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for Razor's Edge: Requiem

1/29 c1 1CuntPirate
For any would be reader: my review contains spoilers.

Spoiler free TLDR: It's perfect and it's an amazing new perspective for all of the crew but it fumbles at the most crucial times and timeskips ahead when the going is getting good. 6.5/10
1/29 c43 CuntPirate
Sigh... I hate to leave it like that. Oh so negative. But I have to. The reason I'm so angry is precisely because I loved it. I loved every moment of the ups and the downs; the highs and the lows. When Shepard was falling into the pits of despair, I was right there with him. When he was picking himself back up again, I was screaming in elation with my fist raised. I loved the changing of perspective and the ability to bring every character to life in their own special way that felt genuine. I rarely ever said to myself that something said didn't sound canon. When it came to the last book, that thought faded entirely. Every moment of dialogue felt insanely genuine and many of the things we wished happened in the games because it would "just make sense" came to life in Razor's Edge.

All the additions, all the changes, all the jew perspectives... It really brings it all together. I honestly believe that if a show writer approached you to make a series about Mass Effect based on your Fanfic, that it would be a total hit. Only as long of course that it fixes your mistakes.

I'm going to leave this here even though I really disliked the timeskips at the most important parts, and even if my score won't be changing because of that, I still have a special place in my heart for Razor's Edge.

I always will.
1/29 c43 CuntPirate
Wow. That was... Beautiful. Truly a work of art. I do see why people sing high praises about this work. It deserves it. Nigh perfect retelling of the entire last two games. Every character was told with almost pinpoint accuracy and faith to the OT lore. There were a few times in the first one that striked me as fairly odd and out of place but it seems that was honed greatly. Speaking of honing; absolute master craft when it came to character development. You had a roadmap which made it easier for the earlier chapters but as you mastered your craft, you slowly began to edge out a very acute progression to the cast. Absolutely brilliant for the last one in the series. Definitely the best out of the three. Came for the Tali Shepard romance, stayed for the amazingly epic retelling of the triology that had me jumping out of my bed/seat/gym bench to hold one clenched fist up in some of the most purest hype I have felt since I discovered the dumbbell. I really can't put into words how much emotion one old man can feel, years of failed romances in real life had left him jaded and lonely. Truly this touched my soul, a feeling I thought I had lost many years ago. The whole ordeal even inspired me to create an almost 90 song playlist inspired by it. Too bad the last 20 or so tracks meant to be played during their little fluff moments on Rannoch never got to see the light of day...

Which brings me to the negatives.

If you're able to pick up on context clues then you should know that I'm about to talk about the timeskips. Yes, when something great happens and after many chapters of waiting, we, the readers, sit eagerly to witness the main thing we came to see. Yes I'm talking about the fluff, the smut, the cuddles, the cuteness and the love. Yes I am talking about the lemons. I understand a lemon rich story isn't anyone's cup of tea. In fact, I really enjoyed the drawn-out pacing of this series. It was quite enjoyable to be rewarded with the fruits of my labour. Well... At least I thought I was going to be rewarded?
Instead I was met with many, many, many timeskips. In fact, past the first book in the series, every single cute piece of the fanfic was skipped. Happened at the end of the Shadow Broker saga, happened at the end of the 25ish chapters it took for Shepard to meet Tali and now it happened right at the end of the series... ?

I mean, c'mon... Really? Almost 100 chapters for the main golden prize... The primary reward and... 5 year timeskip?

Wow. I'm honestly stunned. You know, here I thought that you were truly an amazing writer. A trailblazer for fanfic. Then you make probably the laziest decision in writing for the worst times... Every single time. If writing fluff or lemons made you uncomfortable then you should have let someone help you co-author it. If that's not the case then... What happened? I get not wanting to write sex, but ignoring kisses? Hugs? Reunions? I mean c'mon; people made entire fanfics for that section alone! Ever heard of You Came Back To Me? Or Through Hell to Find You? Some of the most popular fanfic to date and they both purely cover the one part of the series YOU SKIPPED! Sigh. Honestly, at least the epilogue exists at all. If you skipped that part I might have just tracked you down accross the Earth to finish it.

