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1/9/2016 c11 5Heartless BytchhakaHelenBach1
While I'm reading Dean say he is all sticky, Def Leppard on the radio is saying "I'm hot. Sticky sweet, from my head to my feet..."
Instant fangirl swoon! Dean certainly is all of that and I'd pour sugar on him anytime.
Thank you for the visual. Great story. Please write more Supernatural goodness. The fandom needs it. Now I'm going back to read rest of this chapter.
9/9/2013 c19 105WeirdyMcWeirderton
This was awesome! Loved it!
2/21/2013 c19 218MeAzrael
Oh Spatz! You've grown so incredibly much as a writer, I'd be jealous if I wouldn't adore the stuff and the writer so much :-)

And YAY, you finished it! Totally loved the start, with Dean trying to manage the tie and the manyfold layers and implications around that scene - the memories of funerals, his reflection in the mirror triggering the self-hate, this: "Sam spies the crumpled tie in his fist, his face splitting into a small smile. "What did the tie ever do to you Dean?"
Dean spins towards the sink and slams the object in question down in frustration. "Oh, it knows what it did." And all these emotions even turning against Sam - a part that struck me so true and desperate.

Bobby calling and Dean putting it in a nutshell: "Oh you know the usual. It's not my fault, I need to stop beating myself up, he's going to kick my ass if I don't stop feeling sorry for myself, oh and call me back you idjit." God, how I miss the old grumpy soul.

The scene with Denise - that was a friggin' heartbreaker - and a really audacious decision by Sam, and you wrote it just perfect! Tensed and panicked and human - trying to do the right thing, as much as it hurts. "Sam has finally given into the pull of sleep, his breath fogging up the window as his head dips and lulls in the seat beside him. He'd tried to apologize about Denise, tried to explain that him and Bobby were just trying to help, but Dean couldn't tell him that it was a bad idea, or a good idea or what he needed just that he wants to stop feeling like his heart is imploding on itself."

And no rest for the wicked - Ellen and Jo, too - and still everyone so much in character, ah, that was pure pleasure.

And after all that some whining about tatoos? God, I love the boy!

I send you moose hugs, dear. Thank you so much for a wonderful glorious story, and I hope RL will leave you time to go on writing, cause you are SO friggin good at it.

Take care

xx Kate
2/17/2013 c19 13Numpty
Yay! Congratulations on a truly WONDERFUL story hun!

There are so many things that I loved about it. I think you really took us somewhere that the writers didn't, and you gave us such fantastic hurt!Dean and angst. I think I've said this to you before, but I always wanted to see demonic!Dean, and you just wrote him so perfectly. There were so many great twists and turns throughout the whole story, and this chapter was a lovely way to round it off.

Poor Dean, still feeling responsible even though no one else blames him. But that's his character, and you really do know him so well. I love your Sam too. In fact, I love ALL your character portrayals. So very well observed, my dear!

You know I love your work, Becky, and I will be eagerly awaiting your next masterpiece! :)
2/16/2013 c19 grea8read
Great story.
The ending fit perfectly.
Thank you for sharing your time and talent.
2/14/2013 c19 365SupernaturallyEgocentric
2/14/2013 c19 SPN Mum
I'm so glad that seeing Ellen and Jo finally did the trick for Dean, and allowed him to truly start on the road to recovery. Sam telling Dean a little about when he was possessed by Meg helped too. I like the way they were getting their tatoos at the end. It gave the act a LOT more meaning to me. Dean needed Sam to be there for him, and Sam knew it. Just one more way they communicate. :)

Thanks for coming back and finishing the story. :) I hope you will be writing again, as I really enjoy your stories. I've missed you! :D
2/14/2013 c19 8Sharlot
CONGRATULATIONS, girl! I know it's been a tough road and an even tougher last few months. The wait was worth it, though. This was a lovely ending...bittersweet...as a good SPN fic should be.

It is so sad that Dean still sees himself as responsible even when all of the victims intuitively get it...and see him as the hero that he is. Loved the brotherly moment in the car.

You're a super special writer and I eagerly, EAGERLY await your next project. Don't stay away too long. We need your brain, your heart...and your talent!

9/22/2012 c18 13Numpty
*Happy sigh* This chapter just had everything Becky!

The hurt/comfort was so delicious, such an absolute joy to read and so true to the brotherly bond that we all love so much. The angst too was so well written, and I am so impressed with the S3 feel you have brought to it.

