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9/28/2012 c9 betsy
that was AMAZING made me laugh sooooooo much xD thank you sooooooo much for updating and especially under the circumstances that your sick , thank you for being so AWESOME hope you update soon and i wonder wats gonna happen next you know:adam, aisha,puck, mustardseed, daphne, a little bit sabrina, FROG :P
9/28/2012 c9 PenguinLoverGurl
I reviewed! :D

Oh, okay. I get it now. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Adam and Andy...Hmm...not bad. Not bad. B)
...that was supposed to be my epic sunglasses person. Fail. XD

I love the way you handled the whole Mustardseed situation.

That insane guy's rubber ducky is my bacon. Eat my bacon and die!

If I could see ghosts? Ask if there was bacon in heaven.
Have I seen any paranormal activity? I saw grenade stained underwear. That's pretty paranormal for me.

Grulm. I must leave. G'bye!

Signing off,
9/28/2012 c9 emowriter
So, awesomesauceomebacontasticul ariffic chapter! I love Blue! And Daphnerseed is way too un... there's no reason behind it. It's like leftovers. I like Rednoccio. :3

Zain is awesome! Yaay! He should just, like, fall in love with the carpet and then kiss Kerdy the Frog, HALALALALALALALALALA!

The beginning made me go :'3. Because they were all arguing and I was like :3 and then Granny was old so then I was like ): Yerp. True story.

And poor Daph. Andy is a stupid-head-face.

I listened to Hot Problems. First I laughed. And then I cringed. And then I died. True story.
9/28/2012 c9 2Pale-Face
That bit about dust made me laugh so much. I like the balance of Puck. The longness of this is very pleasing :) Hooray for non-dapherseed. I thought i was one of the only people who saw how illogical it was. Good story line. keep it up!
9/26/2012 c8 3Bebe17
I really enjoyed your story. I love Sister Grimn fics from Puck's point of view. I think the characters are very realistic; Puck's feelings towards Sabrina are not super cheesy. I The plot is interesting, but not overly dramatic, which is good. Please update soon!
9/24/2012 c8 7iizninja
Okay, I must take a moment and applaud you for your message in the beginning. One of my best friends is Muslim, and every once in a while she calls me just to scream out her frustration and anger -and tears -at the injustice of it all. I hate listening to discrimination against anyone, and I know I've called people out on more than one occasion for it (even if I wasn't particularly kind while doing so). It's nice, though, when people can get along REGARDLESS of all that. I'm a Christian, my Uncle's a Catholic, my best friend Muslim, and the woman who draws pictures in my tea with milk is a Jew. We may be different, we may not agree on everything, but that doesn't mean we have to blindly lunge for each other's throats.
But you've said everything that needs to be said on that, so I'll get on to my real review ;)
*points a revolutionary finger in the air* AHA! I HAVE read this before! Or, at least, I read SOME of it. When you said, "Cold feet" I was thinking "Well… it sounds familiar but I usually don't forget a story… maybe I read it on some other fandom." Then I read your summary and, well, LIGHTBULB!
But *insert fangirlish scream* I LOVE THIS! It's strange, but I absolutely adore Basil. He's got to be my favorite. The way he delivers the lines in my head make me CRACK UP! I mean, his name should be spelt A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!
Okay, that really doesn't make sense, does it? I'd go back and review every single chapter (because they totally deserve it) but I'll just make a general statement.
You're amazing.
I've laughed at the adorable awkwardness of it all, and a few times I got choked up on sentiment. This story took all of my attention -all of it. Well, almost. My mom was demanding to know what I found so funny, and I handed her the laptop so she could read the last part of this chapter… it took me twenty minutes to get it back because she had to go ALL THE WAY to the beginning and read the whole thing (she's a big fan of the book series, strangely enough :D Oh, she LOVES your story, too. She told me I should be more like you and write happy stuff -I can't promise that -though she did make an audible comment about you talking to yourself. Don't worry, I defended you because I ALWAYS talk to myself :D Wait… I digress).
I really like this story. -understatement of the year! -and I can't believe I FORGOT about it. -_- Pardon me, I tend to take after Dory from Finding Nemo sometimes :)
Oh snap, I've got to go babysit. This review has not been proofread, and my spelling and grammar errors will probably hurt your mind. I apologize :D
9/23/2012 c1 3peasa
First, I really like your style. I don't know if anyone's ever told you this, but you have a very unique quirk in your writing that makes it funnier and personal. I also like the way you write the older versions of the Sisters Grimm characters. A lot of people can't write them very well, and make them sort of barf-worthy. So, thanks for that. And thank you, thank you, thank you for having good grammar, etc. That is such a pet peeve of mine! I know, it's fanfiction, you don't have to, but it still makes me very happy. And the story is more readable that way.
So, thank you for being a good writer and please keep updating!
And tell Sullivan hi!
9/21/2012 c1 1kerosto929
The story doesn't seem to have a plot, yet, it seems to be a connection of one shots and I believe that you will soon be connecting them all with a plot, the rainy day and magic in New York City parts perhaps. I enjoy showing how Puck matures, but he still keeps true to his trickster king self. Oh, and THANK YOU for not using texting language, you would not believe how many stories have texting language in them and make it dificult to read (those stories need subtitles). You could elaborate more on the other characters a little bit (what happened to Mr. Canis?!), seeing as how this story is about Sabrina and Puck. One thing you may want to change is describing the scene or some of the characters thoughts on a subject a bit more. (Did you think I was just going to rave about how good the story was, that would only be a useless review. A good review would tell you ways to improve the story in the reviewers opinion). I can't wait to see where you take this story and look forward to reading the rest.
9/21/2012 c5 anger.issues

