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for 101 Ways to Make Hinata Hyuuga Faint

7/27 c42 egemsuperstar
Ah, the eternal conundrum of preparing children to be adults but never taking them seriously. I'm excited about this mission and I can't wait to see Danzo get his. (I really hate that guy)
7/27 c41 egemsuperstar
That was intense. In more ways than one but I liked it. The structure was immensely entertaining. Like a comedy/angst/comedy sandwich. The jokes were genius too. Kudos to you. I also really like the group dynamic and giving Mizuki more nuance than simply being the villain of the week.
7/26 c42 Guest
7/24 c42 suryamgangwal63
How often do u update. And any news on the next update?
7/17 c33 Guest
You know the "hiding like a mole jutsu"? Hinata could use that thing from dozens of metres underground. The Byakugan has to be among the most OP abilities for a ninja, mix it with shadow clones and kawarimi, she could assassinate someone by hiding underground to spy, send one shadow clone to use kawarimi with some random thing in the room and kill the target and disperse, then either remain hidden for a while to keep an eye on pursuers or run away immediately. Her range makes basically impossible for anyone to catch her.
7/17 c33 Guest
Hinata could very easily trivialize spying on anyone by simply LOOKING THROUGH THE WALLS FROM HUNDREDS OF METERS AWAY and she's had the Byakugan since she was at most four years old. The average Byakugan user has about 50 m, btw, so Neji's 800 meters is exceptional, but Hinata's 19 000 m is batshit insane good.
7/17 c33 Guest
Did you know Hinata is the greatest hyuuga user of the Byakugan ever? In canon, at the fourth ninja war Neji had a range of 800 metres, Hinata at the first part (before Shippuden) had a range of 1000 m, at fourth ninja war had like 19 000 m of range, literally the greatest Hyuuga Byakugan user ever.
7/3 c8 Rodvek97
simple but sweet story. i approve it, Good Job :D
7/3 c42 yochan123
This is great I hope you continue :)
6/28 c42 BlackhawkRookie
Fuck I just read this whole thing and I could not stop laughing. Thanks for the magnificent story.
6/17 c42 2RTWilliams
love it. all of it. never stop.
6/7 c42 Guest
Loved it!
6/7 c41 Guest
That cucumber joke was legendary. Also smart Kiba is a nice change of pace.
6/7 c42 1sayantan2201
New update!
Thank you so much ...
6/7 c42 crimsonpath
My son and I have read everyone one of these since you started posting this story.
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