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for Mahou Sensei Ichigo! Arc 1 - Welcome to Mahora Academy

4/27 c19 3Gojosin
Very interesting. I am definitely going to favorite/follow and definitely want to see the next arc! A very fine story indeed.
4/25 c2 Guest
...why even include that OC? I don't understand the reasoning behind it. It's really distracting and to be honest a bit... Dumb? Stupid? Irrelevant? I can't find the right word for it. Pointless maybe? Whatever the case, it's pretty weird and completely inane. Oh well, cool concept, but definitely not for me. Also, maybe you should add a 'OC' tag if you are going to include them?
4/24 c19 JayU19
Bruh, cmon man. This is ichigo not only from fullbring arc but with 9 years of experience, unless you count in the tybw in which case he'd merely kill an adjhucas level hollow with his mere presence. You can't be telling me he needs help against these things man.
4/18 c18 Zabaniya
The problem I tend to see is the characters being OOC. I'm not even talking abput the crossover characters but fhe cast frpm Bleach and Negima. Its not even them being OOC but they tend to overreact or have some part of their personality increased. This was noticeable during Ichigo's fight with Aya and Setsuna. It felt like Setsuna's desire to protect Konoka felt over the top.

Also this Ichigo really feels off and kinda has his temper again increase. He tends to lash out more.

Again, Negi being roomates with Makie doesn't really change much as Asuna is still there. There is no difference with such a change in environment. I mean, Negi and Asuna's relationship began with Negi living with them. Now that he is living with different people, I expected a lot more change. Nothing really is different compared the canon.

I really want to enjoy thiw considereing the fact that this is a crossover thay does someyhing different woth a new character as it didn't have Icbigo become an Assistant Teacher like most Negima Crossovers. Its gonna be a while before i become fully invested on seeing what you do with thos especially with it being such a large project.
4/8 c18 Guest
It sucks to hear about you losing all your data. Back up everything that’s important on a thumb drive if you can. I’m happy you came back to this story after so long. I’m looking forward to seeing where you take this story. Might be fun to have Kenpachi show up at the festival, having him trying to find Ichigo with Yachiru giving him bad directions.
4/5 c6 Exodus12345
That was pathetic. Struggling against a couple of little girls when he beat people with centuries of practice and fighting under their belts.
4/5 c2 Exodus12345
So the 1000 year Blood War never happened here?
3/30 c18 1EliteShadow
love this story so far i hope to read more soon!
3/30 c18 Dragon Rider 66
Well you already know my thoughts about the story arcs from my last review, so not much to say there.

Makes sense to add Ako and Makie to the group at Ayaka's home visit since they're technically Negi's guardians and stuff. I liked the extra bit of trivia here on some of the different creatures Negi talked about like the Banshee's and the horsemen and most especially the dragons, most specifically the mention of Albion and Ddraig. Oh how I will always make sure to keep an eye out for any DxD mentions, references, and connections in this story, especially ones that might relate to the Oppai Dragon, Mwahahahaha!

Nice stuff here to see Ichigo and his club with the mention of Momo scouting a club to join herself, makes me wonder if she might ironically enough end up joining Al Alba later when it's formed or something; that or funnily enough end up becoming one of Negi's Pactio partners later. Ah well, who knows...well aside from you anyway, but you get the point.

Also nice to see the Karakura gang again, even if just on a video chat. Can't wait to see more scenes with them later on in the series.

So next up's an original chapter for hollow hunting eh? Maybe we'll get to see Ichigo try and do some practical practice on some of the Kido that he's been trying to learn or something. Although two specific students huh? first guesses I can think of would be Setsuna and Mana, among some of the other girls in Negi's class, but I'm gonna go more on the chance that at least one of them is gonna be from Ichigo's class instead, but only one way to found out now isn't there? ;)

Until the next update.
3/22 c17 Dragon Rider 66
*whistle* Dang man, you certainly have some ambition considering your arcs and the rough estimated numbers of chapters for this story. It's nuts!

Though at the same time too bad you pretty much have the complete idea on your events, I was gonna make a comment/joke on if you somehow included the DxD Fandom, mostly in the form of Negi meeting Issei and maybe doing a small devils contract with him or something, even if as just a one time meeting/thing and stuff. I mean considering the former's from England and the latter has the Welsh Dragon in his arm, kind figured I'd mention it; Not to mention how grand and terrifying (depending on perspectives) influence Issei would be on Negi.

Well I think that's pretty much it this time around. Good luck with this one heck of a project though. Considering how much though, I'd honestly suggest separating your arcs into different stories for those who might start much later and not feel overwhelmed with the size or anything like that. Not to mention it's a bit easier to navigate and stuff.
3/17 c5 Guest
Oh, the teachers rotate classes in this one. Guess I shouldn't have assumed like that.
3/17 c4 Guest
Hold up, Ichigo got Momo to help him while he's teaching. How is she going to help him when she's not in the same classroom? Bothering a different teacher to go slay a hollow kind of defeats the point, does it not?
3/11 c6 Trsmuted
What bullshit is this?!
Ichigo having trouble fighting some kids with toys?!
3/11 c4 Trsmuted
This fic radiated a pretty powerful disgusting weeb energy
3/8 c15 Rimuru
this is one of those "copy paste canon with added character"
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