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8/22/2012 c7 6TheAfterShock
You bossy little girl. I can't believe you would leave Puck and go have icecream without inviting me. How rude.
Great job. Last night, at midnight, I read the first part of this chapter, then peoples needed the computer. So I read the other part this morning, HOLY CRAP IT'S ONLY NINE?! I thought it would be at least 11. This is going to be a loooooonnnggg day. :(
Anyway, Yes, so, I don't have any comments on grammatical issues, (though I do remember there being the presence of some.) on the first part of the chapter, but the second half was well done. :) (Pucks memory onward) I'm so glad to have you writing again. :) It feels like it's been forever. Even though I have no clue as to how long it's actually been. :P
I liked the concept of this chapter cause it was like hurt/comfort, agnst. I like angsty things. :) Yes, I'm weird. No need to make fun of me. I get enough of that in the theater world.
Oh my gosh, I can't stay on topic today. I seriously think I have like, A.D.D. or something. It's even hard just trying to get to sleep. 'Cause it's like," One sheep, two sheep, cow, turtle, Old Macdonald had a farm...HEEEEY, Macoreena! "
Yes, as you can see, I put a LOT of thought into that.
ANYWAY: Great chapter, don't leave for so long next time. please?
8/21/2012 c7 anonymous
i love your stories cant wait for the next chapter but please no spoilers im not done with the series as crazy as it sounds its true so please not too many spoilers thank you :)
8/21/2012 c7 2Pale-Face
Finally somone else who didnt like book nine! So shes not an everafter at all? I love how in character everyone is, its sad thats s complement but it is. pucks mature but hes still puck. update soooon! :)
8/21/2012 c7 20WireWriter
asdfghjkl. I just love Uncle Jake in this one. Y'know, his "understanding" of what's happening between Puck and Sabrina (PUCKABRINA!), his grief, guilt, sarcasm, everything.
And I always loved Mustardseed do yay! he's in this chapter!
I kind of feel like this is a filler chapter (but I love it, like all the others!) more than anything else but it's pretty much perfect!
One more asdfghjkl for this ending. AWS. the chapter (you already know) and kudos for graduating 8th grade (if that's when middle school ends for you; some school systems are screw-y). Have fun in school! (Lucky that you get two extra weeks, we started Monday ): )
8/21/2012 c7 PenguinLoverGurl
To be honest, I really think you did well with the memory of Jake and Briar and handling Jake's emotions.

Hehe...Puck loves Sabrina! But we knew that already. Still. :)

Later Patater!
8/21/2012 c7 arisha
this chapter is awesome!

it was funny sweet and...sad:(...

the part of the memory made me almost cry *sobs* poor puck

ooooo puck and Sabrina so cute! awwwww

ya i totally agree the last book sucked! no offence MB.

AND HEY I GUESSED FROM BONE TOO! but wait i am ur sister so watever.

