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for A Secret to My Grave

7/17 c1 Guest
When is Asami gonna know?
5/26 c12 heartnettrain23
Senpai, are you going to continue this story.? If you do, please update soon.
Pretty please..
5/1 c12 atem x seto
I really enjoy the story is there going to be more to it because I really want to know how he acts when he finds out about Akihito being sick
3/24 c12 17Kichou
Very emotion story. I like it.
3/21 c1 Guest
When are you going to update. I really want to know what happened at the end.
2/11 c12 Shiranai Atsune
Yes! Finally! An update! Thank goodness you and this story ain't dead!
2/4 c2 Lily
I’ve been a sobbing mess from watching Descendants of the Sun (towards the end) and reading this. Please don’t kill us QvQ
2/4 c1 Lily
I heard my internal brakes screech after reading that first chapter ending.
1/26 c13 Guest
Hi ! I just saw your message concerning Patreon and yes I totally encourage you, even if I personally wouldn't be able to support you directly ( I'm a broke student and I know 4 dollars if not expensive but I still don't have a job soooo ...)
I just wanted to be sure about one thing ( English is not my 1st language that's why I wasn't sure ? ) for exemple 'A secret to my grave' ( I loved it by the way ! ) won't be updated here anymore ?
12/22/2017 c13 4Terra.L
Try publishing on Amazon? Some of ur works could work as an original story. The income would fluctuate but I'm not sure how easy/difficult it is to get patreons considering I've seen some very good authors still scrapping by while earning income from that.
12/10/2017 c10 Guest
I hope that you continue this soon. I really love it.
12/8/2017 c13 2sess18
Hello how do i access this story on the other site
11/19/2017 c13 from Philippines
waaaah please continue author-san! just tell me how to do the payment process. I'm willing to help and pay for your work. I really love your stories and its really too bad if it left it just like that...please please please please please continue it QwQ.
11/5/2017 c13 Cairlit07
OH MY GOD...Noooo please..why you left it like that...
Oh pls noooooo..my heart breaking right now..
What will happen next?..Asami should do something right now..Akihito is suffering..He needs you, YOU BASTARD>_<
I'm already crying the part Akihito cry reading his grandmother's letter..>_<..Poor Akihito..
I'm sorry for whatever things that had happen in your life..
I just hoping you can spare a little bit of time to finish this awesome story..I just love everything you do in it..
From the start to the last ..IS PERFECT..!
I'm trully apologize to you, if we readers seems to push you around to update any stories...BUT..its just your works are soo damn great that you looks like doing a crime for not finishing it..Its not easy you know to make some sort of perfectly put version of viewfinder fanfiction like your story for example this A Secret To My Grave..
Please just please..please reconsider our's plead..
I'm sorry for pushing or said something that you pissed off..If you ever want to stop or continue this story please let us know okay..I Love You and Your Stories..
Thank you sooo much and I hope to hear from you soon..Good luck in everything and Fighting!
10/13/2017 c13 Fujoshi-Marie
does that mean that u won't continue your fanfictions in this website? OOOH plz noooooooooo plz plz plz i love all of work and i 'm ready to pay if i can read the complete version of ur works but i can't i don't have the means to pay so pleaaaaaaase keep updating i will die if i don't know how this story ends..
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