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9/17/2012 c8 2Gifted Shadows


A pyromaniac? That's like, someone who has an obbsesion with fire right?

QotD: Well, I remember once when I got lost on the first day, and I ended up on the first floor on high school side, and my class was on the third floor middle school side, and I missed the whole period, trying to figure out where the heck room 364 was.(When they made the school, they screwed up the numbers for the rooms so it's really confusing)

Hehe. Basil and chocolate? Probably not the best idea. How old is Basil again?

Holy bejizzles, this was NOT short. I could never write THIS much.

Jeesh. Blue eyed dude gives me the creeps.

Uh... Did Sabrina and Aisha like, have some kind of huge fight we don't know about?

Puckerly, you will never learn. KARMA HATES PRANKTERS!

TOP A/N: Now, I usually don't reply to these things, 'cause it can come out like I'm throwing a pity party or trying to relate to the author and failing miserably, but I think this particular one had a big message.

I never really understood why being Muslim became a stereotype. Just like, apparently if you're Christian, you need everyone perfect and following one set of rules. Because, I don't really think that because someone dresses differently or have different beliefs or behaving differently from the majority of the other people should set anyone apart or create a barrier between a civilization.

And, I'm glad you brought up all of these tragedies around the world, because I didn't really know about these things, and now I do. It's funny how none of this stuff comes up in the news, right?

This was really well thought out and well written, and it raised awareness for some pressing issues. Thanks for telling people!:D

Gifted Shadows
9/16/2012 c6 1Spectacular Super Nova
Michelle: LOL XD I always love the end :3 Xp

Kourge:: Hahaha, I know right? XD Uuuurg! Puck! Tell her how you feel already durn it! XI

Gaspar: How very easy for you to say Kourge, when you're exactly like Puck.

Molly: *raises eyebrow* How so?


Alex: *giggles* Anyway, we felt we owed you a review my friend, so here we are! Staying up late at Night, sneaking on just to review you!

Michelle: *yawns* Be thankful .

Alex: Anyway, you know the reason I'm late and Such.

Molly: Our Author has gotten the Forum Flu.

Kourge: She can't get enough of it, haha! XD Not to mention, because of her and her forum addiction-

Alex: *holds up little baby leopardchidna (Leopard Echidna Hybrid :3)* I just had my baby daughter. :3 Say hi Sarah! *kisses hybrid's cheek*

Sarah: Hi Shirween :3

Alex: Aww! X3 hahaha, and meet my little Locke, Sarah's twin.

Michelle; *holds up Locke*

Locke: *waves tiny hand*

Me: Hehehe, yeah :P Did I mention she had them at the age of 12?

Alex: *blushes* What? In medieval times, the girls got pregnant at that age..

Me: This isn't medieval times.

Alex: But I got pregnant by choice! And Brendon-kun and I get married in the future anyway! Look at Jelly!

Jelly: *flying around* Chao Chao! :D

Gaspar: *backs away from them* This has absolutely nothing to do with the story...

Michelle: So? It's entertaining! *eating popcorn*

Me: No, he's right.

Gaspar: I am? I am! :D

Michelle: Don't get full of yourself Gaspy. *throws popcorn at him*

Gaspar: *takes popcorn* *eats it* Whateva :D

Me: Hahaha, anyway, here's that Review I promised you Shireen! :D keep up the writing! X3
(P.S, I'mma review the rest tomorrow. It's so late here now.. .)
9/16/2012 c8 AwesomenessInaCan
I WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENED THAT RAINY NIGHT ALREADY! Ugh, I hate/love suspense! And Basil. But mostly love him. :D It was short, but who am I to complain? I'm just happy you updated!
9/16/2012 c8 kaykay901
9/16/2012 c8 swagness
the ring is awesome.

it would be funny if granny relda beat them up for eatin the cookies
9/16/2012 c1 swagness
your story is swag
so is Puck
like me
9/15/2012 c8 1roysarsenals
You're such a great writer! I can't wait to find out what happens next!
9/15/2012 c8 20WireWriter

First, regarding your A/N, I feel since I was very young when 9/11 happened, that I'm not as involved as some victims were. Still, I know how it hurt so many people, here in the US and overseas. No one should be hurt because they're grouped into the little box the hijackers were in. "You can't judge the many by the actions of the few." We all FanFictioners (doubt that's the correct term) stand by you and the innocent who are being shoved and labeled because of what has happened.

