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for The Knife Thrower's Daughter

2/4 c18 MC257
Beautiful and well written story.
2/2 c18 kay
I’ve read this story probably about six or seven times, but for some reason this time, I finally understood the ending. I’m so grateful beyond words for this incredible journey you took us on. Brittany and Santana’s love will never die, and this is a wonderful tribute to them.
1/27 c1 hunttheheartofblack
This is my third time reading this story. I first read it years ago, how many, I don't remember. It awes me that you could write a story so long and full, every passage and word having a rightful placethere's no filler. You craft this thing ofI don't even know what to call it (art, fantasyescape, maybewithout recompense. If this were a book, page trim 6" x 9", 12pt type, it'd be just over 1100 pages long. Yet, it feels impossibly quick, like seeing a whole lifetime but in a flash (I guess at the end, it does kind of feel like death. The quiet, peaceful kind).

Everytime, it catches me off guard to know that most of the events of the story take place in just a month or so of time. It's discombobulating because it feels like I'm reading the life of people who've known each other for years.

I fall in love with the people you write, and I see parallels between the way Brittany speaks and how you wittle down the complexities of life into their simplest formsjust so. I ramble mostly because I don't even know how to convey what I feel about your labor of love and passion, but I guess thanks is a start, huh? So,

12/22/2020 c18 holysnixx
this story is epic! one of the most beautifully written stories i've ever read in my life! thank you so much for writing this jj!
10/20/2020 c18 kamveum
The ending is not what I was expecting and probably is a little disappointing but in a way it’s so good. It really shows how things were back then, brining Quinn back and hinting the ending of brittana. It’s honestly a masterpiece, I can’t argue with that. Now the whole story was so wholesome and I usually don’t like those types of this was written so well I was yearning for more. This is the longest story I’ve read and I finished it faster than another story that also had 400k words but this was different cause I needed to finish this one. You have a gift, I love your writing and I’ve definitely learned some new vocabulary on the way. Love the story!
10/7/2020 c18 els
No, but where's the happily ever after epilogue. I mean it's here but i needed more details. CRIES
9/13/2020 c18 Readerchik
I reread your fic recently and got all the good Britanta feels. Your story is so well written! Thank you for sharing your beautiful work.
9/10/2020 c18 2jumbledjuliet
I finished this story around 5 in the morning yesterday night. I was in no state to leave a review trying to explain how I felt about this story seeing as though I couldn't stop sobbing and rocking in a self-soothing manner. I still am not sure if I am in the right state to write a review that can honest to god communicate how much this story has meant to me the last few weeks- and will continue to mean so much. It was written in 2012, but I feel like it found me. It's magical, and I just want to send my utmost esteem and awe to the writer(and beta) and all the contributors. I feel like being able to experience this story was the best gift anyone could have given me. The detail, the accuracy, the expression of love love love. The fact that Santana and Brittany's love was the heart of the story, but that their love was nothing but absolutely everything. I've never read a story that taught the reader so much about love, something that is absurdly hard to do because it's inexplainable and more complex than rocket science. It addressed so many things that hit home, and that are the purest form of human existence. The fact that race was not ignored at all, but was in fact very present during social interactions and dynamics, except to point out when it wasn't... I don't think I could've dreamed a more perfectly written 1800s circus story that does not miss a THING. Sam and Ma's love. Absolutely loved it. I loved how it was written where we learn so much about other people's lives through Santana's eyes, but all while we experience this epic love between these two girls. The fact that the writer explored the loneliness Santana felt before, and just how Brittany was written...I can't even express it. I am rambling, and not in a very intelligent way, but I can't help it because I'd need to write a 17 page essay on this story, and even then I don't think I would be able to explain the feelings this story gave me. The ending absolutely recks me, something I was not prepared for at all, but I wouldn't want it different. This story feels sacred to me, and I wouldn't want anything or anyone messing with it. After this sorry attempt at sharing my feelings, I just want to thank the makers of this 4,444 times over. a million times over. Thank you for sharing it, thank you for keeping it up on this website. My heart is filled with gratitude and it sings with the love coming off the damn pages(screen) of this story. To tuck that love away in a special little section of my person, again, is the best gift that I can possibly be given.
9/4/2020 c18 gleeek-2006
holy shiitake mushrooms- I swear, I can literally feel the love radiate off my phone. Thank you for the amazing story. This fanfiction is probably one of the longest Brittana fanfiction I've read, so it kept me occupied for a good 8-9 hours. Best 8-9 hours ever. You could totally pursue a career in writing if you haven't already. 1003020929392839/10
8/29/2020 c18 20wedontslave
This story is gorgeous.
This story is stellar.
This story is absolutely out of this world.
Yes it's the longest I've read. But it is by far the best I've read also.
Absolutely amazing.
Oh my god. You're writing is insane.

Personally, I think Brittana survived. Britt posed as a man and they lived happily ever after. Also QF is Quinn because she wanted to be a journalist, right?
I refuse to believe that Brittana died. No.

7/13/2020 c18 charlie
The loss is indescribable, but this story will always help.
4/25/2020 c18 Foppaot
Hi! I just want to say I’ve been reading this fic for the past three days and it’s so incredible. I’ve been so moved throughout, when they all sang together I almost cried. My heart pounded with the action of the riots. The second I opened chapter 18 I simply started sobbing and still am now. Thank you, so much, for spending your time writing this. This is the first time that a piece of writing, fanfiction and professional novels alike, has brought me to such raw emotion and that has led to sobbing tears. I’m so glad i read this and I never wanted it to end. Thank you, thank you so much. You are incredible.

Okay, I need to stop crying now.

You have a gift though. A true, honest to god gift. My whole life I’ve wanted to be an author myself, and if my work is even slightly as good as yours, I can say I made it.

You rock my friend.
12/18/2019 c1 CRUMM-E
It’s that time of year again, where I reread this story
7/27/2019 c18 ronye180
ik I'm terribly late but omg I'm speechless there's absolutely no enough words to describe this story nor how breathtaking it was it connect so deeply with that at certain point you're no longer just a reader but experiencing everything with the characters chapter 17 obv had me sobbing but couldn't look away just wished u told us what happened during those years but as long as they turned out to be alive & happy no complains thank u for writing this masterpiece
7/22/2019 c18 Guest
I've read this fic too many times to count since the beginning of times and I recently just remembered it and had the urge to reread it. I did and it seems even more amazing now that time has passed. I feel everything Santana is feeling and it amazes me so I just want to tell you that you are incredibly talented even tho you probably already know it and I want to thank you for sharing your gift for free
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