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for The Return of Bryn

4/25/2016 c5 39TiaKisu
Wow, what an exciting new chapter!

I can easily understand Sinbad in his conflicted feelings. He wants to make sure Maeve is safe, he has no personal ties to these people who are - by all means - strangers to him, and at the same time his sense of what is right and what is wrong reminds him of that he cannot just turn his back on this war. What's more, the moment he understands that what Doubar, Maeve, Bryn and Dermott - what his crew- are to him, that's what Roslyn and everyone else is to Maeve. This is about her home and her family and while it's natural for him to wish to protect her, he cannot keep her from going. It's kind of tragic, really, but then again it also shows just how much he really loves her.

The spellwork that followed was mesmerising indeed. I could just picture this wheel of fire, how it changed colours as Maeve poured even more of her magic into it and how at last it turned into a portal. It's a magnificent sight to imagine, and I thank you for giving me this astounding mental image.

Of course Bryn would be eager to get there. She is so close to finding out who she truly is, though I cannot help but wonder... even with her past recovered, will she not be the same? I guess this boils down to the question of how much our pasts influences us. Of course, experience shapes our traits but even with the memory gone, would our hearts change? Will Bryn be someone else when she remembers, or will she learn that she has always been herself - with or without the memories?

At any rate, I can't wait to find out how this will continue. Thank you so much for writing and sharing this!
2/11/2016 c5 7TetiSherii
Woah... welcome back dear friend :)
Two years you said? well, I, for one can't blame you at all,... almost the same situation and all! (I could only update once or at most twice a year recently!)
I'm very glad to see you are back with an update :) It brings back good memories and the nice warm feeling of receiving a new update of one of the fandom's fiction -specially DL girls- that you were longingly waiting for and the joy of reading it like a Christmas gift! Miss those days!

Nice chapter... between Sinbad's conflicted thoughts and fears from one side and Maeve successfully and fruitfully using her full magical power you really did great job.

I totally can hear Sinbad's feelings and conflict here! Since her return she didn't perform such a strong and demanding magic, I suppose so he naturally should be very reluctant at the very idea of her possible loss from a spell that obviously nearly killed her! but again, there is no way she would back off from helping and rescuing her people and loved ones. Tough struggle!

As for Maeve, well I really like her spirited determination, and her new found self confidence and also love the intense of her power and the way you describe it is totally beautiful and novel! Great work *thumb up*

And here, the spell worked and they all reached Avalon at last... can't wait to see what'll happen next, the fight, and Maeve's family, Bryn's story and all.

I hope to see you update soon again and to hear from you as well :)
1/20/2014 c4 39TiaKisu
Yay, an update! Love this chapter. The guys, as always, are so very in-character and it's nothing but sweet to see how protective they are of Maeve. I can really see them act like that, be all angry and agitated because casting the spell might be dangerous for the Lass.

And Roselyn's in a rather bad shape then, eh? Wouldn't have thought that her looks were just a disguise, but sure - with war coming up and her being pregnant the whole situation would take its toll on her.

Oh gosh, and it really is Bryn's fiancé who threatens Albion? Just because she never arrived? On the other hand, I guess this wouldn't be the first war that got fought because of things like this. She was promised to him after all, so to him it must look like she either ran away or the family broke whatever agreement they had.

Poor little one though. I guess, if I were her I would now feel awful knowing I had to marry that man. Doesn't particularly sound like a nice guy at the moment. But I trust that there is a love story hidden in there, or one coming up. I can't imagine you'd wed Bryn to an unjust man.

Thanks, dear, for continuing with this. It's a really intriguing story so far! :D
1/4/2014 c3 7TetiSherii
Here I'm after a long time! I'm sorry I couldn't R/R earlier :/
but for the update... wow! so much secrets and revelations out there :) i think you linked all the threads well :)
but my favorite part here is the description of Maeve's powers :) :) you seriously worked magic out there ;) seriously you draw a very lovely picture i was like "WHOA..."
really perfect job you did there Princess,
And Dermott is able to shift between both human and hawk form :D :D I see we have a lot in common in our theories :D
And Bryn, she was going to met her fiancee? now really? are you kidding me? :P some similarities are hanging between us, but seriously my story is quite different from yours, but still I like to see we have some ideas that looks like from certain angles,
and still curiosity eats me up, who was her fiancee, and what happened to her and caused her amnesia?

