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for 101 Ways to Make Hinata Hyuuga Faint

2/17 c45 15Leaf Ranger
...well that certainly wasn't expected. XDDDD
Great work, keep it up!
2/16 c45 DW.Aven
I was expecting naruhina but ok I guess that’s why the dog isn’t in the story lol
2/16 c45 2musme
I love it
2/16 c45 16zigmas
I thought the challenge was about OPENING those jars with his PAWS, mwahahaha!
2/15 c45 Cevandri
2/15 c17 KingYamYam
2/15 c4 KingYamYam
Great story, it's really funny and I'm surprised by the number of reviews, great job
2/15 c45 ditah
I lost count of how many times I have reread this fic
Truly you're a gem in this site
2/14 c45 TSFreedom
Amusing .
2/14 c45 Floating Ash
I love reading this fic over and over! It gives me so many laughs! XDXDXD XDXDXD
2/14 c45 18BornOnTheBreakOfDawn
Haha! Kyuubi-sensei! XD
Nice to see Akamaru in the story again. Hehe
2/14 c45 evkat69
Love it!
2/14 c45 noloyolo
Awesome chapter! I wonder if the Kyuubi will be a good teacher :)
2/14 c45 11nightwind83
lol thats grea
2/14 c45 Hendrie9870
Yes kyuubi sensei this is so silly but so funny as what
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