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for A MisMatch Made in Heaven?

3/29/2003 c22 Alanna
I'm so sad to see this fic coming to an end! It's been so great, but it will be awesome to read the fic in it's entirety (is that a word?) It's been excellent and I can't wait until the final ch. is posted! You've done an excellent job and I hope to see more from you in the future!

3/29/2003 c22 Guest
Finally that was want we needed but please don't keep us waiting so long for the next bit PLEASE.
3/27/2003 c21 Maggie
Of course we're gonna review V, I never knew this fic was so long! It isn't long enough lol, keep em coming:) *trots off to read the chapters again*
3/26/2003 c21 wishes
ah new chapter soon...please?
3/17/2003 c21 23CrimsonCat
omg.. it's been so LONG since I logged on to this site. I can't believe how much I've missed it. lol, and I can't believe that you're still teasing us. Great chapter, can't wait for the next one. Since there seems the be the hint of a promise that there will be M/R interaction.. lol, unless aliens steal one of them away. ;)

Yay, new chapter. *happy dance* I missed this place, I'm never leaving again. *hugs* and I missed you and your adictive stories. Keep it up Veggie.

Dai stiho
3/8/2003 c21 LadySammyMRoxton
Hi! Great chapter again and I just CAN'T wait for more, especially the reunion!:D Please hurry!LOL *hugs* Sammy
2/23/2003 c21 Aldora
Very Good! I didn't expect it to be Marguerite that he bumped into. Roxton does have a way of "knocking" her off her feet. =) I can't wait for the next one!
2/22/2003 c21 Galxychld
Yippee! Another chapter! LOVED having someone tell Roxton how it really is! :) The faster he gets a clue the better. Now, what will happen when he talks to Marguerite? Anticipation has me breathless. :)
2/22/2003 c21 10Maartje
*offers bag of cookies* You deserve it girl :P I really like this fic! So please don't get tired of it or stop writing it cause I wanna know the ending! (preferably a good one :P)
2/20/2003 c21 lois3

The minute I saw you had updated I could not wait to read the next chapter, and while it was short, it was much better, they at least ended up in the same place at the same time. I am waiting with bated breath for the next one. Mid terms are comming, so write fast, after all we want you to do well.


2/20/2003 c21 brainfear
Well done! Sorry I haven't posted several times in the past, but school is a killer. Now the most important thing for u to do is to post faster! :o))

I'm waiting.

p.s. Aren't you just sick of this cold weather here? Bleh.
2/19/2003 c21 HollyQuin
Y'know, you have to stop doing that. these cliffhangers are killing me! Ok, so I'm a masochist and loving every minute of it. Great story!
2/19/2003 c21 138A. Windsor
aw it Marguerite! hehehe awesome. more soon please
2/19/2003 c21 7Evil Irish Eyes

She's back-back again! *Evil sings doing some type of hip-hop move around her computer room.*


Like just a whole lot!

ANd please! WHo couldn't like a story becuase the author put's the thanks at the beginning, especially a great story like yours!

Then again I may be a little partial but everyone will be who reads your work!

Anyway totally loved the chapter! I like Ren and your going to hate this but the part where Ren says-

"John, come closer, I have something to tell you." He leaned in and was surprised when Ren's hand slapped him upside on the head.

-Reminded me so much of something Deanna would do!

Or even that I would do for that matter!

It was genius!

Just like this chapter!

And the running into each other at the end 'woman falling at his feet' Very nice hun!

Well I seriously have to run but I just wnated to drop you a note and tell how a gret a job your still doing!


And don't worry about the time thing, we'll still be waiting here . .At least I will

Which reminds me . .I FINALLY updated my story and omg . . . I can't say it . .*teras rise in Evil's eyes* I FINISHED IT!

Just thought you'd like to know becuase it travelled down the list kinda fast I don' think anyone saw it.

Sorry if I seem really . .um .. hyper .. . to much chocolate . .wait you can never havce TOO much chocolate it must be something else . Anyway . . .LOL

Totally love what you're doing! So keep doing it gurl!

*Evil dances around her room* 'Cause we LOVE IT!

Well later chicky,

This is Me signing out
2/19/2003 c21 Guest
Like before you wrote an interesting story and have left us all wondering what is going to happen next. PLEASE don't make us wait to long.
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