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for Marlene and Mahad

4/11/2012 c2 19Yamchas Big Pants
I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the two chapters so far in your fanfiction.

You have a wonderful writing style which I believe fits Escaflowne perfectly. Your description and feeling for the flow and ebb of the story is enviable.

I think your depiction of a very interesting and under-developed Princess Marlene is exceptional. When you think about it she must have had an interesting personal story to tell. We get a glimpse of it as Millerna reads Marlene's diary, but even what one might write is not always what you would perhaps articulate in your own mind.

I can't wait to read your characterisation of Mahad. When I was much younger I wrote a Millerna and Dryden fanfiction which, now that I'm older I would like to rewrite, and it detailed how Millerna found it in herself to love him. I can't wait to see how tell this similar story of The Duke and Duchess.

I look forward to reading the rest of your story soon.
4/10/2012 c2 qui
This is refreshing, and beautiful. Please continue. Not a big fan of Allen, but you actually made me see him as a person (snort-chortles ine the background) with feelings in a good way. Again, this is very beautiful. Please continue.

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