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6/23/2012 c3 Luthien Morgon
I like your story. I am looking forward to a conversation between clark and Lois. It should ne fun.
5/12/2012 c3 2Jeremy Shane
Good Chapter & More Please
5/10/2012 c3 Bin82501
I like it. It's a great start
5/10/2012 c3 Bin82501
I like it. It's a great start
5/7/2012 c3 whynot1993
Now we want to see the meeting of Lois and Clark!
5/6/2012 c3 avengerslivetoday
great chapter but it seems that it was rushed a little at the end. also i like the fact that Lois is mad at Clark and he did not even do anything yet.
5/6/2012 c3 loveloisclark
Just saw your update, and like the story so far, so please

continue with it. I like that it is not completely different to

the series, but has a slight twist to how Lois finds out.
4/21/2012 c2 Jeremy Shane
Good Chapter & More Please
4/8/2012 c2 katie147
good start, eagerly awaiting more :)
4/8/2012 c2 27HotChocolate329
hay new story. good good but still confused why Clark is hurt. well hope to cleat that in the next chaps. thanks.
3/21/2012 c1 2Jeremy Shane
Good Story
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