Second, the review! I am so interested in what happened with Sabrina and Aisha that it's just-. I can't. Then, Puck's school project thing with Aisha and his 'confrontation' with Blue Eyed Boy is so very intriguing. I just have to add the line that goes "...the breeze swept back his golden hair..." made me laugh, for some unknown reason.

So, Sabrina's trying to make Puck jealous, Daphne's 'forever alone,' and Granny's irritated by the loss of her dessert. I love that scene. A lot.
Since I do not wish to be dumped into Sullivan's bath water, I will admit Puck can be clever at times.

QoD: I can't really think of any bad school experiences I've had. Sure, I've gotten in some that made me want to cry my heart out, but nothing major. Well, actually, scratch that. One day, (it was gym so it was either a Friday or Monday) I had gotten hit in the face with a basketball in gym and also twisted my ankle. That hurt. But, it wasn't like I couldn't move on. It wasn't emotionally scarring or anything.

Anyway, amazing chapter, as always, (even if it's only nine pages). My favourite scene was the couch scene.

9/15/2012 c8 Hang.on.Line
your A/N was sad about all the people dieing ... but it true

cool chapter

QOD: the teacher gave me her pencil to borrow for the classs, then forgot and blamed me for stealing it!
9/15/2012 c8 arisha
QOD: okiiiiiiiiie i know now ... my worst school experience was in grade five when I thew a bean bag on the roof cause ,y friend told me to and i had to stay in the office for three day detention. IT WAS JUST A FREAKING BEAN BAG! Plus my friend had detention when they really did nothing...oh welll at least i had company...
9/15/2012 c8 arisha

i seriously agree with what u said. i have seen so many of these comments everywhere.
i hate it when people judge me its so annoying. i am who i what others are.

nice chapter by the way i wonder what u will do with this new guy...and ooh i love the idea u have for Aisha its awesome...sorry people cant spill...
ha poor Daphne don't worry you'll get with granny and cookies..

QOD : i dont kno...
9/14/2012 c8 jfdnvdjfgerg
To you A/N: I totally agree with you. I'm Catholic actually, but I can never say that because people judge me for that. They think that all Catholics are the same, all Jews are the same, all Islamics (sorry for mispelling) are the same, but that's not exactly true. Not just because one man with the wrong idea killed a person the people of his nation are just like him. Each of us knows what they believe, but that doesn't make us different or "bad company".

To your Chapter: Awesome as always! Keep writing :D
9/14/2012 c8 5Alapest
Psh nine pages is WAY better than me!
Haha, j'apprends le françise à!

This one time I was rehearsing for a play but I had pulled an all nighter the night before. I was so tired that I was singing random songs tunelessly. I wouldn't care about it if our principal hadn't recorded it and put it over the intercom the next day.
9/13/2012 c8 Fairytale17
Hey SweetShireen, guess what, i just turned 18 just a few days ago, and it wasn't that bad. I keeping up on my side of the deal as you can see, great chapter i can't for you to update again.
By the way, i think you're doing a very good job. ;)
9/13/2012 c8 6TheAfterShock
I think that at some point in everyone's life, you just HAVE to blame it on the cat. It's part of life. Me? I've done it about seven times.

" Why would anybody take something that they knew could kill them? "

Funny you'd mention it. I had a looooong conversation with a co-worker of mine today about that. Pot and marijauna, plants. Stupid people make them bad things. Regular cigarettes; tar, carbon monoxide, and plants. Idiots. A girl I know had her mum die of cancer, she stopped tanning, but continued to smoke. What goes through their heads?

Granny Relda: scary when she asks about her cookies. XD

Yes, I do really want to kill you, CHERRY. I also do not appreciate my name bowing mentioned in the chapter. That's like an oxymoron in itself. People love being announced the writer whatever-number review and I gripe to you about it. Hmmmm. What does this even mean?

Whoop! Plot alert, plot alert. Whoop!

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