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11/26/2018 c6 4sahi.sony.1
I find your version of Naruto , Sakura and Kakashi more realistic than the actual show.
5/30/2014 c6 2SpadesRaven
More plz
3/5/2014 c6 phoebe turner
I loved it!
1/16/2014 c6 11SomebodyLost
Ahahahahahaha! Very good concept and humor. My only complaint are the spelling errors.

Also, very interesting about being medics - to be selfless. But, may I ask, what about Kabuto? How can he use medic-chakra? He's a crazy dude, but does his devotion to Orochimaru the thing enabling him to be a medic? Can someone stop using medic-chakra once one becomes sufficiently selfish? Can the opposite happen?
10/30/2013 c6 sasusaku3623649
Please continue !
8/29/2013 c6 R.N
Looking forward to the next update !
8/29/2013 c6 Annalelle
Oh gosh, this team is so ridiculous. I love it. XD I can hardly wait for the next chapter since we'll get to see some action. Wonder how that will turn out.
4/29/2013 c5 Annalelle
Oh my god. This is so interesting. I mean, yeah obviously all the characters are basically OOC aside from Kakashi, but it's really interesting. It's so much fun to read. I want to see how this turns out. :)
4/13/2013 c5 Lykae'Sky
Maa, an update, eh? Rather interesting chapter, especially seeing Itachi's point of view again and seeing he is still regal while being a pacifist. Look forward to your backward ways of Team 7 and their selfishness' holding out on them... until next time I suppose...
4/10/2013 c5 5XxChemicalKatxX
I really love this story. I'm happy you updated. This story is just so different. I love that the little history you added to their lives completely. Hope you update soon.
4/10/2013 c5 11Higanbana.4
Mmm, interesting chapter :) I liked that all three of them failed... show, not tell, huh.
4/10/2013 c5 1angel897
intresting story to read a bit diffrent but like it. hope itachi learns that sakura is hurting and can help her
4/10/2013 c5 Anonymous
I love how bratty Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke are in this story. It makes for a lot of good humor : )
3/20/2013 c3 5BlueBird.sama
3/20/2013 c4 BlueBird.sama
sasuke must have had too much candy as a child lol :D
cant wait for an update :D
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