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5/3/2019 c1 Springpanther
Hello! I know it's been awhile and all, but I will really love to know what is going to Happen to Ax and the rest of the Animorph team. So please when you can continue this amazing story. Thank you
11/26/2018 c26 2TJ MARC 19
Hello my name tjmarc and I knew it’s been a while and I have to say I love the story I’m actually anxious to when the time comes to the big reveal and the sickness if you need help on the story I have the books paper back and hard cover and I know a website that has the hard copy’s of all the books online just pm if you want
6/17/2018 c26 Springpanther
Congratulations on another brilliant chapter!
Poor Ax hopefully they can do it before it goes critical. Elfangor is closer than you think Aximili.
Even though I was hoping for some type of reveal for Tobias and Alan/Elfangor, but cool that you are pulling them all in its own story. I hope you have a general idea of it for the main story as I'm sure others would refer to it.

Would be cool if Elfangor figured out about Aximili and ends up saving his brother's life. After all Tobias got sick with the original book don't see that changing, hopefully, and his parents make him go to bed and all.

Please update with next chapter soon.
4/6/2018 c26 3cryptologicalMystic
This one's glitched.
4/6/2018 c26 Alloran9466
You may want to reupload your chapter you just sent in because all we see is fonts error stuff.
1/10/2018 c25 Guest
You could also have there be security cameras in Elfangor house and he sees some of the animorphs there morph when they are looking for Tobias
1/10/2018 c25 Guest
If u need an idea you could have Tobias allergic to a morph and Elfangor sees him or have Arbron and elfangor talking in andilite form and Tobias walks in or the terms attack their house and and elfangor and Tobias protect their family or Elfangor is listening to the transmission ax sent or sees the security films and sees them or they are on a mission and Elfangor rescues them when it went bad u can use any of these if you like but please update I like this story
1/9/2018 c2 Guest
I really like this story please update
10/15/2017 c25 Springpanther
Hi. Been awhile but i would really love to see what will happen especially once it's revealed Elfangor is alive and Tobias' father. What will Alloran, Aximili, and Tobias do when they find out? Heck! What about Alan/Elfangor and Loran on seeing their son and friends are already aware and fighting the Controllers? Can't wait so please continue and update!
2/1/2017 c25 Guest
I wish that you continue
1/15/2017 c25 Guest
When is this next piece coming?
4/18/2016 c25 Springpanther
I can't wait for the next piece of this wonderful series. I love how you work around the 2 hours limit and on a way that works. Keep up the good work.
3/15/2016 c2 CrazyCatGirl
*shrieks in delight* A fellow Aspie, yaahoooo! (I'd freak too, about the stacking pyramid, it'd be horribly loud and annoying!) This is very well-written, especially considering you don't have access to the books as reference. And the changes in this version are FANTASTIC, especially the facts that Tobias' family is now WONDERFUL and Arbron isn't trapped as a Taxxon, whooo!
9/16/2015 c25 3clara200
Good story I wonder how Alfangor will feel when he finds out his son is in the war and fighting more than him. Will he feel like a coward? Glad you wrote out David he was annoying anyway.
9/16/2015 c25 RD
Troll seriously? The Tesseract? XD
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