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9/13/2012 c8 betsy
loved the chapter as always, cant wait for the next update and to what happened to aisha from all your ''hints'' :P
9/13/2012 c8 18DopplerGirl
Nice chapter. Kinda random, but still cool. And yeah, I get what you mean about not blaming all us Muslims. People can be real buttfaces about that. I'm not a very practiced Muslim (the shorts wearing, hijab allergic kind) and I've still be accused of some completely irrational stuff. Good job speaking out on that doll (and that was a line to creep YOU out. Two can play that game, Oh Sister in Islam XD).

Worst school experience? Definently in 4th grade when I kinda almost set the school on fire (which doesn't make me a terrorist, just stupid). See, we had classes in the trailers cuz there weren't enough classes inside the school, so we had to use a key whenever we had to go back to the main building and use the bathroom. One of those times, I sorta wanted to see if I could put a key in the heating and it would come out through the other side. But it got stuck. And then the janitor had to come take it out of the vent, and they told me I almost started a fire. Oops. So yeah :)
9/13/2012 c8 Stupidusername
The chapter was good...for a short chapter.

I also have to add something about that author's note before today's chapter. I agree with everything you said. We talked a little about the attack on 9/11 in school. I don't know why people are still against Muslims. Just because one Muslim was bad, doesn't mean the rest are. Just know that at least SOME people are on your me :]. I can relate to your feelings about this. Some people judge me becuase I'm Mexican. Even though there's nothing wrong with it! Sometimes my dad gets ahead of himself and doesn't think before he says something bad about Mexicans...and he forgets that it hurts.

But anyway! Great dialougue. I read a lot too O.O

Nice grammer and puncuation. Great story over all :3

"Society is a monster and we are it's prey."
9/13/2012 c8 emowriter
I wonder what's happening with Aisha. And poor Daphne. I feel her pain. 3: Megan sounds cool. And Blue-eyed guy. Pyromaniac. So... I'm actually really spacey today, I can't do anything. Stupid Thursday. But it's totally an awesome chapter.
9/13/2012 c8 PenguinLoverGurl
Oh my gosh. I totally forgot to do the QotD. GRAAAHHH! I MUST DO IT NOW!
Oh gosh. When I was six, I was in a first and second combo class, and I had the HUGEST crush on a second grader named Michael. So my not-really friend, Payton, told him I liked him at the end of the day. I had never told ANYONE except Payton, so I was FURIOUS. I got out of the line for the bus and had this huge hissy fit, then told her I hated her. That's not even the worst part. I had never told anyone for a reason. And that was because he had a girlfriend. Yes, second-grade Michael had a girlfriend. Whom he had kissed on the lips in first grade. So I was thoroughly embarrassed and from that point on, never told who my crushes were.
And that all happened when I was six.

Gosh, my life is SO crapped up...XD
9/13/2012 c8 PenguinLoverGurl

Okay. :D

Oh god...something happened when it rained. Something baaaaaaaad... Did Sabrina get drugged? Did Aisha get kidnapped? Did Sabrina get drugged and kidnapped but sober Aisha saved her and left herself as a replacement? Hmmm...suspicious. VERY suspicious...


Yes, Basil, I do believe we all like chocolate. Except my brother. But he is weird. Like, STRANGE weird, not normal weird.

It's time to get serious now.
I will think. I absolutely will think. Because I just HATE it when, just because one person does something wrong, everyone associated with that person is evil.
For example, my dad was attacked by Muslim suicide bombers who commited suicide because it was Ramadan. Does this mean I am going to hate you and speak badly of you because you share the same religion? NO! I would treat you with the same respect as I always have, if not more, because I do not blame you, or any other Muslim for what happened. I blame the people who attacked. Just as I would hope others would do if the circumstances were changed.
I am so sorry if you have been offended by fools who associated you with Al Qaeda just because you share religion.
I mean, most of the children in the world are raised believing in the religion our parents taught us to believe in, and the same with their parent, and their parents, and so on. So no one has a right to say someone is a bad because of their religion.
And if what you say is true, all those terrorists really AREN'T Muslim.
Again, I'm so terribly sorry if anyone has ever treated you with disrespect because of your faith.

Signing out,
9/12/2012 c8 puckabrina-FAXfan
What happened to Aisha? And I'll support you whole plot planned out thing!
9/12/2012 c8 26Lara D
You know you can count on me. I KNOW people who follow the Islam Book (Book of Islam?) are good. Actually, on 9/11 (this year, haha) my teacher showed us a BrainPop on 9/11 and Tim said that Islams and Muslims shouldn't be criticized because of the 9/11 attack. The people who chose to be a part of tr attack broke the rules of the Islam Book. The video was actually really interesting.

