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for A MisMatch Made in Heaven?

12/4/2020 c1 jenwincart
loved it
1/7/2012 c24 sam
so so bad at the end
6/22/2008 c20 Major Hinata Fan
Ok just as I read the part where Marguerite was walking down the hall 2 tell every1 the truth the song "Whisper 2002" by Evanescence started. It seemed to match fairly well I think.

Btw this story is pretty good, I was a little worried about reading a fanfic based off of a live action tv show. As i am used to reading ff's for animes. But after reading this I think i would like to read more lost world fics.

The storyline you used seemed to fit the 2 fairly well.

o btw would u happen to know of any good roxton/marguerite fics that attempts to contiue on after what happens after the series finale by any chance? (which pissed me off when i saw "to be continued".

Haha just finished the lost world a few days ago.
1/13/2004 c24 JessieGirl
Wow! I just read this fanfic. Wow! That has got to be the funniest story I've read. Believe me I've read alot. I stayed up until 2 am on a work night because I could'nt stop. Thank you, I needed this.(rough day) I hope to find another of your stories soon.
11/22/2003 c24 5pandagal
I love this story!
10/7/2003 c23 barbiedahl3
Hi veggie5! I just recently read your mismatched story and I absolutely loved it! I think you described our fave group (most especially M&R) to a T!

I also found that the funniest line of your story was when Roxton was talking to his conscience:

Shut up, brain...

*Or what? You're going to stab me with a Q-tip?*

Funny,funny,funny! Thanks for a great fanfic!

10/2/2003 c24 Shorty
I totally loved this fic! TLW rocks! Keep on writing!
7/3/2003 c23 Enchanter
I couldn't stop reading it!
5/18/2003 c23 zoe sheedy
this story had me hooked all the way through
5/17/2003 c23 robin2409
That is amazing! This is so my favourite story on FF.net! Now, you just have to finish your other one. LOL.
5/17/2003 c24 MargueriteLovesRoxton
Hey veggie! I really enjoyed your story! (I am one of the ones who likes to wait until the whole thing is completed, so sorry for not reviewing sooner.) But as soon as I saw that you had finished it, I raced right over here and read it. You weren't kidding when you said your roommates didn't understand all the time you spent on the computer relating to TLW - this must have taken you ages to write! Good for you for all the procrastinating you must have done! I keep trying to write one, but never get very far. Though I have one that I started right after the North-South bash that I keep trying to push along...YES! We actually met them! Don't worry, the shocked look on your face didn't last very long...Anyways, write me sometime, I'd like to stay in touch. And looking forward to your next fanfic. Your munchie pal - Jocelyn
5/15/2003 c23 LadyKim
Wow! Bravo!

I followed your fan fiction and I looked forward to reading the suite! Now that it is complete I have only a word to said WOW! The idea was really original!

Bye bye LadyKim

I hope that my English is not too bad because I am better to write in French
5/13/2003 c23 LadySammyMRoxton
Oh my, this is the end? No, I don't want your story to end! Please, PLEASE can I have those sequel you mentioned...:-D

I really LOVE your story... printed it out and read it countless times...:-D

The end was very... unexpected for me... I mean, it was really great and I loved it, but I didn't expect it was a dream at all! :-)

I really, really hope that you will write a sequel...:-) That would be so cool!

Please think about it! ;-)

Love, Sammy
5/12/2003 c23 138A. Windsor
lmao! hehehe so funny! I totally was NOT expecting that. Awesome story! i'm so glad you finally finished it! good job!
5/12/2003 c24 Steffi
VEGGIE! *sob* *sniff* The End? :(

*pulls veggie into the biggest hug ever*

OMG that was great! I never expected such an end! I couldn´t believe it! :D I was sitting here and just stared at the screen and thought "Evil veggie..really evil" :D LOL of course that was just the first reaction because I was so surprised that they did´t get married in real! But hey the future is still coming for them! :D

So it´s obvious you WILL have to write a sequel, if you want or not. :D :p Nope okay ..I would be happy with any story you write, especially Alt-U fics. :D

The end was surprising but so great! SO they´re still working on it ...does that mean he´ll hurt her again? Or now that he had this dream he won`t or she´ll react in a different way? :D Oh I love thinking about it!

Your fic is one of the best ever! I just loved it so much right from the beginning! I never was so patient with waiting for something I like in my whole life ..lol...but it was absolutely worth it! You did an amazing job! Just fantastic! Hey I even dreamed about your fic! :D Doesn´t happen often. :D

Okay ..somehow I don´t want to leave that review box...can´t believe it´s going to end ...maybe I´ll stay a little longer. :D

Okay so you met Michael and David, huh? Must have been amazing ..wow! Too bad I live so far away *rolls eyes* :D

Oh and before I forget ..the proposal. We travelled in time? Wow that´s a good idea. :D Now that explains everything ...I can handle that answer. ;) :D

School a place of learning ...oh dear it IS a place of learning ... it´s just that you learn how to write amazing fics and I learn how to day dream without getting the teachers to notice it. :D You can imagine what my dreams are about..hehe

Okay now I´m talking nonsense...I guess it´s time to leave ...uhh I don´t want to close this box. *sob* *tries very hard to pull her hands from the keyboard*

*sob* Veggie it has been a wonderful time! :D Hope to read MUCH more from you asap! Great work! Thank you for the entertaining hours I spent reading this fic over and over...

Lots of *Hugs* and take care!

Steffi :) ~ sad she has to close the box

Give me some tissues, people! *sob* *waves goodbye*
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