Honestly, what you did was unacceptable and downright disrespectful to your viewers. You basically told us that the main thing everyone came to read is unimportant, three times in a row and that shows a level of incompetence; either in pure writing ability or laziness. After writing almost 100 long chapters of fanfic with intricate detail, one would think you literally could not be lazy. So it must be just your writing ability then. Do you simply not know how to formulate the right script for it? Do you hit a brick wall when people start undressing or confess their feelings to one another? Because the perfect picture-esque scene with Garrus and Kasumi in her apartment on Omega tells me you can write deep, loving and interesting fluff. So then; why skip it? I suppose you only get lazy when you feel uninterested in the topic. "Ah, I've already written this so I'll just move on," he says to himself as he ignores their heartbreaking reunion... Twice.

What you did was essentially did was hold an eating contest that lasted for 5 weeks where the prize was $10,000, but instsad of actually giving the winner $10,000, you gave him a 2 sentence summary of how $10,000 feels in his hands.

Originally I would have literally given this a straight 10/10, but that immense fumbling of the heart of the romance was absolutely tragic so I'll have to give it a 6.5
-1 for the end of the Shadow Broker chapters, -1 for the Utukku reunion timeskip and finally -1.5 for that absolutely disastrous timeskip at the end. So sad. Could have been so great.
1/27 c33 Guest
You're not truly Garrus's friend if you let him win
1/23 c24 Unacceptable
24 Chapters.

24 Chapters, no romance. 24 Chapters, they finally get back together and what happens?


That's right, a timeskip.

Not even a kiss is shown, not even a HUG.

My brother in Christ, it isn't even ELUDED to that he puts his hand under her hood.

My god. This might be the worst sin in writing history. Maybe ever.

How could you possibly...? I'm almost speechless. I don't even know what to say. This is like a dubstep song with no drop, an action RPG with no final boss, edging for 24 hours and not busting.

Are you serious? How have I not seen anyone comment on this? Do people actually like that? To be blueballed for 24 chapters and not even see the content you signed up for? Who the fuck would rate it highly with this in here?

You know what. Nah. That's it. Dropping the whole thing right here. Goodbye. 0/10.
1/22 c24 Guest

You can't just skip ahead that much during the good bits. You did that with the 2nd one too.

Le sigh
1/22 c19 Guest
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1/18 c2 Guest
"Couldn't remove" were his cybernetics removed somehow? I don't understand how that could be done without killing or crippling him and even if it could be done, it would be way too expensive. Simply poor choice of words?
11/27/2023 c23 Guest
Urz is a good boy.
11/27/2023 c18 Guest
Holy shit, I should know by now that you enjoy tormenting your readers as much as the characters in the story.
I knew that Shepard couldn’t be dead logically, but damn was I convinced emotionally.
11/26/2023 c11 Guest
Holy fucking shit.
For a while I thought you were going to have Shepard take the Frog bitch’s deal. I could FEEL the knot in my stomach just dissolving when Shep told Mordin of the modification, very happy that uncle Wrex wasn’t betrayed by his battle brother.
7/20/2023 c43 sheepmasterx
holy fuck. no words
3/25/2023 c43 BoganZ
Such an amazing take on the Mass Effect 3 story. You really had me in the first half of that epilogue, I was getting worried there for a bit! Thoroughly enjoyed the Shepard and Tali moments in here and I loved the happy ending. Thank you for writing such a fun piece! Reading your stories alongside my 3rd trilogy playthrough was a blast.
3/1/2023 c43 Itachidono
This is without any doubt by far the best Mass Effect story I have ever read, and I would be willing to wager it will remain that way. This was a masterful peice of storytelling thank you for sharing it.
1/17/2023 c43 nomercy58
Wow. Just wow. Zipped through these in the past two weeks and have loved the journey you put us readers on.
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