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6/18/2021 c34 8The Forgotten Traveller
man, i am ELATED to see this update! according to ffn i've been following this story since 2015, and i never would have thought it'd be finished! obviously i totally understood, but i am so so happy and excited you finished it. i've reread this whole fic like at least 6 times by now, and it's gotten better every time, i love it. thank you SO MUCH for coming back and completing it. it's perfect. i'm like actually kind of crying right now lmao but! thank you really, it's so nostalgic coming back again and experiencing it again and rereading it and getting that conclusion, which was wonderful by the way! you did such a great job! this really made my day lol. i'd love to follow you on ao3 too, would it be alright if i asked for your username? sorry if this is like creepy in any way! i'll stop now lol. thanks again, and excellent job!
6/5/2021 c1 Guest
I can't tell you the rush I got after I saw the update. This has been my comfort fic since middle school, and made me smile more times than I can say. *Thank you so much.*
6/4/2021 c27 Guest
look I subscribed to this in like 2014, and let me tell you, I was baffled to see this appear in my inbox. I read it just to see how much I remembered and the answer was: about 10% of it. it's been years since I was in the hetalia fandom so this was a surprise lmao. I think i'm still gonna finish it for shits and giggles
6/4/2021 c27 Guest
I can't tell you the rush I got when I saw this update. This has been my comfort fic since middle school. *Thank you.*
6/6/2021 c34 20AnimeAddicts7
ah yes, it is completed. I have been waiting for that for a while! I'm glad you decided to post the rest!
I thoroughly enjoyed this fanfic m'dude! Though there were times I was close to screaming at both Antonio AND Lovino, sometimes close to throwing my phone, continuing to read this paid off well in the end. I'm happy that they're happy~

and that epilogueflushed:
6/6/2021 c34 Smarthiz
I haven't been near the hetalia fandom or fics for over 5 now. But damn the sudden influx of update on this fic made me re-read the whole thing and i've fallen back into spamano ( and hell if that name isn't nostalgic ) so hard it's ridiculous xD
Thank you for posting the chapters over here too :) i'll be checking the rest of your ao3
6/5/2021 c27 gazal.blirf
omg i totally thought nothing was going to be updated (or anything really on (not the fics that are constantly getting update or new ones but ones that took big breaks) but like with all my love? I already loved it till chap 26 lmao
6/5/2021 c27 6Mystery0028
Oh Hello! I didnt realize you were back!
6/4/2021 c1 5xHerzAsx
wow I logged in after... Years and i saw the update and my heart made a jump! Thank you for this story, im gonna emjoy the new chapters
5/31/2021 c26 Guest
Oh shoot, I was worried. It’s good to hear you are still alive. I’m going through some mental health stuff right now as well. I hope we both will have happier days. XO
12/31/2020 c26 Reila
Hello, I have been leaving some messages ever since I’ve read this story. It’s incredibly beautiful and I seriously hope one day, you’ll finish it.
I don’t know how you are doing, but I hope everything is getting better, even with the covid19 situation.
6/30/2020 c26 Anon Love
Hey El,
I've been checking in on some of the fics I read that got dropped and just wanted to say hope you're doing ok and I hope you eventually come back to this. Don't know if you get or check your messages anymore but I really enjoyed this fic, the plot was very interesting and not something I had really seen with these two. I loved how you played the characterization and would really love to see how it ends. Either way, hope you're doing good and that you are safe, healthy, and happy.
4/8/2020 c26 Hetaliafan21
I have loved your story, but what’s up? I’m dying to know what’s going to happen next and if you’re going to continue, and since it’s been five years is everything okay? I hope things aren’t too shitty and I hope you will continue and update again! Honestly, this has been my favorite fan fiction out of every one I’ve read and it would be amazing if you could continue.
12/29/2019 c6 20AnimeAddicts7
The ending of this chapter with Espbanana had me in brief tears ngl it was just so... myyeeghh! :,D! No clue when this fic was published or had last been updated but ahhh it's so good!
9/16/2019 c26 letmedeletemyaccountcoward
aaaah, i don’t have the words to properly express how much i love this fanfiction. all these phrases and affections are fluttering about in my mind, yet when i look at this keyboard, i realise that there’s no possibility that i’m able to put all of my love and admiration for this fic into words because no such words exist. i know you have quite the amount of reviews and you said you weren’t able to read all of them, but i wanted to give my review regardless of this because of how much i loved it. :) i don’t know where to begin, haha. this fic, in the second to last chapter when romano is crying and españa is holding him... it made me cry and i, quite frankly, never cry at fanfictions or books or movies or, really, anything of that sort, but ... they weren’t sad tears. they were proper happy tears because i could feel the love they have for each other spilling out through the words you wrote and it made me so happy and emotional. like, i could see their love through words and it made me cry. i love these characters, i loved this story, and i love you for writing such a masterpiece. i know it’s been four years since the last update, but don’t feel obliged to finish it or guilty that you haven’t finished it. i hope you’re doing well in health and in life because you deserve to and although i don’t know you, i want the best for you and i want you to be happy and comfortable. i do hope you can continue this fic because, well, it may just be my favourite now, but if you’re unable, all is well and you should focus on yourself. :) i was happy enough to just read it, completed or not. gracias y grazie for making me so happy whilst reading this! now i’m going to go cry and indulge in some more spamano.
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