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for A MisMatch Made in Heaven?

5/12/2003 c24 Steffi
VEGGIE! *sob* *sniff* The End? :(

*pulls veggie into the biggest hug ever*

OMG that was great! I never expected such an end! I couldn´t believe it! :D I was sitting here and just stared at the screen and thought "Evil veggie..really evil" :D LOL of course that was just the first reaction because I was so surprised that they did´t get married in real! But hey the future is still coming for them! :D

So it´s obvious you WILL have to write a sequel, if you want or not. :D :p Nope okay ..I would be happy with any story you write, especially Alt-U fics. :D

The end was surprising but so great! SO they´re still working on it ...does that mean he´ll hurt her again? Or now that he had this dream he won`t or she´ll react in a different way? :D Oh I love thinking about it!

Your fic is one of the best ever! I just loved it so much right from the beginning! I never was so patient with waiting for something I like in my whole life ..lol...but it was absolutely worth it! You did an amazing job! Just fantastic! Hey I even dreamed about your fic! :D Doesn´t happen often. :D

Okay ..somehow I don´t want to leave that review box...can´t believe it´s going to end ...maybe I´ll stay a little longer. :D

Okay so you met Michael and David, huh? Must have been amazing ..wow! Too bad I live so far away *rolls eyes* :D

Oh and before I forget ..the proposal. We travelled in time? Wow that´s a good idea. :D Now that explains everything ...I can handle that answer. ;) :D

School a place of learning ...oh dear it IS a place of learning ... it´s just that you learn how to write amazing fics and I learn how to day dream without getting the teachers to notice it. :D You can imagine what my dreams are about..hehe

Okay now I´m talking nonsense...I guess it´s time to leave ...uhh I don´t want to close this box. *sob* *tries very hard to pull her hands from the keyboard*

*sob* Veggie it has been a wonderful time! :D Hope to read MUCH more from you asap! Great work! Thank you for the entertaining hours I spent reading this fic over and over...

Lots of *Hugs* and take care!

Steffi :) ~ sad she has to close the box

Give me some tissues, people! *sob* *waves goodbye*
5/12/2003 c23 Alanna
WOW! What an ending! I had NO idea this was coming! lol, it was an EXCELLENT surprise! Maybe now since both had that dream they will NOT get into the big mess in the first place (and not waste all the LOVELY years they could spend togeter!). I truely enjoyed this story and thought it was fantastic from beginning to end! Great job! Hope to be reading something from you soon!

Alanna :)
5/12/2003 c24 Galxychld
Oh my gosh, I can't believe it's finished! And I totally did not see that twist coming at the end! What a wonderful story ride this has been. Thanks so much for writing this entertaining fiction. Good luck in school, and to let you know, if you write more, I will definitely read, review, and enjoy! :)
5/11/2003 c23 10TLWROX
Stupid ff.net... I wrote this WHOLE review and it said "system overload" po


"Predictable"? Are you CRAZY, veg dear? I was reading how it was a dream, and I'm like- ok- she's on the plane or something- NO! She was all the way back in high school! WHOA! TOTALLY didn't expect that one!

This is one of my favorite fics period- awesome AU story. Hope you're working on a new fic!

(P.S- next year, Toronto, David and Michael- whoo hoo!) :) :) :)
5/11/2003 c22 TLWROX
WHOO HOO! Awesome chapter and this time, no cliffhanger! (Cuz I have more chapters to go! hehe) LOVE the line: "The less food you get the more the price is? I could starve myself FOR FREE!"" rotfl- that's GREAT! Can't wait to see what happens... On to chapter 23... :) :) :)
5/7/2003 c22 Robin2409
Very very very very suspenceful. Continue soon!
4/12/2003 c22 lois3
Very nice, I'm glad you got them together. Even if it was a little shot.


4/5/2003 c22 Jessie8
WOW! Just love it! Theres nothing more to says about it! Just perfect! Please write more! Hurry! I'm SO like dying here! Joking! Can't wait!
4/1/2003 c22 7Evil Irish Eyes
*Evil sits still as stone in her computer chair her head tilted slighltly and her elbow resting on the arm of the chair, and her hand extended next to her casually, looking very much like a actual garden ornament complete with ivy and cobwebs that had gathered on and around her over time when she suddenly blinks and looks at the screen with her eyes which immediately illumiate with joy. She moves her hand a cracking sound heard as she began to move her limbs brushing the ivy and cobwebs away from her. She moved her head and shifts her jaw which suddenly makes a pop sound.*

*Opens her mouth to speak when*


*Evil looks slighly shocked and embarrassed but trys again*


My word! How are you dear! Well, I hope!

You have been very missed! *Moves to stand to give a hug but stops short knees making a aweful squeeking sound*

hm . .*looks down at self trapped between a half sitting and a half standing position*

WEll this is intresting . . .but nothing a little mosturizer can't cure

*Rubs it on her knees* See what you've done to us you silly thing! lol

*Stands and sits gracefully a few times*

WEll that's better . .


Not that I want to put pressure on you about getting your writings out but it's just been so dull without you!

But to get back to your actual chapter and my actual review . . .You are right it was short . .


I totally loved your opening line! It was so perfect!

You're still are doing a great job! "There would be a doubt*

I can't wait to see what you have planned for the last chapter! You know- provided my arms don't rust up in the meantime and I have to work the mouse with my nose and all . . .. lol . .and Yet for this story that wouldn't be totally out of the question . . . .

But really you're doing a great job . .still .. . And I'm so glad to see you post something . .I was getting worried . .


*Muse hands Evil moisturizer* Oh thank you *Rubs it on "worry lines"* That's better . . .

WEll I just wanted to drop you this note,

Hope life's treating you well,

Till next we speak,

This is Evil signing out

P.s. I think I'm going to post a new story soon, and I'd appreciate it if you'd keep your eyes out for it and tell me what you think . ..thanks
3/30/2003 c22 138A. Windsor
awesome! aw, that's so cute! more, soon, please! I can't wait for the end!
3/30/2003 c22 A. Windsor
awesome! aw, that's so cute! more, soon, please! I can't wait for the end!
3/30/2003 c22 6AerinBrown
The answer to that question had better be a "Yes!" And emphatic Yes, preferably acompanied by a Kiss. And a ring, of course! This story is hilarious; the little "voice in the head" deal is great. I love reading it, and I can't wait for the next part. Please keep writing; cliffies make me anxious.

Oh, and are you going to do a wedding? Please say that you are; it won't be complete without a wedding!
3/30/2003 c22 Galxychld
Yes! Another chapter! Short but sweet, I loved how Marguerite initiated the "let's start again" thing. Sad to hear that the fic will be coming to an end, but what a great ride it's been! Can't wait to see the next chapter. :)
3/29/2003 c4 AerinBrown
This is great so far!
3/29/2003 c22 Steffi
It´s going to an end...*sob* Nope don´t want your fic to end! :( Bwwah! *sniffle* Okay I´ll keep my tears for the day it really ends ..and then I hope for a new fic! :D

Great new chapter! Loved the beginning with Marguerite and Roxton speaking at the same time! :D Also loved Ren! She´s such a great and funny friend ..perfect for Roxton ...as a friend only of course! :D

I was a bit surprised by the "marry" part because they´re just coming together again and it seems a bit fast but love it anyway! :D Can´t wait for the next chapter! :) Great to see you back!

*bows in devotion* :D

Steffi :)
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