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12/28/2012 c9 AllHailtheSTAR
Ha. I love Basil in this. XD
12/28/2012 c8 AllHailtheSTAR
Hmmm...Megan? Did you by any chance read IronFey.
Short but great chapter.
12/28/2012 c7 AllHailtheSTAR
Aww...this was so sweet and sad...I almost cried *sniff*
By the way sorry for reviewing this so late!
12/27/2012 c13 anger.issues
Gosh, it's so emotional! At least, your ending A/N. Praying that she stays healthy. Hope her family is okay. Her husband better be treating her with extra special care!

Haha, the Lochness Monster Pasta!
That could be a dish...QUICKLY, SHIREEN! PATENT IT!

I'm scared to ask what was in the sauce...

Geez, Aisha's freaking me out. Who is she? I keep trying to figure it out...Is she a Faerie?

Unseelie...I'm going to nod my head and pretend that I know what that is while I secretly Google it.
*snicker* Just thought of Googlism...*snicker*


QotD: Just...being here. Being able to see the holidays and the new year. Being able to be where I am. Having a roof over my head and shoes on my feet.
I'm thankful that I was able to make this account and find wonderful friends very easily. (Yes, that does include you) Being able to showcase my writing and art to the Internet and to be given great feedback.
So very thankful for my friends, my family. For those people who take the time to hold a door or offer help even when I don't know them.
Thankful for kindness and friendship. For love and care. For everything right.
I'm thankful for words and books. For colors and art. For literature and for authors. Creations and artists.
Thankful for the friendly environment I live in.
And thankful for, of course, Puckabrina. (Didn't think I was gonna mirage that out, did you?)
But this is just a little. This is less than 1%.
I could go on and on and take up a million reviews. But this is just a woodchip off the tree bark. I'm thankful for so much, for everything.
I'd never be able to really say what I'm thankful for. It's...too much.
But I'm thankful for my life, and every joyous, sorrowful, distraught, elated, depressed, excited moment jam-packed into it.
I'm just...thankful. Too much for words.
12/27/2012 c13 betsy
yay! the chapter was long i loved it :D this chapter made me laugh alot so this is how puck does in the kitchen hmm interesting ;) anyways thank you so much for updating i reaaaaaallllllyyyyy love your stories oh and i really found the story about your family friend and aunt really touching im really happy they get to pass 2012 as well im really happy your friend made it and gets to live a full life with her family and i hope your aunt gets better miracles do happen after all c: anyways hope you update soon cant wait to see what happens next :D
12/27/2012 c13 3Krys and Mel
I KNOW UNSEELIE AND SEELIE! I had to read Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr in high school. Young Adult Lit class. SO MUCH FUN XD Even though I wasn't a huge fan of Melissa Marr /:

Anyways, I'm super excited to learn about this new plot. I've been dying for it. I want to find out all about Aisha and her myseteriousness and now with Mustardseed and Titania being in on it...Ack I'm excited! Write more soon, please!

12/27/2012 c13 4Archer Princess

*sigh* The SG fic of the year... You ought to win this, your story fantastic! I gotta get over there and nominate stuff.

"That's a blender, idiot." Oh good lord... that is the best line EVERRRRR!

...I take that back. "Human terms have no importance to me." is the best line ever.

Heehee! Puck is hilarious...!

YA! Finally...! The flashback to what happened after she pulled out the knife!


Ouch... I wouldn't want to be compared to Oberon either. He... just no.

Dangit... that told me very little.

Hahaaaa...! Puck can't even cook pasta...!

Hmm... I wonder if he really WOULD eat anything...

Hyuck hyuck... A piece of cake...

Did you have a particular version of AMND?

Oh my! WHY would she close the PORTAL?

Hmm... "search something up" sounds really awkward. Like you had one thing and then tried to replace it with another but forgot to get rid of the first one.

"Why did everybody have to pick on the unicorn?" Heehee! I love itttttt!

Haahaa! Angry birds...

Oh dear...


