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5/10/2017 c25 46Angry lil' elf
Good chapter. Look forward to seeing more of this in the next chapter or so, keep it up :-) I also had a couple of ideas to run by you, contact me when you can or I'll contact you :-)
9/22/2016 c23 Angry lil' elf
Good chapter mate, pretty funny that Ciri and Elisif were playing hide the salami (isn't that term used for a man and a woman having sex though?) I look forward to seeing more in the next chapter. Say, what would you say if Cole and Elisif landed in the Game of Thrones world and had to deal with the Game of Thrones and its players? Hit me up with a PM when you have the time and I'll explain a bit more :)

Take care,

Angry lil' elf :)
6/1/2016 c22 Angry lil' elf
Good chapter mate, it's a shame that Astrid had to die but hey, life ain't all sunshine and rainbows so I suppose Astrid's death might give Cole a real reason to kill Miraak and I suppose Cole now has to face the darker side of his Dragonborn nature as all Dovahkiin have a dark side to them that could turn them into conquerors and killers just like how dragons could conquer and dominate everything in their path.

Still pretty good chapter here and I look forward to seeing more. And since Astrid is now dead, who's gonna help comfort Cole? My best bet would be Hope/Charmcaster.

Anyways, looking forward to the next chapter and I may run an idea by you at some point so you might get a PM sometime soon or not depending how long the idea sticks in my head.

Kind regards,

Angry lil' elf :-)
2/12/2016 c21 Angry lil' elf
Good chapter mate, and I'm guessing that the black knight is the Ebony Warrior? And as for who Cole's Brother/Miraak saw, I'm guessing it might be one of the Daedra princes? Most likely Hermaeus Mora in my opinion.

Also pretty funny how Elis shot Ben's attempt to hit on her and started hitting on Gwen, I never saw that coming. Keep it up man.

Oh for a future chapter could you have Looma Red Wind show up as it would probably be time for her to collect Kevin for the marriage contract between them and Cole then fights Looma and takes her down using the Slow Time Shout to get in some good shots and possibly uses the Dragon Aspect Shout to fight her on even footing and thus gets unwittingly betrothed to Looma. Something to think about for a future chapter.

Peace out!
Angry lil' elf
11/13/2015 c20 Angry lil' elf
Good chapter mate, well worth the wait. Wonder what else is in store for Cole and his friends?

Just letting you know that I'm currently in the process of writing a Skyrim/Ben 10/my version of the DCU story, I'll let you know more in a PM :)

Anyways, keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing more :)
9/14/2015 c19 Angry lil' elf
Good chapter mate, I see you've brought in Serana and Harkon, I do wonder if there'll be anything between Cole and Serana, maybe Serana could comment that Cole's eyes are just like his ancestor's and don't forget that Serana might have had a romantic inclination towards Cole's ancestor and could extend to Cole and he convinces her to get out and see the world
7/15/2015 c18 Angry lil' elf
Pretty good chapter mate, looking forward to reading more. Oh remember what I told you about Cole building a Daedric Forge and enhancing his sword to Daedric level? It'd be awesome if you did that!
4/28/2015 c17 6shadowayn
Oh my, his brother is a villain?!
10/24/2014 c16 shadowayn
That was good, I can't wait for them to encounter Alduin the Elder Scroll can only let Cole learn Dragonrend at the top of the Throat of the World in the time tare.
8/29/2014 c15 46Angry lil' elf
pretty good chapter mate, I was kinda hoping you'd write a scene where Cole then meets some of the Angels at the fashion show and they give him their phone numbers but you get what you get.

Anyways, keep it up and I hope to see more soon
8/28/2014 c15 6shadowayn
Was that Dragon Paarthunax or was it a random dragon? Because if it was the greybreads won't help them and they realized the Dragon saved them from the Forsworn and then they attack it and he fought back and then they will criticized them refuse to help and it was a big misunderstanding.

I thought they are going to the Throat of the World to get from the Graybeards. Are they going to see the Greybeards? Are they going to see Paarthunax.
8/13/2014 c6 Guest
6/6/2014 c14 46Angry lil' elf
Pretty good chapter mate, wish it could've been longer but it's still pretty good. I wonder which models you're gonna use? Can I suggest Candice Swanepoel, Behati Prinsloo and Lindsay Ellingson? They're my favourite models.

Also could you do the Dawnbreaker quest? Or simply have Ulfiric give Cole the Dawnbreaker sword after Hawaii?

And hopefully you'll be faster with the next update.

Angry lil' elf
6/4/2014 c14 6shadowayn
Keep it up... Huge bones, are those Dragon bones.
4/29/2014 c13 shadowayn
Cole is going to meet Paarthunax, is he? I like to see the next chapter.
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