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11/19/2017 c9 ludelcc
11/19/2017 c1 1Dximus
Fue hermoso! Gracias por haberla escrito :)
3/16/2017 c14 Guest
The story can be found on Archive of Our Own: /works/833667
Aetheriata has deleted all her stories and profile from FFnet.
3/15/2017 c15 LycantheGR33N
U made me hold my breath for 3 chapters. And then on top of that I'm searching for the other story so I have every tidbit of these awesome boys. I loved the realization it made my head swim the same as if I just found out who I was speaking to on the other side of the screen. Cant wait to see how he handles himself in responding to the story.
3/20/2016 c14 Guest
Wtf? I am so frustrated right now I could scream. I tried looking through all 200 of you favorites-no unmasked. No aetheriata either. I even made a tumblr account. Wow, is that ever confusing. What is lj? Seriously, had I known there was a companion that was unavailable, I wouldn't have invested myself. Grrrr!
3/7/2016 c36 6Biancachu
I loved the story! I liked the characterizations. This was a great ride. I liked the progression and the pacing of the story, too,
3/1/2016 c14 Biancachu
Umm, I tried to find Unmasked, but I wasn't able to. Could it be a fic from TheFirstMrsHummel instead? Because that writer has a fic with the title " Unmasked"

I'm liking this fic.
9/11/2015 c15 Inkheart
If you didn't think you needed to read the JohnLock chapter you're wrong. Sorry. You can read ahead, but prepare to be confused.

I would love to but it doesn't exist...thankfully I read this ages ago so get the idea of what is missing
8/16/2015 c14 1Mistress M-n-M
The "Unmasked" story is missing. Has it been taken down? What should we do if we can't read it?
7/19/2015 c14 Dietrich76
Nooo...Unmasked is nowhere to be found. :'( This was my fav. Kurtofsky fic.
5/15/2015 c36 Anomaly
Okay, so I just reviewed. I started out with saying this was amazing, then went off on a tangent about a Hevans fic where they went as Merthur for Halloween. Then I accidentally posted the review. Sorry about that. Anyway, I really like this story. I love the way you portrayed the characters and the basis was very interesting. All in all, this was a funny, cute, we'll written fic and you are awesome. Yay! :)
5/15/2015 c36 Anomaly
This was amazing. I've never seen Sherlock, but even I know that the entire planet ships Johnlock. I really like your story. Why do I keep reading fics where OTPs get together because of completely unrelated fandoms? There was that Hevans fic where they were dressed as Merthur for Halloween without planning it... hm. Whatever
4/17/2015 c36 Ami-157
I believe I've reviewed this before but I just read it again and had to tell you how much I love it. I love how they're both more bold online and then shy when they are together. The interludes with Burt and Paul are perfect and I can totally see that happening in canon. I was pleasently surprised by the unexpected support David found amongst his peers and sad for Dave when the same support wasn't there from his mum. I have quite a few of your fics on my Kindle and read them regularly. I do hope that you're still writing but if you're not thank you for sharing your amazing writing.
4/15/2015 c36 lafauxpas
Amazing story and thank you for writing.

Also, as a reader and not a writer, it was really nice to read how the fanfiction site works for ya'll and how I should really review and give all the squeeing happy feels back to the writer.

So , seriously, thank you for this. Thank you for writing. Thank you for sharing. And thank you for doing it amazingly.
3/29/2015 c36 Dietrich76
I'm ship Puckurt, but this is so well written and I just started Sherlock, that it is my favorite Kurtofsky story!
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