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for Pokemon Falling Sun and Rising Moon

9/7/2012 c7 2AWpkmnfics
No way! Awe man I just moved back in to my parents place and I just read this. I am shocked and sad. Oh well do u still need help? and I got PCR back online too, It took me forever to reconstruct it, I thought it'd never get done! PM me to let me know even if u already got ur help I'd be more than happy to pitch in any way i could!
4/14/2012 c6 2Azul-Tori
Hey, it's totally okay to take your time on writing your chapters. :DD That way it comes out good and this chapter was worth the wait. :)) Really good and once again I must congratulate you on writing such epic battle scenes. XD *High Five and hug.* I feel like I'm there, watching the battle scenes. ^_^ I really like your OCs they are so diverse. But Emma is still my favorite. :3 lol OMG! I'm so excited for the next chapter. :S I know I told you take your time, but I hope you do upload this chater by Sunday. :0 lol If not, I'm going to cry. :'( ... j/k. Lol *Takes a snapshot of the sentences you said to memorize.* I'm all ready. ^.^
4/13/2012 c6 7Jordan Lego Comix
Trust me! This was worth the wait! Legendary Pokemon, and young trainers risking their life to save the world?

You must've needed A LOT of time to write this chapter.

Keep up the good work!
4/13/2012 c6 2Zuttii
You make battles so EPIIIICCC~

Wooh! EmmaXHk ^_~ 3 Love the story do far! This person can not wait till you get the next one up :D
4/13/2012 c6 1Koten123
Good scene, really well written. The scyther was a great addition. One question. Are chase and Nelson gay for each other. It would to totally fine if they were
4/3/2012 c5 2AWpkmnfics
Very good! I like this a lot, I have several OC's I'd be willing to loan you from PCR. I'm still in the rewriting phase, if you'd be interested PM me and I get a list together for you! I'll give names/genders for now. These are the unused PCR characters thusfar.

Mayra- Female

Lillibeth- Female

Keara- Female

Chandler- Male

Florrie- Female

Mortley- Male

Krofton- Male

Rhiannon- Female
4/1/2012 c5 2Azul-Tori
Very nice chapter. :) I really like the way you write your battles, they're very good. :DD Nice touch with making the Pokemon talk, I liked it a lot. :3 Sorry, but I was cheering for Emma all the way and still am. :)) Also, you're improving. Good job, *hug.* ^.^ A few mistakes here and there, mainly punctuation (which you can totally look up for help). Besides that, I can't wait for the next chapter and here's my OC. :DDD

Name: Amarillo Scythe. ^_^

Age: 17


Relation: She becomes really good friends with Emma and becomes a rival for HK. :O lol

Pokemon Team: 1. An Espeon; her very first Pokemon (and best friend) and it never goes into her pokeball. :)

2. A Jigglypuff; although it looks cute, this Pokemon can truly hold her ground during battles and at the same time loves to show off her appeal to the audience. :P

3. Lastly, a Deino. A recently hatched one; a baby. Although a baby, this Pokemon has a fiery personality and likes to fight. XD

And the last three Pokemon that she will catch later on will be a Riolu, Snivy, and Dratini. :3

Description: A stature of 5'7, curly red hair draped over her shoulders, pretty white skin tone, two small ear sapphire gages (one on each ear), wearing a light blue sun dress with her black messenger bag, and wearing two black leather bracelets (one on each arm). :)

Personality: She is very bubbly around her friends. She loves to joke around too. But if she doesn't know you, she can definitely come off as a cold heartless person.

Battle Style: She loves fighting! She likes to test out other trainers, she gets excited when they're strong. Overall, she battles with grace but at the same time delivering a blow that you won't see coming.

I hope you like her because I really do. I'm so proud of myself. lol :S
3/27/2012 c4 Azul-Tori
I told I was going to review, sorry if it's late thoug. D| Okay, down to business. The formatting got way better; during the first chapter it was it a bit messy. Also, I would recommend you to proof read your story some more. Maybe get a beta reader to help you out. XD Besides that, your story has a lot of pontential. I really like your OC too. :3 Continue the good work, can't wait for the next chapter. Also, take your time when writing your next chapter, it seemed that you wrote them too fast. Taking your time is totally okay. ^_^ Well, Azul-Tori is out. :8
3/24/2012 c4 1Koten123
Ok first for a review. You need to make a new paragraph when someone else talks, the story is actually well written I like it. Now for an OC

Name:Damon Lyson


Occupation: Pokemon trainer who wants to be champion

Relation: rival/friend

Pokemon team: starter Oshawott (goes to your academy; PM me if you want attacks or if just gonna go as he levels up) but currently knows the moves tackle, water gun, razor shell, and withdraw, will learn more

2nd: Ralts: Got as he was looking for Pokemon. Confusion, teleport, growl, psybeam

3rd: Lillipup: got from his mother. His second strongest pokemon: currently knows the moves: tackle, bite, shadow ball, dig

Will catch: butterfree, pachirisu, Tyranitar

Description: he's 5'8, tan and has brown hair that tends to stay to the right. He wears a gray shirt with orange short sleeves and khaki shorts, gray shoes with a v on it

Personality: he's very nice and helping, but skeptical of people he doesn't know, he doesn't like cheaters and never holds back. He sometimes doesnt know when to stop teaskng people

Battle style: he's very cunning and he knows his area very well. He can make up a strategy to get out of anything. Hes very confident in his abilities
3/20/2012 c3 imma to lazy to login
hey nice story i am going to follow this via 3DS bookmarks :)
3/20/2012 c2 7Jordan Lego Comix
Interesting. I'll follow this story!
3/20/2012 c1 Alistair Jacknife
I like the concept of a Pokemon world a hundred years after Ash's unova run. The battle sorta reminds me of the beginning of XD gale of darkness. The reason being how you started with super powered Pokemon. Good story can't wait for chapter two.
3/19/2012 c1 1Shiny Lilligant

There should be a space between "100" and "years"

Drop the "s" at the end of "villains"

More general feedback:

There shouldn't be any spaces after quotation marks.

Always start a new paragraph when someone else speaks.


"Does anyone have the time?" Ash asked. "No," Misty responded.


"Does anyone have the time?" Ash asked.

"No," Misty responded.

The premise of the story is interesting, but it would benefit greatly from you or someone else editing it. To get more familiar with how stories are structured, look up some short stories online, or pick up a novel or two from the library. There's a lot to be learned from other authors.

I look forward to seeing more of you stories, and improvements in your writing.
3/17/2012 c1 2AWpkmnfics
I like it. I can't wait for a Chapter 2.

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