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4/13/2012 c6 7Nekron Smauzog
Don't worry, I can wait!
4/10/2012 c6 10skullcrusher206
There is no rush my friend! I think we all realize that school comes first, so again no rush. As for giving negative reviews ...I can't due to the fact that my grammar is horrible XD
4/4/2012 c5 7Nekron Smauzog
Really cool chapter! I kinda like the part where Big Mac was hugging Amethyst for four minutes. It's cute! Please continue! *BROHOOF*
4/3/2012 c5 10skullcrusher206
Yeah new chapter! I was starting to have my doubts about you continueing the story, but heck my "doubts" are usually wrong! Lol

Anyways cant wait till next chapter! I like how you used lines and the plot from the episode. Smart thinking.
3/27/2012 c4 7Nekron Smauzog
Awwww! Glad you put in my idea, I think Big Mac actually likes Amethyst, so I think it might be the start of a good relationship between Amethyst and Big Mac. Who is this mysterious pony who wants to kill Amethyst and Twilight Sparkle? Please continue, it's making me excited! :D *BROHOOF*
3/26/2012 c4 1deadpsycho97
better but with spelling errors this time i like what you did with the actual episode, can't say anymore got chapter to finish. adios!
3/26/2012 c4 10skullcrusher206

I like what you are doing with light...er.. My OC. Can't wait for next chapter! PEACE! (^_−)−☆
3/23/2012 c3 7Nekron Smauzog
Oooh! Amethyst has a crush on Big Mac! I have an idea, why not have Amethyst ask him out on a date? Keep it going and *Brohoof*.
3/23/2012 c2 Nekron Smauzog
Really good chapter, keep going.
3/23/2012 c1 Nekron Smauzog
Oh my goodness, this is a pretty good beginning. Good work so far.
3/23/2012 c3 10skullcrusher206
Tis is no problem! If there is an OC needed I'll be there to volunteer my mine! I'm glad you are making your chapters longer! Well I'm off to go turn beautiful birds into piles of meat ( I'm off to go hunt) keep up the good work!
3/23/2012 c3 1ponyfanatic126
Well then no need for mine.. Oh well just slow down and keep details in mind but other than that good story so far
3/23/2012 c2 ponyfanatic126
Just saying if you still need a bad guy oc then just PM me and I could give him to you. Free of charge of course! Anyways on another note good chapter
3/22/2012 c2 1deadpsycho97
so far its good, its a little short though so ya might wanna fix that. and try to put detail in certain things like emotion or facial expressions...overall its pretty good and i wish i could read more if i didnt have to deal with ants crawling all over me all the time...keep working.
3/21/2012 c2 10skullcrusher206
Heck dude use mine! Remember lightning runner from mah story! Well if you don't I can always pm you the details. Anyways I feel you did better in this chapter, still a little too short but yoore getting better!
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