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9/15/2019 c3 Naomi
Esta es la historia que siempre quise cuando todos lo que trataron mal a mi personaje favorito mueren de una forma horrible gracias.
5/20/2014 c3 BakaSama888
Sigh... This was the FIRST time that I've EVER read FanFiction. I've always been a big fan of JTHM and IZ; Even have Noodle Boy tattooed in a few places. With this said I've gotta let you know that the 3 chapters of yours That I've just read are...BRILLIANT! My own personal Nail Bunny dances in joy of what I've just read! It all makes perfect sense! Bravo,and thank you for this. It's truly made my week. I look forward to more.
4/10/2014 c3 Guest
11/27/2013 c2 popkool
i loved this!
9/18/2012 c2 sarah
wow awsome please update soon
5/26/2012 c2 10PreciousCosmos
TT What he did to Gaz was horrible!
5/26/2012 c1 PreciousCosmos
Nyahahaha, I love this :D
4/24/2012 c2 4Sophie-kills-like-Nny35
Have I ever told you lately just how much I love your writing? EEEE! this was AWESOME! And stupid Membrane... for a genious he is a moran! And Gaz thought that she would be the one to bring doom to us all... HAH!
4/21/2012 c2 17IloveZimandNny16
And with this chapter... My day has been made. No I'm series the whole day all I did was play games on FB and read online manga occaisionly checking my e-mail. And when I saw you updated this y eyes widened with joy and when I read this chapter... I was even more so pleased... Especially since you gave Johnny a FULL last name... By-the-by is that a Scrubs reference I smell? Also during the scenes where Dib/Johnny was yelling at Membrane all I could think of was that scene where Soul and that Demon thing were yelling at each other combined with the scene of Johnny exploding at the survey taker.
4/16/2012 c1 CrossCure
This was a bit short, but pretty good, well written please continue
4/16/2012 c1 CrossCure
This was a bit short, but pretty good, well written please continue
4/7/2012 c1 4Sophie-kills-like-Nny35
Ohhhh I sense major amount of gore in the next chapter... There is a next chapter right? EEeee! Can't wait.
3/22/2012 c1 17IloveZimandNny16
OOOooohhh Nice beginning... I love it! It also sounds soooo resonable. You are awesome!

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