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for A MisMatch Made in Heaven?

2/19/2003 c21 1Swasti
Ah finally a long awaited post. thanks for the nice read :)
2/19/2003 c21 Steffi
Wah you´re such an evil tease! :p :D

I suffered all day long because I was in school and couldn´t read it and all I wanted was to come home and finally read your new chapter! :D And now I finally did. :D And what can I say? Even if it´s short I absolutely love it!

Ren is actually a really nice person! Usually I´m against all females that have to do wth Roxton but this one is kinda nice and ..gladly not an ex-girlfriend or anything like that. :D Unofficial sister sounds great! :D And I just can imagine her pinching his cheek as a grandmother would :D LOL

And I also loved :""How on earth does caring for an unconscious person mean that you're in love with them?" ROTFL ..so true! :D I just can picture Roxton´s face as he heard that! LOL

And the magical moment ..the end! Marguerite shows up? Aww now she decided to go to him first? :D Good choice of her! Now I can´t wait for the next chapter ..and finally a kiss? *hint hint* :D Well I can wait ..hehe

LOVED it! Keep up the great work!

Steffi :) ~ *devoted veggie-tease Fan* :D
2/19/2003 c21 Lisa

I also start to smile like a complete fool when I get an e-mail from you, and I´ll always be your fan!

Love, Lisa

the fan
2/18/2003 c21 Deleted170705
Ah! Another cliffhanger! Someone has been learning from J&G I think! :) Excellent chapter! Loved the interaction w/ Roxton and Ren, and I absolutely LOVED the 'woman falling at my feet'! Perfect! I hope the next chapter is out soon! I can't wait for the BIG M/R runion! Great job!

2/18/2003 c21 10TLWROX
veg! You are SO lucky you've already started on the next chapter, or I WOULD be kickin' your butt! EVIL! Always cliffhangers! EK! Roxton, take Marguerite to the dinner! Lovey dovey scene next, I hope! *winkety wink* WHE! This was SO great- I am SO into this fic- can't wait for more! (P.S- I don't mind that you 'warped' a character from the show- Roxton needs someone to talk to too! ;)) AWESOME job so far! :) :) :)
2/18/2003 c21 fab
like this chapter very much. its always a sister who can tell you exactly how things really are. so what are they really coworkers and good friends? I like the way you had M come to him. so hurry with next chapter
2/13/2003 c20 robin2409
That was really good. It's what I've been waiting for. Please write more soon!

2/6/2003 c20 Maggie
An update! You're doing great V, I wait with baited breath to see what's gonna happen next.
2/4/2003 c20 LadySammyMRoxton
Awww... what agreat chapter!I CANT wait for more, please hurry!:p Oh Ive got to hug my uncle for letting me to the internet right now...

Keep the great work!

2/3/2003 c1 lois3

It was a nice chapter in some ways, but a little short. Please get to the romance soon. I can't wait.


2/2/2003 c20 TLWROX
OOOh oooOOh! Though I am (seriously) on the verge of throwing up- I picked up some sort of virus :( - I HAD to read this chapter before going to bed! AAAH! FINALLY she realized she loves him! I cannot WAIT for the reunion chapter- *sigh* and Charles- THANK YOU for not being a BIG arse. LOL!

I thank you SO much for finally writing another chapter- glad my butt-kicking helped! (If you need me again- I'll be here! ;) Hope to read the next chapter soon- LOVE this fic! :) :) :)
2/2/2003 c1 Aldora
I liked it. It is different, but fun. And I am curious to how the dinner will go in the proceeding chapters. Great Job!
2/2/2003 c20 Michi
No, really, rush! Please rush! Can't wait to see what happens next. You are such a fantastic writer. Keep up the great work.

2/2/2003 c20 homemakr
Welcome back, Veggie 5! :) Nice to see a new chapter to one of my favorite AU stories.

I was glad to see Marguerite confront her fear and tell the truth, and then really talk with her mom. If I wasn't rooting so hard for Roxton, I might almost like Charles. :)

As for the next part . . . well, anytime now (hint) I'm hanging on the edge of my seat waiting to see how she's going to find him - or if he'll come back for her after all!

Thanks for the new chapter, Veggie.
2/2/2003 c20 3M L Europe
Awwwwwww! So sweet! I'm so glad a couple of conflics have been ironed out, now! And Charles is now on my good side! He didn't try and keep Marguerite from Roxton! Well, I'm going to break my tradition of critiquing, because, as I wrote on TLW message boards, I was just in a spat w/ my mom. I'll try and do it later. LoL well, ta-ta!

~M L Europe~
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