement augmentations into themselves or others to imitate what Sarif did to Jensen.
…and perhaps such actions may become necessary to protect the galaxy from what currently threatens it.
“some kind of pulsating mass, red and pink and wet, the stuff CHAOS was made of”
I feel sick.
“Eating him alive”

“weaponized sex organ”
These people are insane.
“a horde of cannibals began to spill forth from around a street corner, then another, and another”
Honestly, how did we humans survive on Earth long enough to develop weapons and armor?
“had seen this before”
‘Time is a flat circle.’
- True Detective.
“copied city”

This story arc is absolutely horrifying.
“looking for something for me to eat for days”
Biology itself has changed. This other Adam’s life has been reduced to constantly searching for food and shelter.
“dormant Promethean knowledge”
For all their power and brilliance, the Prometheans ultimately fell, like so many other empires before and after.
“a makeshift candy bar…raise your energy meter”
I just blinked at this. DE:HR is weird.
“it’s a tomb…desiccated corpses”
…yeah. This was definitely a likely occurrence.
“a list of expendable personnel”
(shrugs) It is the way it is, Jensen. Sarif in my opinion was a Mad Scientist.
“Hyron tech”
I shuddered. We humans in real life may not be far away from building a similar world to that of DE:HR.
“trying to recall forgotten memories”
He had been asleep for a very long time, and was a damaged and traumatized person even as far back as the beginning of ME:HR.
“the tomb is a larder for them”
This is why cannibalism is frowned upon. It’s no just the morality; it is legitimately dangerous.
“in French”
I tilted my head at this. What had/have the French been up to in this dimension?
“There’s nothing for you out there. You only see one way out”
…if you love a character, you give them pain. I suspect that you like the character of Adam Jensen, Ignusdei.
“She’s killed hundreds to find you”
Why was she at the cache in the first place?
“a mostly intact log file with thousands of entries”
In my opinion, Jensen cannot go back to Earth. It’s just far too dangerous for him. I don’t think he’d be visiting the Sarif Cache in his own dimension, at least not any time soon.
“probably starved to death”
I thought of Mary in Transmetropolitan.
“EG’s had access to the Sarif Cache”
(looks at Urdnot Bakara) …she wants to save her people. How far would she go to achieve that?
“An hour of stories later”
Probably makes less sense to Prime-Jensen.
“Love at first sight”
A fancy way of saying ‘Infatuated’.
“Sarif’s favorite code…Faridah’s ID”
David Sarif is/was the protagonist of his own story. I could easily see him being the protagonist of a book series. Who knows what he had been up to in between the on-screen events of DE:HR.
“I have to start with a random article, and every other word is a hyperlink that I have to tap”
It’s like interrogating someone. You nudge and prod them into giving up information.
“in the blink of an eye fully imagined a place you had never visited, or a person you had never met”
This line made me put my hands up to my temple. This story is insanely layered and intricate. I love it. Someone should seriously take and adapt it for television. Just change the names of everything to avoid copyright infringement.
“Survive this, or wake up, whatever”
I wonder if some crisis is occurring in the Durendal and/or the Normandy while Jensen’s group is elsewhere. They may return only to be plunged into another bad situation with little to no rest in between.
“coming through the Quantum Break’s fractures”
This makes me think of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Were the Gaians always this crazed and cannibalistic?
“In the amount of time it took to exclaim those two words”
I need to play Nier: Automata.
“only the Reapers could have caused”
The Reapers are one of the deadliest creatures in the entire galaxy…but they are not immortal and can be killed. It seems that ultimately, all they are really doing is just harvesting. Slaves and food.
“The most depraved cannibals GAIA ever made”
Malice or incompetence? Or both?
“the Quantum Break”
So is that what Jensen’s group experienced in the Durendal that pulled them to this dimension?
“wouldn’t…Remember all the other times”
Goddammit, Ignusdei. Too many interesting characters.
“They keep telling us…it’s a fresh start”
I thought of Jules Kai Leng.
“Your memories get compiled”
Stacks in Altered Carbon. Who knows if we’d get that far in real life.
“My designers thought”
I shuddered at this.
“Gaians preyed on the weak”
So they are not necessarily mindless.
“being a giant bird”
Dee Reynolds!
“Then, after a moment’s consideration”
What the hell happened to this world? To the animals and plants? Is the entire planet mostly devoid of edible life? What about the rest of the galaxy in this dimension?
“I can’t take the risk, not now”
…if it comes to it, can Jensen defeat her?
I think he should reunite with his comrades as soon as possible.
“Brains…the central processing unit”
