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10/1/2013 c6 161Di-Bee
I have two questions: How had I not been told about this piece of gold before? And how is it not complete by now?
Also, extra question: Could that be remedied soon? I just love it, this is my fav kind of AU (read the kind where both Janet and Elizabeth are still alive)(and paired up with the right people)(also Jarter) So yeah, please more fun fluff? pwetty pwease? :D
7/18/2013 c6 cportera
This is great! Please post more...
7/3/2013 c6 102I. M. Frelling-Wonko
Yay, you're back! Nice background on Sam and John. Can't wait for the next installment (and maybe a proposal?)
7/2/2013 c6 Guest
Yes you are back :)) love the close friendship you have between Sam and Elizabeth . The talk was so them Elizabeth asking about johns ex was spot on. Sam was right John and nancy just didn't fit he loved her yes but not in the complete me type of way . John loves Elizabeth with all his soul they complete each other . :)) hopefully we get the bachelor and bachelorette parties next . :)) thank you for sharing and love your sparky stories :D
7/2/2013 c6 RhizOneill
Great chapter. Can't wait to read more soon!
7/2/2013 c6 29Sparky She-Demon
Hey, are you going to a stag and/or hen parties in this story?

Nice chapter, can't wait for more!
4/7/2013 c5 rebeccagosling.RG
Noooo! You have to write about the actual proposal. Please...
10/28/2012 c5 Guest
Loved it. I hope your new insparation in fashion design goes well for you. Please more here would love to read about there visit home and the proposal and wedding. Love your stories and that you write sparky. :)). Thank you for sharing.
10/20/2012 c5 4airbear23
Hee Hee! All three of my favorite 'ships in one place! Can't wait to see more of this story!
9/24/2012 c5 RhizOneill
9/24/2012 c5 102I. M. Frelling-Wonko
Very nice. Can't wait to see what John has planned.
9/23/2012 c5 naddelinsky
wuhu *-* :D
Cant wait for the next chapter
9/23/2012 c5 1the brown cow
i like it, well done.
6/13/2012 c4 the brown cow
good chapter. i think you meant 'five feet of hell' either way that really funny. jack's not gonna be able to call her Carter anymore
6/11/2012 c4 19mamageek
ADORABLE! Omg...five feet of hell...I love you. Lol.
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