Also, I've sort of seen what you mean by people bullying you because of that. I know you've been reading MoA (I see your reviews a lot, haha) and you know that Cate from MoA is Arabic. In the later chapters, someone calls her a terrorist and she reaches her breaking point and attacks them. Joan (new praetor) gives her a consequence, but Cate's Centurion, Brady, says that the other Centurian verbally assaulted her and Cohorts 3 and 5 backed her up. That's a lot of people. So even though it may seem that many people don't care, there are just as many people that do. :)

(By the way, your serious AN almost made me tear up; your message was really powerful)

Onto Chapter:
...I cannot remember what happened; haha. I know I liked it, though!
Ahfkelqjeo, I wanna know what happened to Aisha! And what's going to happen to Puck and the blue eyed boy! And why Daphne's so down! :) I liked the line "You can't make something out of nothing." that was great.

Ergh. It's 11:33 and I must sleep because tokorrow is a very very special day for me!

9/12/2012 c8 4Archer Princess
Hallow! I told you I would review!

...Now, while I am on your side four thousand percent, I would have put a bit larger of a warning out there at the top of your A/N. And I would be careful before saying "And if you have, you don't care.", although I agree that too many people don't care.

You don't know me personally. If you saw me in the streets, we would not know each other. But I've got your back, as do thousands of people. It helps to know that ;D

Ahhh! I love the description of the stick figure drawing! AWESOMENESS!

Blech. Drugs. Alcohol. Blech.

You don't see many guys wringing their hands these days... no sir...

Haha, you know I can relate with Puck about the shoes... although I personally think it is worse when you have JUST settled into bed and are all comfortable and cozy... and then the Bladder strikes.


Aw, poor Daphne...

"Pathetic, alone, and Puck did not go together in the same sentence." Okay, yeah, I lost it.

Ah yes... *gets super dramatic* The Soap Opera of Sabrina and Puck: Love Disguised as Hate.

BWAHAHAHAHA! "You can't make something out of nothing." Dude, that was hilarious...!

Phbt... You ended the chapter.

QotD: ...I'm homeschooled, and I usually don't have issues with stuff. However, last year I took Chemistry from a guy who HATED Chem and didn't mind telling us every few minutes that he was only doing this for us, and that he hated the subject and totally understood that we wanted to finish as fast as possible. Little did he know that the whole reason I wanted out was because of his teaching and NOT because I hated Chem. I actually had a bunch of fun with the subject... away from Mr. I-Hate-Chem!

*sigh* You managed to write this, I ought to finish MY next chapter...

-Archer Princess-
9/12/2012 c8 theaftershockNLI
K, did you base Megan off of me? Cause...sad to say, that was spot on.
My worst was when I was five. It was nap time, so obviously, I went to sleep. The teacher decided to take a Break at this point. So when i woke up no one was there. My teacher left a NOTE. I'm five, how the heck can I read a phrase like 'stay in classroom -mrs. R.' ? So i go searching for her and find out that she's two floors down from our class. I also find out what the note says. I also get a setenton for leaving the classroom without that even fair?
9/2/2012 c7 jfdnvdjfgerg
Here I am
Once again (LOL my sister is currently watching Victorious *keep the volume down sis!*)

It's nice to see Puck has got a good, kind side as well as an awesome-sauce pucktastick one :D
8/31/2012 c7 18DopplerGirl
Eid Mubarak. I went to mosque and wore a hijab and everything :). I also prayed. And I ate lunch, cuz I didn't have to fast anymore. That was awesome. Also, adorable chapter, Puckers constant denial is just... Well adorable, cuz I can't think of a better adjective at the moment.
8/27/2012 c7 Fairytale17
I love love love this story, i kind of wish Sullivan was in it more, whatever happened to him? I really liked that monkey *gasps* uh i mean chimp, don't have him throw socks at me! I also love Puck in this story, there is so much i can relate to it this, it's awesome. Ok here's the deal, I'll keep reviewing if you keep updating, so if you keep updating i'll keep reviewing and we'll both be happy, and i like making people happy!
8/26/2012 c7 Kiss Me Slow
Eid Mubarak! Fasting was the worst this year
8/25/2012 c2 Fairytale17
Omg, i know exactly how Puck is feeling, i'm turning 18 pretty soon and there are times where i feel like my childhood life is going down the drain! *sobs* Wow that was a little dramatic.
great story by the way, keep on writing!
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