Not a machine but a cyborg. And the Sarif Cache was breached in this dimension…
“I gave him a candy bar”
She may want to know where he got it from.
“the viruses and bacteria”
Are the Gaians susceptible to illness and disease?
“she suggested, lamely”
Jesus. Humanity has been all but wiped out, hasn’t it? At this point the species is just a flickering ember, ready to be blown out.
Meanwhile in another dimension, Saren Arterius seeks to either destroy or subjugate humanity, telling others and himself that it is necessary for the ‘greater good’.
“a brief moment, milliseconds long”
…I do not trust Michaelle.
“Even in an alternate future in space full of robots, there was politics”
I know. Isn’t it great?
“but to each other”
When there is no one left to fight, they would probably just turn on each other.
“I’m going to take him to Johnny Clean”
In the middle of their own harrowing mission, Jensen and several of his allies have been thrown into the midst of a group that is undertaking a mission of their own. Who the hell is/was the assassin aboard the Durendal, and why did Conrad choose to do what he did at that particular time?
“He wasn’t supposed to be here”
It’s a difficult choice; to stay for at least a while and learn what you can, or to look for a way back to your own dimension as quickly as possible.
“the din of gunfire, Conrad’s panicked screaming, and Ramsus’ laughter”
I grinned at this. Ramsus is still my favorite character.
“the false Conrad’s complete panic at the incoming situation”
Conrad is no soldier.
“Ramsus’amusement at the kid’s mental state”
Ramsus has issues.
“couldn’t stop himself from remembering something”
True Detective.
“Hock’s party?”
Garrus wasn’t there. Probably a good decision to keep him away. I doubt he’d have been able to keep his emotions in check. He loves Jensen like a brother.
“keeping hundreds of cannibals stunned”
They have improved their firepower and equipment tremendously throughout this story…and it still isn’t enough. They lost people in Bekenstein and are still reeling from it. And that was a rescue mission to retrieve one of their own, not to capture or seize something of the enemy.
“exploding the cannibal’s head with a surge of Biotic energy”
Prejudice against biotics may not be all that unjustified.
“You’re the time wizard! DO SOMETHING!”
They have yet to adapt to this world. Jensen is hiding for now, but he is more-or-less at the mercy of his current companions.
“where he assumed”
His decision here nearly got them killed. But to be fair to Garrus, he is under a tremendous amount of stress and pressure. Not many leaders could have fared better than him here.
“Chameleon system”
I want one of those.
“Before Garrus could ask Conrad what was happening”
Lies upon lies. The heroes are losing trust in each other. Honestly, things may never have been this bad for them. And I suspect that the worst is yet to come.
“those things blended in better”
I shuddered. I both love and hate that the Salarian Councilor Valern is interested in the Snatchers, rather than outright dismissing or hand-waving them. According to the Mass Effect wiki, Valern likes to win wars before they start, and is inexperienced with dealing with events such as Reaper invasions. Considering that the Snatchers have already infested the Citadel…
“In spite of himself, Garrus recalled bonding with Grey”
Ah, Grey. What a great character. I’m not surprised that Garrus formed a bond with him and the other Deep Eyes.
“He also thought their names were a little…simple”
Suspicious already. Not good.
“lying, no need for any secondary programs”
Should have let Ramsus do the talking. He is an excellent liar.
“In the space of time it took…Had it not been for their Schrodinger systems”
Garrus’ group is just out of their league. Symeon’s tech is far above their own.
“their skulls would have been perforated”
Garrus is taking no chances here.
“He had only a split second to put up a defense of his own”
Ramsus may had been outmatched here, but good Lord is it a mistake to underestimate him.
7/26/2021 c3 1ISleep
okay so I've never been huge into mysteries or such, but so far... This is really catching my attention. Not to mention the potentional for all the non-mystery stuff like the extensive augmentations he has, the incoming war from Saren, the Reapers and so on now that the hero is gone
7/26/2021 c2 ISleep
shit... okay what a way to keep me interested and invested with a death like that to investigate
7/26/2021 c1 ISleep
okay NVM, read to the end of it and it's definitely worth hearing our MC literally punt a person with a fridge, even if it's an afterreport
7/26/2021 c1 ISleep
do I have to read the info-dumps to understand what's going on in the story?
7/25/2021 c91 Adam Jensen-AugmentedTF29Agent
Sometimes you have to let go and embrace what you've become. -Adam Jensen

Praise the Omnissiah!
7/6/2021 c15 Eizeneers
What a shame. He was a good man. *Smacks lips* What a rotten way to die.
6/18/2021 c91 the-lost-memories6
Interesting story
Keep up the good work
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