hehe bye

8/13/2012 c6 XxFallenAnglesXx
Pucktastic i luved it
7/22/2012 c6 Circe
Keep on writing!
7/21/2012 c6 Guest
well, yuor idea of a guuy friend for puck is nice and i like your idea of one shots and plot mix becasue for me they ar ethe most entertaining cause your never know where in the plot u will get to glimpse. nice and please try to write even if ti is ramaden but if you can't , write five chapters or more after ramaden to compinsate. thanks , nice job and bye. p.s kjombg is a nice name too.
7/20/2012 c6 18Galimatias
Bone! It's from bone! BEST. LOVE. POEM. EVER.
7/17/2012 c6 Somegirl
You are a lot like me. But we're random strangers. Anyways, I'm a muslim and I'm learning Arabic, so I was really happy to see someone actually bringing up Arabic! Plus I love the name Aisha. This a superb fanfic! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CONTINUE!
P.S. Ramadan Mubarak! And Eid Kareem!
(If, indeed, you are Muslim, which is Highly likely. I hope.)
7/16/2012 c6 Guest
Uh, hello? Next Chapter?
7/15/2012 c6 Guest
I am not sure if you shouted out to me, I read a lot. I keep on trying to find one as good as yours! Keep on writing!
7/14/2012 c6 BigB
Hello Stranger! It's meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Me is very happy to inform you that she has been very impressed with your story so far. Very impressed indeed. She says that on the behalf of all the "me"s that are out there. Nevermind, enough with the third person talk! I'm here to review (duh!), not to creep you out (haha, me is underestimating my creepiness). Well, I'll try not to scare you away.
As for that quote, it sounds really familiar (and hilarious). I think I saw it in a comic book by Jeff Smith; "Bones", but I can't really remember. I'm too lazy (as always, obviously) to check it out, so I'll go with that answer!
By the way, I really like the poems you wrote down. No matter what you say, they're truly awesome (in a funny way, but the longest one was really good). I write poetry myself, but some people say that my poetry is sometimes too "passionate" and "abstract" to understand. I really think that they don't understand the "big words" I use. They're all dummies, including my little brother, and I feel like kicking them in the shins. No, wait, that's me being affectionate. I actually feel like shoving them out a window. hee hee. 8D Yay poetry and how it inspires me to be evil! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAAAA!
But never mind, I really like how you keep your characters in character; for example, there isn't a lot of fluff between Puck ans Sabrina, which I really appreciate, since I find that too much fluff in stories makes it absolutely impossible for me to carry on with my reading. Every time I start a story like that, I'm immediately overcome with shudders of disgust and terror. And I rapidly move on to another fanfic. Don't get me wrong though, I still adore puckabrina but not when it's instant. So slow down, take a deep breath and don't get carried away by your fan girl motives.
Your writing is vibrant and you even bring a smile to my face. Good job. And no matter what you say or deny, I can tell that you're a One Directioner. It's totally obvious. Now I know what you're gonna say: BLAH BLAH BLAH, IT'S NOT TRUE, BLAH BLAH (INSERT SWEAR WORD OF YOUR CHOICE), YOU PSYCHOTIC CHOCOHOLIC! Well, I would tell you to shut up and deal with the fact that you're obsessed with that band. And even offer you a free (of course it's not free! You owe me nine chocolate bars!) therapy session to help you deal with that fact and through your denial stage. You're welcome.
All in all to say that I would like you to continue writing this story, 'cause it's actually going somewhere. And me likey. She does a lot. Usually, this would be the part when I would give you some constructive criticism to improve your story, but since I've got nothing (for now. I might remember something another time), I would like to wish you a nice Ramadan Mubarak. So here goes: RAMADAN MUBARAK!##$$# !\! And no, I wasn't swearing, just going crazy as usual. And this is totally worth updating! Totally savvy! Update or I push you out a window! I'm serious! 8D
And I'm sorry to hear that your aunt was diagnosed with cancer. A lot of people in my family died of it, but I think it was because I wasn't born when they did (except for my aunt, but I never met her). I would have made them laugh into good health once more. What you need to do is not be stressed and unhappy. You have to act as if the cancer was never there. Be happy around your aunt. Make her laugh. She probably needs that. The best cure comes in the mind and soul. When they are cured, the body will be too. If you treat her like she doesn't have cancer and if she acts like she doesn't have it and that she believes she's completely healthy, the problems will fade. For that, you have to completely believe that her healing is possible. And another answer to healing cancer: a lot of raw vegetables; like salads that are made at home, not store- bought. Cabbage is excellent against cancer. Green tea, that you decaffeine yourself is good too. Anything with antioxidents. It'd be great if your aunt juiced vegetables and drank them. And most of all: WHEAT-GRASS JUICE! It is a miracle drink. It's full of life and can heal ANYTHING. My mom used to be so exhausted; all she could do was sleep after she came from work. Her hair was thinning and when she went for a blood test, the blood wouldn't come out of her finer when they punctured it. They tried several times, but it wouldn't work. It turned out that she had an overload of mercury, a very toxic metal, in her blood. My mom tried everything, but she couldn't find anything to help her. Finally, she found wheat-grass. She drank it and found all her energy back (not instantly, after a few weeks). She even has more hair now! She used to only be able to run 10 minutes on the treadmill, but now she can run 35 minutes! I swear with all my heart that this is a true story. Wheat-grass is disgusting and you might feel like a cow ('cause that's what cows eat!), but it really works! Remember, you can't eat it, you can only juice it and drink. You also need a special machine for that, otherwise your usual juicer will cease to function. And try this book for more information: "Hippocrate's Life Force" by Doctor Brian B. Clement. You don't have to listen to me, but you can always try it. But it also involves a whole lifestyle change. Tell me if you want to know more! If you don't, at least try the positive thing! There's a movie and a book about it called "The Secret". I wish your aunt all the best of health!


Hugs and boogers,


P.S. I'M CANADIAN! AND FREAKISHLY TALL! (5 feet, 11 inches, and I'm 13 years old.)
7/13/2012 c6 2Gifted Shadows
I'll review Puck! *Strikes heroic pose*

Wow, when I first saw the title, when you first started it, I was like'Ugh. ANOTHER story about war?' 'Cause Cold Feet is a war term. So I didn't read it. But, today I got bored and clicked on it.

And I'm happy to say that I was pleasantly surprised.

I love how you make Puck like an actual person, someone that isn't just The Trickster King. And that he likes Sabrina, but he isn't a perv, denying it, or all 'Oh, Sabrina, I love you and I want to marry you. Let us elope so we may be together forever!'. Thank god it wasn't the latter. He was just... Excepting it.

Sabrina is... Perfectly in character. Like, when she found the poems? She didn't swoon, cry in happiness, proclaim her love, or kiss Puck. Or, God forbid, all of the above.:D

And, Henry, was the most surprising. He wasn't all threatany or anything,(as so many writers portray him) he was just the suspicious parent. Perfect.

Basil was the best. He was so funny and determined. Kind of like Daphne. But... Not.*that was a compliment!:D*

So, all in all, I loved this chapter.

Want to hear a shortened version of this review?


(Sorry for the length! This story is just phenomonal. And I had to review for like, 6 chapters.):D
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