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4/26/2014 c13 52Angry lil' elf
finally a new chapter, I was beginning to wonder if you had abandoned it and I'm glad you decided to use Hawaii as a location and regarding that crossover idea you and I have been talking about, which girls will you be using? Let me know in a PM.

Got another idea you or I can use, you know the Ratchet and Clank series? Well there's one game that I've played quite a lot on my old PS2, and it's called Gladiator, so essentially Rachet is captured by Gleeman Vox for his undergound gladiator tv show and I was thinking this idea could be used on Cole/Dragonborn where he is captured by Gleeman 'Glorious' Vox for his galdiator tv show Dreadzone and Cole/Dragonborn manages to free the rest of the gladiators and when Vox mocks his ideal Cole says "Even if I don't make it out alive, at least a lot of other heroes escaped tonight" and at the last minute, Ben and co. rescue him.

Cole should also get some kickass weapons such as a Judge Dredd inspired pistol and a pair of combat robots with their individual personalities
2/21/2014 c12 6shadowayn
It seems Elis is their only chance to save Cole, they have to trust her as she.

A Thalmor Assassin? Is this Assassin is Elf, but his hood covering his pointed ear.
1/13/2014 c1 5Mr.unknow
Cool story, never much image of elder scorll series (as that what the story is label as) crossover with ben 10.
12/11/2013 c11 52Angry lil' elf
good thus far mate, I really do hope that you put Dragonborn and Charmcaster together as I like how Gwen is with Kevin but I won't hold it against you if go with Gwen and Dragonborn being together, if you do can you make Charmcaster try to seduce Cole and have a little catfight between Gwen and Hope?

Also I hope you give Cole the Dawnbreaker sword and also give him the beast blood from a modern version of Aela the Huntress
12/11/2013 c11 6shadowayn
Good chapter. I wonder if Gwen and Kevin are going to get back together... if they look back I think they'll see that argument and back up was kinda petty.
Anywsyd, please update ASAP.
9/22/2013 c10 shadowayn
Oh no, this does not look good. I hope Kevin and Ben gets there on time. Please update I want to read more.
9/12/2013 c10 52Angry lil' elf
pretty good thus far mate, quick question; would you possibly be giving Meridia's Dawnkbreaker to Cole? It would be a powerful weapon for him to use. It's just a thought if you wanna use it
9/5/2013 c9 Angry lil' elf
hmmm... interesting story thus far, I did plan on writing a Skyrim/Ben 10 story myself but my Dragonborn would be female and I would have her look like supermodel Erin heatherton. I do have an idea for a weapon that you could give the Dragonborn; give him a sword that's forged with ebony, quicksilver and dragonbone and have it look like a skyrim silver sword, just with a whitish-silver blade with a black blood groove and dull golden crosshilt and handle. It's just an idea for a weapon to give the Dragonborn.

Also could you pair the Dragonborn with either Serana or Aela the Huntress (don't make the DB a Vampire Lord, it'd be impractical, but you can make him a werewolf as it would give him an edge when fighting with the strength and fury of a wolf)

Let me know if you're gonna use these suggestions.

Angry lil' elf
8/31/2013 c9 Guest
nice, so will you continue this right?
4/27/2013 c8 6shadowayn
Is that mage and that girl are back? And ahh, Didn't meet Paarthurnax yet. Please update.
3/14/2013 c7 shadowayn
Good chapter. So are they going to meet the Graybeards and Paarthurnax? Please continue.
1/12/2013 c6 shadowayn
Good chapter, hope you update soon.
The part I found funny was that part with the Advertiser.
Advertiser: I used to be an advertiser... then I took an arrow to the knee.
1/10/2013 c4 shadowayn
Oh yes he could breath fire. If he learns that part.
1/8/2013 c5 Totong
Cole should be careful now that assassins are involved.I wonder if Odahvhing make a appearance in this should put characters from Skyrim to make this story a little bit then,waiting for the next update,excelsior.
5/28/2012 c2 Turkey Relish
Yes...I love this name :D Seems okay so far, not to many mistakes. But when Ben was talking to Cole I thought "Ben! You swore! That's not good for your health!" Or something like that.
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