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4/3/2012 c1 3pottermindsfreak365
loved the begining chap hopefully get punished for saying that to his brother. i think it would be a fun sub plot bunny if jammie and sirius become friends therefore forcing the two families together and forcing curtain wealseys to realize that harry is an adult and not and invalid child. just a thought that came to mind after reading the story before this anyway great begining can't wait for more
3/31/2012 c1 gigihailee
I read the prequel and I was in love! I really think you are an amazing writer and I can't wait for you to update! Ori is such a bitch though! No offense but how can he treat his brother like that? I hope he gets a good scolding by Draco and Harry!:) love your story and hope you update soon!
3/24/2012 c1 Happygolucky103
I love this chapter.
3/23/2012 c1 2dominygringa
luved it
3/22/2012 c1 Darloudasha
Having JUST read Lam, I'm squeeling is joy!
3/22/2012 c1 3Maximillion Puckett
Lovely story. I want to punch Orion for making Siri cry though... Any pairings?
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