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for What happened after Sonic X

11/19/2020 c11 OFFICIAL LEAH
2/19/2019 c11 sonicundertalefan
nice work
1/24/2015 c11 13Phinbellagirl 15
Hi I totally loved this story chould you update it soon
Pretty please ( puppy eyes)
9/25/2014 c7 2Canadian-YaoiQueen96
oh fuck it . can I kill Sally please!? . I don't like her in this X'D
9/15/2013 c1 1Sadarus
I am reviewing this as an experienced writer, who has written over 180 pages of computerized 12 Times New Roman Font stories, and who wishes to give you advice, not just praise. But first, how about some praise :). The characterization is very nice, and I like it a lot. You can definitely improve though, and I mean this in the best way possible! When I started writing I couldn't so much as form a proper sentence, let alone a cohesive story.

Now, you can improve mostly on your sentence structure, and overall flow, which is the most difficult aspect of writing to master. Even when writing this comment, I can feel its flow is not top notch, at least not to me. Which makes me very meticulous, even more so when I'm actually working on a story.

But the good news for you is that great sentence structure only comes with more practice. So in the end, all I have to say to you is... keep writing! Although I must say, your story's sentence structure is great in comparison to a lot of the other stories many a people have attempted to make.
7/23/2013 c11 AJ G
for some reason every story I read I comment. SOOOOOOOOO... good. I mean Shadamy isn't real, Sonamy sucks, shadrouge is umm... awkward because uh hello! hedgehog and bat? Crails (tails and cream) is such a cute couple, Rouge x knuckles makes sense somehow. BUT I LOVE SONADOW! WOO-hoo I'm only 12 and I love this story. (for the fact that I'm gonna turn 13 soon)
11/9/2012 c7 sonadow fan
i shall be shadow's wife! naw i like silver much better lol nice part 7
8/31/2012 c11 7canikostar99
cool chap update soon these are gonna get short with school so sorry
8/30/2012 c11 2Anna Kawasakii
8/27/2012 c6 Guest
i think this is a realy good story please keep it going
8/24/2012 c6 7canikostar99
threesome threesome threesome! Yay! hehe threesome on shadows terms count me in it works!
8/23/2012 c10 1PoisonedDarkKiller
HEYY im a blonde lolz im not offended i get called BLONDIE all the time lolz IM HYPER
8/21/2012 c9 2Anna Kawasakii
Aw cute!
8/21/2012 c8 Anna Kawasakii
NO IT WAS JUST SO SHORT! WHY?! Oh by the way I liked it! And chapter 7 too! Have that Shadow and Amy...maybe Shadow will get jealous pretty fast? WHO KNOWS!
8/20/2012 c6 Anna Kawasakii
Omg! I need MORE! No! Shadow is going to be with Sonic! I like Amy, but NO! It will be like :O if Sonic finds out about the "dating" and gets sad, because both of his lovers are "dating"! Post and love me! ME! Mwuahahahah
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