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11/25/2012 c12 emowriter
Oh my god. I don't know whether to be furious or delightful. On one hand, you COMPLETELY EXTENDED THE CLIFFHANGER GODDAMMIT ARRGGHHGHGHGHGHGHGHHHHH. WHYYYY?! On the other hand, more insight into 'The Incident' as I'm now calling it, we get to see more Puck/Sabrina interaction, we get to see Sabrina's soft side when she talks to Olivia, who I hope we'll see more of (I'm hoping for a romance between her and Chad? *crosses fingers*) and we get to see PUCK'S soft side regarding the Old Lady's oldness. :D GOOD JOB! *gives a stupid thumbs up like they do in anime*

Olivia seems really great. The backstory is awesome, and I can sense the love/hate romance vibes between her and Chad. My romantic senses are tingling!

You should have seen me when I got the first email. I was like, "GASP! CHAPTER! DOUBLE GASP, IT'S A GOOD WRITER! Oh...goddammit. It's Inside The Insanity (no offence or anything.)." So then I put it in a different folder and pressed refresh, and it was like, "COLD FEET HAS BEEN UPDATED." and then I spazzed. I'm so hungry...

I'm scared. The story got a lot more sinister. What with the cursed map, she's seeing images, hearing voices... and she thinks that someone died (most likely Aisha). What could have happened to cause this? WHAT WAS THE INCIDENT?! GAAAAAH.

Hah, Puck. Your threat won't work against me. Mwahaha! My house doesn't HAVE cookies. HAHAhahahaaaaa...*cries*

And Catching Fire is next year too! Th1rteen R3asons Why probably is too! And then Maximum Ride, Maze Runner and Divergent is most likely in 2014! YAAAAYYY! So many YA books coming out as movies in the next two years! *fist pump*

Oh, Daphne. I cried when...uh... *hangs head in shame* I never cried while reading a book. But recently, I've become more emotional, and I've cried reading ebooks. *sigh* But I can imagine myself reading that. Oh, yeah, I need to read the Jane Austen books too. Thanks for reminding me. Gah. So much to read.

QotD: Uh, the worst movie I've ever watched is...this is hard, actually. There's one that I watched in theatres at age 6, it was a romantic comedy called 'Because I Said So', and I was so bored. But at age 5, I watched The Mummy and I had nightmares for a month. My parents still tell me that I can't go to the movies because of that. I'm like, "I WAS 5! I'm 13! LET IT GOOOO."
11/25/2012 c12 4Alexandra Jackson rocks Hades
Bollywood films aren't thaat bad, but sometimes they suck butt. i can understand hindi
11/24/2012 c11 Fairytale17
Oh and for your Qod: I don't know if there was a book that i read that was horrible, but then again i don't really get books that don't intrigue me. If a book catches my interest then odds are i'm going to like that book, but if there is a book that doesn't seem all that interesting to me then i probably won't like it. That's how i look at it.
11/24/2012 c11 Fairytale17
OMG :0 you just had to make a really good chapter, have it get really exciting, and then BAMM end of chapter didn't you? You just love to watch people squirm for a while, you evil little mind you. No seriously this was another awesome chapter, i liked the whole Daphne and Mustardseed thing in the beginning, I would love a room like Aisha's with all the toys and stuff, i mean even though i'm considered an "adult" i love toys and stuffed animals i could never get enough of those, and i liked Puck's flashback of when he was younger and couldn't have any toys, and then of course the end with the whole you're going to die puck! Very exciting. I wounder if she is going to kill puck? :S Although that would be kind of pointless considering he's the main character in you're story and if you kill him off the would mean your story is over, and that would make me sad because i love this story, and that would be a really stupid ending. No offence if you have already done that.
11/24/2012 c3 Totally-tali
When I read this I said:

"Puck's a douche."

"Wow, Sabrina's a douche."

11/20/2012 c11 anamusedreader
i finally finishd the shapters and i liked them. it dosent have to ALL be puckabrina. theres lready a lot of those stories and dont stop it the story is getting interesting now. and i dont think ive ever read a truly bad book. cept twilight. we can all agree on that. i mean bella just sits there going «oh edward i love you. dont leave me else ill just go all emo and not care about what anyone else thinks of me cause of a sparkly vampire and then illtry to kill myself.» bellas a weak main character. and sabrinas over here trying to do whats best for her family. sisters grimm beats twilight any day. post more chapters soon or i WILL keep my word and lead a rebellion. im just funny that way. im just too impatient to wait months on end for a new chapter without going crazy and leading a rebellion
11/19/2012 c6 anamusedreadr
i didt finish my review (dont be mad) im writing this on my kindle and i brely kno how to work it anywho keep on writing my friend. else ill never review again. heck just keep writing awesome sisters grimm fanfic so your readers dont rebel aginst you and if you dont keep updating your stories ill be the one leading the rebellion
11/19/2012 c6 anamusedreader
hahaha i just found your stories and they are hilarious. and its ok you arent rude. i can beat you there. its from bone! (the poem i mean) i just found out about and spent about three hours reading sisters grimm fanfic i think most of it was yours. keep
11/19/2012 c11 anger.issues
Done. :D

Worst Book, huh? Easy.

I began reading 'The House of Night' but realized one thing: It's just another stupid novel about a stupid vampire who's in love wth three different guys and one of them is a human, which is against the stupid rules, so OF COURSE they're gonna keep a secret relationship with all of them and OF COURSE one of them is a bad guy and minus the vampires, it's just some tramp trying to 'get with' a kajillion different guys.

Realized this in the second book. There's 8 books and they're still writing more.
11/15/2012 c6 AllHailtheSTAR
Upon your feet

You have ten toes

They look just like potatoes.

BONE! I like that comic.
11/14/2012 c5 AllHailtheSTAR
11/12/2012 c4 AllHailtheSTAR
I wish I could actually buy the Trickster's Guide to Mischief. Imagine if it was a real book!
11/12/2012 c3 AllHailtheSTAR
Yay! He got in. What a relief...
11/12/2012 c2 AllHailtheSTAR
*snort* Throwing socks? Sulli's mindbogglingly hilarious.
11/12/2012 c1 AllHailtheSTAR
Puck is just awesome in this. :D
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