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6/11 c8 7Kensington
I re-read this story on an almost yearly basis. The premise to me is so damn interesting and I would have loved to see where you took it.

Thank you for the story!
9/18/2014 c8 Carlthompson
when is the next chapter
1/21/2014 c8 swainbob142
Did not see this coming, great story looking forward to your next chapter.
8/20/2013 c8 7Taeniaea
cool story
3/24/2013 c8 Talon5Krrde
1/5/2013 c2 2KasumiCain
The plot deepens...

- K
12/1/2012 c7 27kopakanuvafan20
Wow! I never, ever expected time travel. But I guess that is what Liara meant by preparing the galaxy for the Reapers. How is Kara going to survive from Reagan's time to the time of Mass Effect? Even if they attacked early, I think she would be too old by the time they could do anything. Also would Liara even recognize her or even know who she is?
11/22/2012 c8 EvilTheLast
Good update.
11/10/2012 c8 Femtotech
Yay! New chapter. Thanks for writing!
11/10/2012 c8 21edboy4926
Good story
Looking forward to more.
11/9/2012 c8 5hessan
Ohhhh, this could turn out to be interesting. I really like the direction this is going. I had been thinking a story kind of like this, as in Shepard time traveling after the Crucible god-child scene, but instead being sent to late medieval/early modern Japan (my area of focus in Uni).
11/5/2012 c7 1DGW3321
I liked it. Quite a different road than some of the other BG/ME crossovers. I hope there is more to come.
10/25/2012 c7 1great northern one
will there be more soon or did that douch ruin it?
ok its kind interesting
8/17/2012 c7 stark40763
The year wouldn't happen to be 1980 would it? ;)
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