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6/19/2015 c7 Guest
Why can't zoe love Mac instead of Moby and Mac can love zoe instead of kaori !?
12/13/2012 c8 Dyceman
at first some slight grammer errrors but that is not highly important IMO, it can be understood and that is what counts, hilarious story and i am loooking forward to it continuing. i particularly like the latest chapter with Psymon, i was laughing so hard at that :D
5/5/2012 c8 5Harbachuklesss
i really like this story XD

please update soon! :)
4/24/2012 c8 5iheartdonuts
Lol! Elevator scene definitely earned you some major SSX points! :D
4/17/2012 c8 1SSXfanatic
LOL elevator scene :P a lot of humor points in this chapter, nice!
4/16/2012 c8 62TYZO300
And so once you make a comeback with another good chapter keep going and just how many chapters is there going to be
4/6/2012 c7 6achus93
hey man, nice story,

2 things though:

- are you gonna put eddie in? hopefully you do :D

- may i suggest that, for dialogue, you make a new paragraph for each person speaking, for eg, from this current chapter...

A phone ring interrupted them, it was the lobby, Zoe answered. "Hello"

"Mrs. Payne, we have someone waiting for you at our front desk saying she's going to stay with you, so can you come down here and see if you know who this person is."

"Ok, that will be just fine."

i'm suggesting this so it can be easier to read it,

hope i gave a good advice :D
4/6/2012 c7 8Dyceman88
this story is getting really awesome so far, i'm liking it a lot, i hope u include eddie and perhaps one or two other major characters who mat come along later into the game as DLC...like allegra n nate maybe or skye perhaps. i almost pissed myself at mac's behaviour to Moby coming LOL i could just picture it :D i look forward to how you portray Alexis and Ty
4/4/2012 c7 62TYZO300
wow didn't know you do updates after each review. well anyway a deals a deal you keep updating and i'll kepp reviewing for ya
4/4/2012 c6 TYZO300
yeah this is great keep going and i'll keep reviewing and see how this ends
4/2/2012 c6 5iheartdonuts
This is pretty good this far, but if I might suggest making the chapters longer? It is just a suggestion, of course. :)

It's interesting to see someone write traditionally of the new game. Let's see how this goes. :)
3/29/2012 c5 1SSXfanatic
These chapters of meeting the characters before any snowboarding is a good add, I hope that you'll continue that before you start with the rest.
3/24/2012 c3 SSXfanatic
These first few chapters that detail beginnings or story before action in the story are a good add. Kind of interesting with the thing with Cragslist, but I definitely see the humor which is always nice to put into a story.

I'll keep reading on as long as you got more to write up!
3/24/2012 c3 8Dyceman88
this is looking awesome so far, the best i have seen about SSX deadly descent yet, i would really recomend keeping it up, i'll keep an eye on it :D i have my own in the works too so keep an eye out
3/19/2012 c1 1SSXfanatic
Keep in mind that people who go the SSX page cannot see M rated stories without allowing all stories to be viewed. Language in T is fine, just something to acknowledge.

No one's attempted a story based solely on the World Tour mode of the game yet, so it'll be neat to see where this takes off. Playing the game I can imagine who's there at the door, but I'll let you finish on if you plan on continuing the story.

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