Okay, not quite so many. I hadn't heard of the Unseelie Court (well... maybe in one of the fairytales I've read...), but I looked it up. And... yeah, that cannot be good. At all.

Oh, and thank you for inspiring me! I have an original story that I've been developing that has a lot of fairy stuff, and... The Un/Seelie Court stuff might just be what I was looking for!

Wow... that sounds really scary. I'm glad she is okay, and I am also glad your aunt it still here.

QotD: Too much. My year was so full of good and bad things, I can barely sort it out. I joined ... I started/wrote three stories (including my first ever finished one!)... And, most importantly, I managed to sort out my self confidence issues. Like... in the last few weeks. It was a fantastically good year!

What is scary is that next year will probably be just as full, and that is very intimidating. Exciting, but intimidating.

-Archer Princess-
12/27/2012 c13 6TheAfterShock
Looking back at the year of 2012, what are you most thankful for?
Well, that's an ambitious question, now isn't it?
Well, I must say first and foremost, that it would be my family. Even with all the crap I put them through to go forward with my dream, they still love me, and do it! I was in three major plays this year. That's a lot. I'm just so happy that I was born into family like this. I'm also thankful for my brother. He' inspiring, and loving, and just...always there for me. I love him so much, I don't know what I'd do without him. And his friends, cause they're just more big brother's for me that I love to death. (Even if at times Christian can be annoying.)
I'm also thankful that I finally got off my butt and lost weight. I finally actually stuck to something and shed off a whole 40 pounds. I was tired of being made fun of I guess. Or crying every time I went into a store to look for clothes. That was a whole lot about me...:3
This chapter was so cute. :D He's gonna do it. By himself. Disaster.
12/27/2012 c13 5Alapest
I love this chapter, I was honestly laughing for a good twenty minutes strait after I read this. I'm writing this after twenty minutes because my hands have FINALLY stopped shaking!

QOD: I'm grateful for everything! But most especially, I'm grateful to have met the wonderful world of Fanfiction. Everyone has just been super nice to me (that I've talked to).
12/26/2012 c13 Fairytale17
I love fairy stuff like this, i know exactly what the Unseelie Court is. The Unseelie Court is a group of wicked fairy type creatures. Most of them fly but some don't, the ones that do are called the "Host" I think, they pretty much live to cause havoc on the countrysides, and they are very spiteful to humans. The Unseelie swarm around the humans, they bite and batter them up and take them by force and take them on thier foul nocturnal adventures. And that is the Unseelie Court. Boy *wipes sweat from brow* I feel like I just wrote an essay. lol.
12/26/2012 c13 Fairytale17
Sulliavn! yay. I loovvved this chapter, it was so funny. "That, it the hot box, it makes things hot, and that is the freezing box it makes things cold." Lol, too funny. Don't feel bad Puck, I cry at the Lion King too, I love that movie! Of course, i review every chapter because I love this story, I keep up om it all the time to see if you had updated it or not. Qod: I am thankful for my mom having her new baby, now i going to have three brothers!
12/26/2012 c13 Cookies and Cream1234567
hahaha xD I loved the part when Musterseed and Puck were talking about Angry Birds when Puck said, "You lost, didn't you."

I really enjoy your story and I can't wait for you to update :)
12/26/2012 c13 9Ciara Wynne
Can I just say one thing? Both your auntie and fanily friend are truly remarkable women, dealing with cancer/a brain tumour on top of everyday life. God bless them both, and I wish the best for them.
Your story is (naturally) amazing as usual. So happy you're nominated! I would've done it as well, but I have no idea how to nominate anyone. You totally deserve it.

Ciara xxx
12/26/2012 c13 43Curlscat
QoD: That I didn't go away for school, so I got to spend an extra couple months with my dad that I wouldn't have if I'd been away at college.

I hope you don't go TOO overboard with the Seelie-Unseelie thing, since MB didn't make that too important, but I went Faerie-Fay, so I guess I'm not one to talk.
12/26/2012 c13 2Pale-Face
Nice to see someone with some lore knowledge! Ive been working on stuff in that vein myself. Keep up this amazing story!
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