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8/24/2012 c7 8Beautiful Redemption
This is so boring and terrible. I don't even wanna read it now...

Lol. If you fell for that, you're pretty delusional.

You're FREAKING amazing.

Some people can make a chappie like this DRAG on.

But you, my friend, make it entertaining in worthwhile.

Honestly this was SORTA filler.

Buuut, dang, you made it awesome.

I love your display of Puck. I always felt as though MB didn't put enough Puck. I would always scan the page for his name.

I know, obsessed.

But Sabrina has the flu, and Puck cares! HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD

Puck's memory was so.. cute. So real. I loved it.

Jake's broke my heart.

Keep up the good work. You're amazing.

Good luck with high school. XD I don't start till another year.

8/24/2012 c7 Cat
AHHHH! I still can't believe you're back. It's too good to be true— literally. You'll be going back to school and going back to ignoring. Not that I care. *crosses arms defiantly*

" "Ooh, the shivers you give me." " I love the sincerity of it. XD

Interesting. I liked it a lot. Will there be a further point to this chapter? Will the events be brought back for a further plot? Remember what we talked about? Hmmm?

I love Briar. I'm glad that you were able to bring her back and capture the memory.

I DON'T CARE ABOUT BOOK 9, EITHER! It stunk. Like my mom's compost pile after a cooking class.

8/24/2012 c7 emowriter
Wait, I DID read this! I just didn't click the post review button! I had my review all written out and then POOF it's not sent. 3:

So...those memories were so heartbreaking. I love Puck's memory and how it shows that his childhood wasn't great and it touches on the stuff from book 4. And it was great with the Mustardseed/Puck bonding. And the promise that 5 year old Puck made. And Jake's memory was so sad, but it was bittersweet because he decided to plant the seeds. The connection that Puck made between them with the:

"Over the years Puck had noticed something, they both masked their grief with laughter and smiles. They both pretended that the past didn't hurt them. It was like shouting to the world: 'You see? You can try to ruin my life, you can try to destroy me, you can do anything, but it won't make a difference!'"

It was so sweet and true. Puck is so...sweetsauce in this chapter.

The part where Puck is thinking that everything is from Harry Potter is so cute. I've never actually watched/read Harry Potter. Or PJO, but that's unrelated.

The ending was so flufferific and it made me want to smuffle Puck and then squiffle all around. (Check out Lara D's Daphne-ish Dictionary in the Forums)

The promise made me want to cry. And the way he helped Sabrina, I was like ":3 *quivering bottom lip* Aw. *sniff sniff*"

And you're right. I liked Book 9, with all the massive Puckabrina, since I'm a hopeless romantic, but the "I tried to murder you. But you said sorry and told me that you loved me, so I'll give up the dream I've worked on for ten years just to die, if you'll hug me and love me." Was so stupid. It is a kids novel series, but still, there have been wars and deaths. She should have just chopped his head off like in the "War And Beyond" trilogy by one of the writers here. That was a pretty good trilogy. And the fact that none of the Grimms died was...horrible. Like, Canis or Granny should have AT LEAST died in the story, not just mentioned in passing. Other than that, it was okay. Still planning an epic songfic for the series, so meh.

I told you I reviewed. Sort of. I forgot to submit it, but I reviewed. SO THERE! AND IT WAS AN EPIC REVIEW!
8/24/2012 c7 AliceGrim76
aww that's so sad i almost cried. :''

plzzzz update!
8/24/2012 c6 AliceGrim76
puck...writing poems awsome!
8/24/2012 c5 AliceGrim76
yay! puck got a job
8/24/2012 c4 AliceGrim76
aww cute really cute .
8/24/2012 c3 AliceGrim76
haha puck fail big time!
8/24/2012 c2 AliceGrim76
puck and sabrina a really cute here i love how u make puck actually have doubts about himself.
8/24/2012 c1 AliceGrim76
these are the cutest puckabrina moments ever

its amazing how u write so plzzz update!
8/24/2012 c1 Hang.on.Line
yay! someone else who hate book nine!
wow i really like how u right this everyone is really in character and i love the way u describe pucks emotions. its really good. please update soon!
8/24/2012 c7 16archerway-a
I'm supposed to be doing homework. But it's school, and as you don't know, I'm allergic. XD

Tylenol! Find this weird, but my sister said she's gonna name her first kid Tylenol, and his/her nickname will be Ty. I'm waiting to see if she fulfills that promise.

100000000000 points to whatever house Shireen is in! For saying a Harry Potter reference!

I love Puck's memory! But Jake's was just so... Wow. It was great, it felt sad, but I love it.

A lot of people seem to be saying Book 9 sucks, and I still haven't read it. But I will! In a month...
8/23/2012 c7 3Krys and Mel
Dude. I think you read my mind. I'll explain in a PM later...when it's not midnight and I don't have Greek homework and I'm not exhausted.
8/23/2012 c7 AwesomenessInaCan
Oh. My. Golly. That chapter was I think that it's my most favorite to date! :D I "aww"ed each time that Puck succumbed to Sabrina, and I think it's fantastic how you're keeping him in character but at the same time making his feelings more open. I need more.


8/22/2012 c7 Guest
Thank you SO much!
Book 9 did stink!
The ending had no substance of an epic manner whatsoever.
All the romance made everybody except Jake look like a lovesick IDIOT!
Contrary to popular belief, the main character does not need to have a boyfriend by the end of a book.
There just aren't enough of those epic fantasy novels.
Even Twilight, which includes a vampire and a werewolf, is just a book about ignorant teenagers.
I wish there was a book as good as the Avatar: The Last Airbender cartoon.
Why did that series have to end?
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