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2/9/2015 c1 1mazotori
This is a beautiful story. Thank you for writing it.
5/17/2012 c22 6LovelyDemon
Poor Roxas!

Well I'm happy to read another Chapter! And I'll look forward to the next chapters! Keep up de good work!
4/23/2012 c21 LovelyDemon
My sis told me to read this and god... This is really good! Great job! When i read it it's like i can see them dance before my eyes.

I like ballet lot, the way the moves... It's so magical! But watching people dan e is far mor intresting then doing it, i though so i stopped... This story brings back memorys...

Please keep writing! I'll be looking forward to the next chapters.
4/8/2012 c8 2MMMJeevas
This story is so beautiful. i can't see the axelxroxas part yet. but it's beautiful. There is a wonderful variety in sentence structure:p and the fact that you refrain from using a specific character's point of view gives the story amazing depths. (if that makes sense) it took me a while to start reading this but i'm glad i finally did. it's sad that you have so many chapters and so little reviews.
3/16/2012 c2 WillCosplayForFood
Hmmm, this is really interesting!

The flow of your writing is so unique and smooth! I can't wait to read more!

Update soon,


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