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8/15/2020 c10 GatorLHA2
Delightful story, especially the shovels full of schadenfreude. A sequel would have be nice but not essential. However watching Dumbles swallow his own beard would have been entertaining.
3/31/2019 c1 582Raven
Interesting story, I like what you did with connecting his magic to the wards. It's a little rushed and, of course, incomplete but had his ideas
5/28/2018 c10 1Calmzone1
Can’t wait to read the next part
5/10/2018 c10 Savanna
Make a sequel soon please!
2/19/2017 c10 Rina Eve
hello there! this story is very good and very confusing(is this the right spelling, i have dyslecsia, sorry for future mis-spellings) just like some of your readers on this story, there is no history of how this story happened. pls. if you plan on a sequel make a prequel as well so this story can be understood by your readers.
9/14/2016 c10 Guest
please update
8/6/2016 c10 TheKode2ne1

While reading your story “With a Little Help”, I was both interested and confused about the plot. When I looked at the reviews I saw that I was not the only reader puzzled about the story. Out of the Ch. 10 reviews, I have to agree Abbey Whitlock, Mayan Goddess, and Resident Evil Lionhart. The points I agreed with included:
A ) The story appeared to be perfectly laid out. However, looking back I realize now that the story seemed to be like a part two in a trilogy. For example:
1 You gave no clear back story on two major plot areas: how harry and Snap became friends; and how Harry came to realize the deceptions and manipulation of his friends (e.g. his magic tied to wards). Both are major points in the story development and readers deserved your reasoning for including them.
B ) While I agree that this story does not appear to be a full (i.e. complete story), I do believe that a sequel (and prequel) could be added since I have seen other writers do one story in “multiple parts with different titles” in trilogy format. However, I have to agree with REL that “you haven't resolved the current conflicts”. You left off without:
1. Reading Sirius’ will (also where is Remus?);
2. How people took Voldemort’s confession to murdering the Potters;
3. How was Harry going to ‘deal’ with Dumbledore; and
4. Where is Fudge; etc..
Lastly, there is one thing that clashed in the story. The Minister, and I assume Voldemort due to you implying they wanted the same thing, wanted the Wizengamot to decree that Voldemort had returned. However, Voldemort gave a public statement in Diagon negating this needed decree. Also since Sirius died at the Ministry and you did not state that this was an AU starting in the 5th year would the Ministry not already know of Voldemort’s return as it ended in OoP? This could explain where Fudge went, possibly impeached due to denying the truth of Voldemort’s return. However, this is a plot hole that needs to be explained.
Overall the story was good and well written. Regardless of the above mention points I want to stress that I enjoyed the story and that my main thought is that it has potential, but I do not know if you are still writing. I assume you still visit the site due to adding a favorite story to your list that was published in 2015, but many things can change in eight months.


P.s. Do not take insult to me not faving your story. I liked it, but it is not, to me, complete. That is why I will follow your story. I hope to see more. ;-)

P.s.s. Looking over your two other HP multi-chapter stories the issue of B (above) seems to be a common trait among your stories. Both “All and Everything” and “On my Own” do not appear to be completed stories, but a part 2 in a Trilogy like “With a Little Help”. I would suggest looking over each story to see if addition could be made.
3/21/2016 c10 3Heksy
I really hope there will be or is a sequel. *runs off to find out*
1/14/2016 c10 Kira
will you ever finish this fanfic? I was originally a follower of this story, it was going good, but the last update was almost four years ago, I would really like to see how you bring this story to a close.
7/29/2015 c10 2angelstar2495
Is the sequel up of this story i would like to read it
4/4/2015 c10 Abbey Riddle
this seemed the preface for an awesome story...like if you could have just wrote 20 more chapters it would have been epic! you have everything perfectly laid out...don't redo it...just keep going.
12/4/2014 c10 Mayan.Goddess
The story was quite good, but I felt that the ending was quite hurried and abrupt. Also, the story doesn't say much about how Harry saw through the headmaster's machinations.
A sequel would be welcomed.
Thanks for writing!
9/17/2014 c10 AuqaLilly2.0
Grrr I liked the story but it could have have been longer I would have loved to see how dumbledork 're-acted with all of this. But o-well- Megz :)
8/22/2014 c9 Mashkai30
Did you ever write a sequel for this?
8/22/2014 c10 Mashkai30
Wonderful story! Thanks for sharing!
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