Face it, Pucky-Boo. You love her. But if you don't wanna admit it...WAIT FOR ME! :3
Or not. You're better with Sabrina. :D

They're so meant for each other.


And this review... very short
9/21/2012 c4 anger.issues
Wonderful little Puck is all grown up! And he's writing a book! Voluntarily!
They grow up so fast...

Who Aisha is based off of? Ummm...You? Your mom? Your aunt? Your cousin? Your grandma? Your sister? Your best friend? That cute puppy you saw on the side of the road?

Starbucks is awesome.

It's so sweet that he helped that kid! Did he ever get it back? 'Cause...they both left and stuff...

Oh. My. Gosh.
A wish flower? And it BLOOMED?
And he wished never to be away from Sabrina...their so deniable about their LOOOOOOVE!

I like the Aisha character. It seems like someone I would be friends with...if she were my age and not in college. :3
9/18/2012 c8 44everreading
awesome story You Have 2 keep writing
9/18/2012 c3 anger.issues
Don't worry, Puck. I'll save your royal heiny.


Hope it's not pass the register date. Hehe, wouldn't that have been hilariously sad?

Okay, I promise NOT to write: OMG, do wedding, love, update!
OH NO! I JUST WROTE IT! I'm gonna die now, aren't I? Oh well. I go down, you're coming down with me. :)

She hugged him? Awesome.

Epic fail, Puck! (That was such and epic fail; think you need a ginger ale!) XD

Ticked off Sabrina is always fun, as long as you're not in her path of destruction. :)
9/18/2012 c2 anger.issues
Awww...I care about you, Sulli-Wulli! :3

Woah. Sabrina got harsh and stuff.

Potato butt? Oh Puck, how you continue to amaze me.

S time P forever. Yes, Sullivan times Perfection forever. May his glory LIVE ON!
9/18/2012 c1 anger.issues
Hehehehehehehehehe...I reviewed. Again. XD
I'm going to be reviewing every chapter of this and 'Advice From The Trickster King' so don't feel obligated to reply to all of them. Well, you can if you WANT to, but I'm just saying you don't HAVE to. :)

My reaction? Ice Cream. Cookies and Cream to be specific.

Naw, this was really funny. Especially Sabrina and the texting.
Did she know the chimp had the phone under his armpit before she caught it? XD

Sullivan is...asdfghjkl. He exploded my brain with his chimpy awesomeness.

Puck was so awesome. Like, you pulled off a sulky Puck. A Pulky.

He needs Sabrina. Daphne is 100% right. They were made for each other!
9/18/2012 c8 3Krys and Mel
I had no clue that was a rule! Good to know. . . .
I love Daphne, I hate that this was so short, I completely understand about updating, I want to know the plot and what happens next, I am a little confused about your pre-reading A/N (I get the idea, but I don't get your support) but I would rather discuss that in a PM, I need more Puck, I think Aisha's in big trouble and needs help, and I have just run out of different "I verb" phrases to use that would make sense in this run-on of a review.
Please update soon and message me as soon as you're not so busy with the craziness of high school!

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