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12/28/2016 c8 Charred Spells
*is very interested in a sequel*
*and also the continuation of this fanfiction*
12/26/2016 c18 14starmariofan4
I love the Romerica friendship, especially because it shows that America isn't a jerk and seems to be legitimately care about Romano and Spain, even if they had "disagreements" in the past.
12/9/2016 c26 gazal.blirf
I love it please keep writhing its wonderful
10/11/2016 c1 dr.midnight
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8/24/2016 c26 trendyravioli
This story was honestly so amazing and put me through so many confusing and frustrating emotions. In a good way though. I'm so sorry for what's you've been going through and hope things get better, even though it's been a year. And while it would light up my soul for you to finish this fic, with all you've been through I wouldn't want to pressure you to do that. I just wanted you to know that people are still reading this, and that IF you ever even considered returning to it, we'd be eternally grateful. I hope life is treating you well

A fan of you amazing fanficiton
8/1/2016 c11 8CosmicDucks
The ending of this chapter was cute~
7/10/2016 c26 EmperorCage
I just discovered your story, dear author, and despite having seen that its been a year since this has been updated, I just HAD TO read it coz i was lured in by the idea of Spains many personalities (Always in search for Pirate!Spain stories kesesese~)
Now that I have read all the chapters available, you cannot believe how smitten and very much in love I am with the protrayal of the differents Spains (sounds kind of weird XD) and Romano and the story altogehter. Btw, I also really love your writing style and I believe that you definitely need praise for the improvement you made through all those chapters. I didn't notice it at first but in the last few chapters i think it's very obvious. Your writing style has already been very good but you even improved. Amazing!

I am very sorry about all the sad things that happened in your life so far, and don't ever be guilty if you feel like you don't have the spirit continuing it. It has been awesome and has brought me and certainly the majority of the readers much happiness.
And if you ever have the time and inspiration to writing another chapter to this fanfic; i will be thrilled to read it

Much Love And Thank You
7/6/2016 c21 Guest
Frick! 'Antonio' is just so fucking cuteeeeee~

7/6/2016 c17 Guest
Much pun... argh.. asdfjkl;
7/6/2016 c16 Guest

6/22/2016 c26 Guest
I hope that things can get better for you and your family, and sorry to hear about all your problems. I want you to know that this story brings me very happy thoughts. So please dont be guilted into writing anything because us readers want you, the writer, to be happy with the story!
6/17/2016 c26 3PolarisKnight
Wow, rereading this was just as enjoying as the first time! I really love your portrayal of Romano! It's been a bit over a year but I hope your health has gotten better. I hope I don't sound pushy but it'd be nice if you could give us a summary of how everything ends.
6/2/2016 c26 HetaAngel
Hi its been a little over a year since you've updated and I just want to know if your alright, and by the way your a great wrighter, thats all :D
5/27/2016 c26 Anonymous Dude
Thank you for this.
5/25/2016 c1 Pupper Lover
Wow re-reading this for the 5th time, surprisingly.
Hi Author-san even though you might never get to read this I wish you Good luck even though it's been like 1 year 2? I hope everything is okay with your family and I hope your feeling better to. I understand how it feels to be deppressed just...don't give up think about the people around you and look for a better day
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