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11/29/2012 c2 Guest
Sullivian dont be a buttface! And that was probs da best fanfic. Ive eva read in my life!
11/28/2012 c12 2Gifted Shadows
AHAHAHAHAHA. Puck in a flowery apron? Holy crabcakes, that's awesome!:D

Don't throw up on me, Puck!

Ooh... Mystery.:D

...Am I SUPPOSED to want to see Puck cook? Isn't that creepy, or something? Hm...

This chapter made me laugh. It made my day!:D

Great Job!

Gifted Shadows
11/27/2012 c12 betsy
loved loved LOVED THIS CHAPTER! but then again i love all your chapters :P thank you so much for updating i was really happy tht sabrina got her point of view ,now im curious what DID happen the night where sabrina last saw aisha hmmm...i also liked their slight oh so slight puckabrina moment if it was even a moment i dont know and the chapter was so loooong thank you you made me so happy! i cant wait for the next chapter your such a good writer im such a HUGE fan, i just love your storie plz update soon c:
11/27/2012 c12 shadowgal
hi! awesome story!
The whole Aisha thing is soooo cool! cant wait to see what you write next! sooo plzzz update real soon! (o_o) ( big face) heheehee
11/27/2012 c12 LALALAND
great chapter :D
update soooooon :D
11/26/2012 c12 Guest
I agree both on the Annabeth and Bollywood things. It's kind of hilarious because I am Indian too and everyone I know who is is super conservative.
11/26/2012 c12 Cookies and Cream1234567
I thought it was a good chapter :) I love how Puck has to make dinner now xD
11/25/2012 c12 4Archer Princess
Okay... So I let this marinate in my inbox for a couple hours, thinking "Guhhh... I really want to read, but if I do... then I'll have to review right away or else I never will... guhhh..." Then I thought "Pull yourself together! You have two options: 1. do your geometry and wish you were reading Cold Feet, or 2. get over yourself, read it, and write a review!"


Wow, "do you like pandas?" That was awesome.

...this is so strange, I feel like I stepped into the future of this story. It took me a bit to reset and not be like "Whuuuuut?"

What? Voices? What? Where is she? What?

"It was all she could do not to smile in relief. After she'd pounded the fairy to a pulp. Naturally." Of course. Duh! ;D

That flower is awesome, btw. I need a pet flower. That's what it is reminding me of, a pet...

What the-! Did they hit someone?

...wai- heh heh... Wait... heehee... Puck is kicking the... the roof? (I'm laughing that weird half laugh/breathy laugh where I am also whispering the words as I write them)

BWAHAHAHAHA! I can just SEE Puck looking like that! THAT is a high point today!

Okay, this is where I start swearing profusely, only I don't so I won't.

I totally have had a cooking oneshot in my folder all year, just waiting to be written. Shh, it's a SECRET!

QotD: Ready for a shocker?

I don't watch movies.

Okay, that's not totally true. I do watch one every week. But that's it. And they all rock. However... I was very confused by "My Girlfriend's Boyfriend", which my friend made me watch... So that's fairly low on my list. That or any Barbie movie. Barbie is stupid. :)

I love Puck... Everyone needs a Puck in their lives. I'd hate to have to be my own Puck! What kind of person wants to put spiders in their own bed and save themselves from dragons! (Okay, fine... It would be buttkicking cool to save yourself from a dragon. Because that would mean that you either killed it or befriended it.)

Just gonna put this out there... this chapter confused me. I'll get over it, especially since you said that you would be explaining it all soonly, but still... :)

-Archer Princess-
11/25/2012 c12 3peasa
That...was amazing. I am truly, deeply in love with your story. It just gets better every time! Keep up the good work!
11/25/2012 c12 3Trikster Queen
This was great! Least favorite movie? Like you said, Bollywood movies. For the exact same reasons. I hate it when my parents make me watch them.
11/25/2012 c7 Guest
I liked book 9. It was good. And the hug thing was symbolic of how without love life is not important.
11/25/2012 c12 anger.issues
Holy crap...
You did NOT just dedicate a chapter to me...

Worst Movies...
Twilight (Suprised you didn't pre-rule this out. :D)
Eragon (!)
Percy Jackson (Love the books, but the movie was kinda off track. PLEASE DON'T MESS SEA OF MONSTERS UP! PLEASE!)
Cheesy Disney Movies (Forgive me if I don't wan to be able to correctly predict the entire movie based on the commercials for it.)
Lifetime Movies ('Nuff said)


I'm so confused...I feel like I have all the puzzle pieces, but they're from different puzzles. And they form patches of different puzzles, yet it's not enough of the puzzle to tell what it is.
Whoa...Philosophical moment...Now I'm confused even more...

So they sing and dance about that stuff? What, do they sing this:
(To the tune of 'It's Raining Men')
My friend is hurt!
My dad is dead!

11/25/2012 c12 Airene Archerway
Thank you for updating, now I have to update too because both you and Lara updated. :P Anyway, thank you for giving me a motive to update, because, honestly, school is driving me crazy!

I loved this chapter! The part with Aisha confused me a bit, but other than that I really like it! Olivia is a really nice character, too bad that she hates her name though.

The thing about Puck's kingdom crumbling is really exciting! And the "armor" for reading books was just hilarious!

K, for the QotD, I'm going to give you a genre, if that's acceptable.

Filipino Movies. Especially the romance or horror ones. The plot is always the same! It's always two main characters, a boy and a girl, one that is Filipino or in the Philippines but cannot speak Filipino, and the other is normally fluent in said language. They always end up hating each other at first, but then something happens to draw them closer together.

Now, if it's a horror or fantasy movie, I always have the same complaint. How fake the costumes and props are. Yeah, sure, you watch an American movie about mermaids and they look legit. But when you watch a Filipino one they look like they're wearing an Ariel costume found in Toys R Us.

Then, it would be that it always is the SAME actors every time you watch a movie. I can't count how many times I've seen a Filipino movie with JLC starring as main character...

I'll try to update soon. I miss FF so much.

11/25/2012 c12 Totally-tali
Yes that's what I meant. :3

11/25/2012 c12 9Ciara Wynne
Brilliant! that's the only word i could use
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