You had some moments in this chapter that I would have loved to see on the show. I always hoped that Sam and Dean would have the demon conversation, that they would talk about what Dean would probably become in Hell, so it was great to see you explore that. Dean's breakdown too, was long overdue!

So much love for protective, mother hen Sam in this fic! One of the things I loved about S3 as a whole was watching Sam's growth and seeing him trying to become the strong one for his brother. You showed this so well here.

As much as I'm looking forward to the next chapter, I will be sad to see it over. What a ride it has been!

Great job hun! :)
9/11/2012 c18 218MeAzrael
YAY - you're back, you and your wonderful muse. Heartbreaker again, why am I not surprised ;-) Don't worry, I loved delirious Dean and worried-sick Sam and "Rafe happened" and Angie, the Angel of Hunter's Hospital (again: what a gorgeous idea! They should come up with something like that in the show).

"They share of a moment of complete understanding, rare and coveted in a lifetime of guarded secrets and misunderstandings." Why oh why don't they have more of these moments? But then again, we would miss their heated arguments :-)

Lovely farewell from Angie and I had to laugh about Dean's weak attempts of being funny and the silent exchange between Angie and Sam - oh, and the pills for nightmares. Sniff :-(

OMG, what a sad sad scene - Sam waking up to a slightly drunken Dean who can't sleep because he's haunted by his fears and his feelings of guilt - wonderfully written, sweetums!

And then this:
"He wonders if this is the way Dean felt all those years ago when Sam would take off.
Years of slinging a backpack over his shoulder and slipping out through the back door with whispered promises of 'I'll never do this again' and lies that this time his vow to leave his family and hunting behind would stick.
Dean would always be waiting for him when he crawled back in that door, his head bowed in shame and embarrassment. Dean's head would rise up as soon as he heard the click of the door, his feet propped up against one of the motel chairs, a scowl on his face that melted into a relieved smile the second he laid eyes on his wayward little brother." There's so much of their essence in these few lines - and how things for once are reversed now - revealing a bond that can't be broken... ah, totally loved it, as much as the "wayward little brother" :-)

And the end? I could see and feel it, the pain and desperation, Sam's determination to save his brother no matter what... exactly the scene you need to understand what Sam is going to do and consider later in the show in his desperate attempt to find a way out of that deal. Ah, good old times!

Great chapter, Spatz. Give your muse a hug.

xx Kate
9/9/2012 c18 8Sharlot
Very intense and ohhhhhhhhhhh so heartbreaking when Dean expresses his worst fear. All the more sad for the reader who KNOWS how this turns out and that regardless of Sam's desperate assurances, that Dean does fall and succumb. I shudder to think what demon!Dean would have been like. Thank goodness for the angel! ;)

Lovely chapter my little puddin'!

Oh oh! And pass my compliments on to D! I loved the cover pic she made!
9/8/2012 c18 SPN Mum
Wow, Rafe really did a number on Dean. On Sam too, cause he has to deal with his own memories, as well as Dean's. Sam never wanted Dean to make that deal, but he really can't deal with Dean going to Hell now, not ater seeing what he's become after Rafe's possession. I'm afraid of what Sam will do to keep Dean safe. I know Sam will give up his own life, if it keeps Dean out of Hell.

So happy to see you back! :)
9/8/2012 c18 32ackeberlynn
That last half is so, so heartbreaking, considering we know how this ends. The big sister in me is chiding big brother Dean for putting that on Sammy, though, just as I'm sure big brother Dean will regret breaking in front of him. It's not what we do. It's not what we're supposed to do. Even if it's needed sometimes. But I loved this. I always love the role-reversal, though I think it's more believable and appropriate circa-season 7, when the boys are older and their relationship has changed. I don't know if a scene like this, Dean breaking, was possible before his Hell experience, but you make it very believable here. Turning into a demon, becoming something evil, something that hurts people and enjoys it, was very believably the thing Dean feared most about going to Hell, just as the fact that he tortured souls in Hell was his biggest regret after. Great writing.
7/20/2012 c17 ccase13
At last Dean seems to be coming out of trouble for a while. I'm sorry to hear you have had a bad summer so far.
7/20/2012 c15 ccase13
I'm finally starting back to catch up on my good story links. This really is a good story.
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