Sinbad inner battle is so touching, poor man, I feel sorry for him.
and finally how can the spell harm all of them?!

All in all, awesome chapter Princess, well done. I hope you update soon :)
11/3/2013 c3 17MJDai
Aw, I love Protective!Sinbad. I like a bit of mystery and I kind of enjoy not having the full picture yet, especially as you seem to be building a whole different mythology here. And Maeve getting angry and fired up at the end is very very nice, I like our lass to show a little spunk! Good job :D
10/28/2013 c3 39TiaKisu
Yay, you're back! :D

This chapter was awesome! The description of Maeve and her true power - oh, it was beyond beautiful. You said she looked just like an angel, and that's how I envisioned her, too, in this moment. :)
And I love how Sinbad feels like he doesn't deserve her affection, how he's all confused and has troubles coming to terms with everything. Considering he's just been through such a great ordeal in "The Return of Maeve" and that he just had to learn that all he believed to know about this woman is basically wrong this seems to be very realistic!

I still wonder what the thing with Roselyn is though. Sinbad knows she'll cause him heart-ache, and that she's dangerous to him. But why is she that? What's going to happen? I really cannot wait to find out!

Oh, and Maeve's father really made sure that the oaths wouldn't be broken, didn't he? But now Rose wants Maeve to try and open these gates, no matter how dangerous that seems to be. I hope Maeve will make it through that alright.

Thanx for such a lovely update. Here's looking forward to the next chapter! :D
1/29/2013 c2 7TetiSherii
so glad you are back to continue the story :) and this chapter is really good :)
it's amazing how Maeve by the end of it had her powers free and more amazing how you describe it :) i love your description and can't wait for next chapter,,,, what'll happen and how and in what Maeve will use her newly released powers ...
haha love how Sinbad was angry and she tried to fix it up... it's rarely when you find this situation, usually it was her who get angry and it was him who try to fix it ;) :) :)

very happy you're back and hope you update soon :) :)
1/28/2013 c2 39TiaKisu
Awesome! I love how you described Maeve's true powers at the end! It's such an amazing image - the fire that is so crystal clear at its core and which dances on her fingertips just as she wills. :D

I never thought of the possibility that Maeve might not have just been a sorcerer's apprentice who simply had to learn still, but that she was under a spell (or in this case oath) that kept her true powers at bay.
And also the idea of the oath inflicting actual physical pain if she were to break it... that's a truly unique one! We have all wondered often just why Maeve keeps her past a secret in the show and you found a very interesting reason for that! :D

Haha, I must admit I have to bow low to the three cousins though for memorizing this spell. Had it been me who was asked to repeat it, I would not have made it past the first line of it. xD

Thanx a lot for continuing this story. Go on writing, dear, always! TK
1/27/2013 c2 SpidermanFan1
Loving the story, love the idea if Albion, would live to see more interaction between mavee and sinbad. Hopefully not got a long wait till the next part. What of dermet, will he become human again?
1/27/2013 c2 17MJDai
Oh! This is exciting! I love the end where Maeve's finally free of the oath and displays her powers. Can't wait to see where this is going!
6/3/2012 c1 1MagicalMoonStar
Hi dear!

Very interesting prologue !

So many mysteries...

Who is Roslyn?

I can't wait to know more about Bryn, Maeve and Dermott past.

Hope you will update soon :)
3/16/2012 c1 39TiaKisu
Ooooh, such an interesting start that is! Who is this 'Rosy' really? Maeve seems to have no doubts about her, but why would Sinbad have a bad feeling about her if all was well? What will await them back in Britain? And what's with Bryn's marriage? Is she really to marry a random guy (however important he might be), or did she love that man? I have the feeling this is going to be a truly exciting story and I cannot wait for the first chapter to be up.

Do go on writing, dear!


TK ;o)

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