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8/30/2012 c16 toons27
This is toons27. I'm wondering if I can have a go at doing this story? (Or at least write a story based on yours).
5/19/2012 c16 BootRat
I liked this story, I thought your idea was very good.

However, your spelling and grammar are atrocious. For future stories you need to find yourself a decent beta (unfortunately your pen-pal was not a very good beta).

Poor spelling, grammar, sentence structure etc can really put people of a story. I stuck with this all the way through because I liked your idea and wanted to see how it panned out. Unfortunately most people won't want to read it all because of how poorly it is written, which is a shame because your story was good.

This story was painful to read at times, and I really had to force myself to stick with it.

In future, PLEASE find yourself a beta, and a very good one at that.
4/14/2012 c16 8Toons Girl
I like the ending! Georg/Maria kissed! YaaaaaaaaaaaaayyY! I just wish we could see the wedding!
4/12/2012 c16 107Bellarsam Chrisjulittle
If ever you are going to write a new story, I'd love to be your beta - you've got a good imagination.
4/11/2012 c16 espressogoddess
Just read the whole story now. I liked the ending... how Elizabeth broke down- certainly wasn't expected. Sweet ending for Georg and Maria!:)
4/11/2012 c16 Honkytonkangel
Fabulous ending. Elizabeth's confession was something I didn't expect and I felt really bad for her (it doesn't excuse her being horrible in the past, but it does explain a lot).

But I'm happy Maria and Georg got together it in the end (though it would've been fab to see the wedding and more of them all loved up. A sequel maybe?)
4/8/2012 c15 10Saamon-sama
you're wasting your time.
4/5/2012 c15 2do-have-a-biscuit
I really liked how you turned this chapter. It's not so sugary :)) AND, thanks for bringing Max and Elsa together :D
4/4/2012 c14 107Bellarsam Chrisjulittle
Glad that Elizabeth is repenting. the children shouldn't rush at Maria in her condition, bruises don't stop hurting that fast after the beating she took. Also, I don't like that we don't see how in the hospital Maria and Georg come to this playful relationship. With so many things unsaid and all that's happened I don't think it possible they would be so carefree with each other.
4/4/2012 c13 Honkytonkangel
WOO HOO Go Georg, so excited he stood up to his mother and so happy he, Max and Alfred rescued Maria (Though obviously I wish he'd gotten there sooner). Hope Maria will be OK.
4/3/2012 c13 8Toons Girl
Whew! Thank God that Georg came and saved Maria from her wicked uncle and dumb cousin!

You know, I'm so glad to finally read a story where a man tells his mother to stop interfering his marriage life and his wife. (I had suffered some films where the mother-in-law got away with hurting their daughter (or son)-in law. So Kudos to Georg for standing up to his mother! Let's give him a round applause! :D :D :D :D :D

I hope Maria gets well soon! Please let her live! Pretty please!
4/3/2012 c13 107Bellarsam Chrisjulittle
Very good, she is in safe hands. Please be as quick with the next update as you were with this one.
4/3/2012 c12 3mquest
I think this chapter was really well thought out. I do see a great improvement in your story building and telling. And you should never feel sorry for your ideas. They are yours, and yours alone. And they are wonderful.
4/2/2012 c12 8Toons Girl
Yes, go Liesl! I'm glad that she yelled at the grandparents.

But Georg and Liesl had to get Maria back. Georg's mother is a total witch! She bought Maria to be Georg's wife. Yet, she didn't care if they fell in love. I hope Elizabeth gets her comeuppance soon! She is worse than Elsa!
4/2/2012 c12 107Bellarsam Chrisjulittle
Yes, this chapter was indeed a bit better. My conclusions: Maria and Liesl are awesome, and Elizabeth is the definition of bitch. You're going to have to update very soon with that cliffhanger. Maria has been through enough and has been hurt enough. And have Georg find out what his bitch mother did and give her the punishment she deserves.
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