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1/15/2015 c25 3geekofbakerstreet
Where'd you go? ;A;
12/31/2014 c23 Guest
Hey, I really love this fic! I'm a huge spamano shipper and this has been totally amazing, especially with the well-done portrayals and stuff! But I kinda felt bad with this chapter, because of the almost non-con that happens. It is non-con, because what Romano is feeling during the curl-play coercion from Spain and EspaƱa is very clearly differentiated from other times, when he verbally protests but otherwise comminicates his consent. Here, his ability to consent or not consent to the physicality is taken away completely, since being turned on by something is of course completely different from consenting to it. However, I'm not saying that's unacceptable. It's a fine thing to include, given that later communication between the characters addresses this as what it is - rape - and makes sure it won't happen again. Either that, or put "non-con" in your tags and warnings. Otherwise, you as a writer are telling your audience that coercive rape is an acceptable thing to do to someone.
12/18/2014 c25 4Bumblekat
Maybe you could do another thunder storm soon? Or a nightmare? Whatever, please just update. :)
12/15/2014 c25 188RisingQueen2
this is an amazing idea and you are doing it SO well, I adore this story I really can't wait to read more :D
12/13/2014 c25 Guest
My name is colacube23 I just wanted to know are you continuing this because I absolutely love this story And I am really endorsed in this story so please continue it.
12/13/2014 c25 TorakoNodokara
Well... Who to go for XD
are you going to update this again? this story is awesome o3o
11/26/2014 c25 mirror-bluemoon
oh god! i have a lot of homework and exam this week and your story just make me can't even drop my smart phone! this too much for distract and i about to die from my curiosity of next chap!
to tell the truth i don't want them to back to original but having foursome is may be too much for little romaXD
but at the same time i want them to back to original too!/omg i'm so confused now...
anyway come back soon pls! i want more chap!
11/25/2014 c25 18I Know I'm A Dreamer
11/3/2014 c25 Addicted
Where'd you go? What happened to finishing this story no matter what?! This story is so good it would just kill me to never see it's ending! Please, don't give up on it!
10/27/2014 c3 8yumigami
Dammit this story's long... *saves for later*
10/26/2014 c25 11I Can't Decide On A Username
When will the next chapter be out?! Also, when Romano said 'Good luck with that.' you forgot to put the speech marks at the front.
10/6/2014 c25 Guest
Hi, this story's great (and one of my favourites!) but I've noticed it's not really being updated and was wondering if you we're still continuing it? Because I really, REALLY like this story and am hanging on for the next chapter. Could you please update ASAP I can't wait for the next chapter. Thanks this story NEEDS to be continued, it's one of the best I've ever read. Please?
9/24/2014 c25 KayLowLife
Whoa, well this is my first review! And I'm on mobile so I cant really get an example of how these things go but I'm just gonna wing it since I wanted my first review to go to a special story in the making.

To put it bluntly I am HOOKED on this story you made such a beautiful development on each three different personas and how Romano would handle each one equally as well as individually. I am so torn between all those hunky Spaniards because you made them out so well. Seriously I'm in love with this and that you make sure too properly and kindly give us heads up on when or if you'll be late or early with an entry its super sweet of you.

I hope you continue with this story for its pure bliss and fascinating tale and that your life at home goes well and school/grad in general are a breeze for you! All in all I am loving this story and I'm going to stick with it till the end c:
9/5/2014 c17 1SlytherinSnake6886
Twins: *Giving disturbing shit-eating grins*
Valeriya: *looks at the smiles* And this is why people like you two shouldn't try to smile. . .
Twins: Finally! Takk! Takktakktakk!
Luna: Lovino has finally come to terms-
Leighanne: With his gayness!
Twins: We couldn't be any happier.
-The Terrible Twins and OC of Doom
9/4/2014 c11 SlytherinSnake6886
Luna: Don't ask, but. . .
Leighanne: We KNOW it hurts like a bitch to be tackled by two Spaniards.
Both: *unconsciously rub their arms*
-The Terrible Twins of Doom
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