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for JESSIE : Luke and Emma a love story explict story

9/9 c1 Guest
I wonder if anyone heard them moaning. Lol
8/28 c2 Joshua
Chapter 1: It starts

Luke was in the shower, Zuri was downstairs and Emma went to take Ravi and Mrs. Kipling to the park.

Luke let the warm body hit him until someone opened the door and saw him getting out the shower without a towel around him.

" Ahh, Luke I'm sorry." Zuri said feeling bad.

" Please don't tell Jessie?" He begged, she smirked at him.

" Okay, But first you have to give me something." She replied smirking.

" What?" He asked. Luke didn't care what she wanted, all he wanted was for get not to tell Jessie.

" Well, I have no idea. But I'll let you know what I want." She says leaving.

Luke went to his room, and after he got dressed. The whole family sat down and ate dinner. Zuri kept thinking about what she saw.

Chapter 2: Luke's special night.

Zuri was in her room, it was 10:30 pm and everyone was sleeping. She went to get some Milk, but that didn't help her get over what she saw early in the morning. She went to Luke's room.

" Luke, wake up!" Zuri said shaking him. He looked at her.

" Zuri, You look so pretty and cute." He said smiling. Zuri Jumped on Luke and pulled his Cock out of his boxers and shoved it inside her and moaned in pain and pleasure.

" OHHHH LUKE!" Zuri moaned. Luke let out the biggest moan ever. They had sex until they ride out their organisms. They was happy that they weren't actually blood related.

A month later, Zuri found out that she was pregnant with a baby girl, and Her and Luke told the family and they all was happy for them. Zuri is older in this story
8/28 c2 Joshua
I wrote a story like this on my phone, I'm put it up here so people could see it. It's about Luke and 14 year old Zuri.
8/27 c1 Guest
Make one with Luke and Zuri! Please..

Make another one with only Emma and Ravi please...
8/27 c1 Guest
Emma's having a girl. I could tell she's having a girl.
4/30 c2 Guest
When is next chapter? I cant wate good story. Get jessy and zurey in here alsow
4/7 c1 fatman
writer give me asex story with emma ross and luke ross fucking at a younger age with lots of details buy emma must ask luke totaker or navehis way with her in three new storys please do it for me thanks .
3/26 c1 Zharia
I was Horny when I was reading your site I love it.
2/6 c2 Guest
Carry on
2/6 c1 jessica
It was no fun because there was no sex and there was no videos
1/24 c1 Guest
Are u going to update or not ?
11/14/2014 c2 Orren Bernal
Hi Peyton list I was in crownpoint New Mexico so you wana have sex with me .
9/18/2014 c1 Guest
Freaking update dude !
8/15/2014 c2 Guest
Please carry on
8/12/2014 c1 Guest
Update for the people who like this story. Stop freaking being so rude . I bet your stories is stupid. Please update and inorge the rude comments people are sending you . Please please please please update ! Thanks
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