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3/1 c43 Itachidono
This is without any doubt by far the best Mass Effect story I have ever read, and I would be willing to wager it will remain that way. This was a masterful peice of storytelling thank you for sharing it.
1/17 c43 nomercy58
Wow. Just wow. Zipped through these in the past two weeks and have loved the journey you put us readers on.
5/1/2022 c43 1valkrus
Love this since you make considerable changes such as the Omega DLC happening at the same time with Miranda and half the team taking care of it. same to the rest of the trilogy you wrote this is really good because other fics are basically movie versions of the game with shep leading every mission one at a time but this? it's on the same level as the equinox guys who have their own version of ME novelization
2/28/2022 c15 Minnie1015
I’m reading this trilogy for a second time and I just had to stop and praise you. This is the only fanfic I’ve found that is soooo much better than the games are. Most are just game rehashes.

You truly bring John to life. And I love all the additions you’ve made to the story. You give the story of Shepard so much depth and life. The trilogy is amazing and you’re amazing! Thanks for sharing your passion with us!

Back to reading more now!
2/25/2022 c14 Guest
Bruh I’m at Chapter 14. Is this Shepard going to stop being a fatalistic pessimist asshole who pushes away everything he loves? The batarians in the Bahak system we’re going to die anyways from the reapers in a much more painful way. He is way too broken up about that. His indecisiveness and lack of conviction to anything besides dying for the war is off putting. I loved the previous 2 stories. Shepard is a prick without hope and was almost willing to shoot his close friend Mordin and betray his battle brother Wrex only because he had a 5 minute conversation with the Dalatrass(who he doesn’t even know) who told him to do it. You can’t fight a war without hope.
1/25/2022 c43 ConradVerner
What a ride. Read it all, from first to last. Probably the best mass effect fic I’ve ever read. Pleasure to enjoy your work. To anyone checking out reviews before reading, it’s a fulfilling experience
7/1/2021 c43 MayContainHyjinks
Dear Tairis Dreamhan

While I struggle to articulate what I want to write after finishing the Razor's Edge stories, and not for the first time either, I don't have to struggle to say Thank You.

Thank you for sitting down and writing the Razor's Edge series. Thank you for all of the blood(hopefully more metaphorical and less literal), sweat, tears and time that you spent to create the Razor's Edge stories. Thank you for finishing the stories. Thank you for all of your hard work to create these stories. To the BetaReaders and Editors - Thank you for assisting in the creation and improvement of these stories.

I might add to the "thank yous" as I continue writing this and hopefully I'll catch any duplicates in the proof read of this... its not really a review, more like a letter to a celebrity I suppose. Although I'm not at all certain what to say other than thank you.

Razor's Edge holds a special place in my heart and on my list of favorite stories because it takes my experience and good memories with Mass Effect 2 (ironically one of two Mass Effect games I've played and completed properly, the other is Andromeda and that is a completely different can of worms) and adapts it to a form, the written story form, that allows me to revist the world of mass effect and visit with my favorite characters whenever I want.

Your stories... Your characters... Are like... If Mass Effect was a family dinner where everyone is at the table eating good food and having a good time but when dinner starts to come to a close, the dinner host brings out Razor's Edge like a really good desert and the good times roll for a little bit longer. Everything naturally fits together.

I clearly remember years ago, when I read Razor's Edge for the first time and I realized that you had decided to not limit yourself to the three person party and just ship interactions. It was amazing to see the cast...come alive for lack of a better phrase.

In reflecting on the stories to figure out what to write. I've arrived at a quite amusing though. Razor's Edge is as close to a Teggan Toppa Gurren Laggann story as mass effect will ever get. In all of the best ways. Which is probably one of several reason why I enjoyed Razor's Edge so much.

Thank you for the stories. I wish you the best in all that you do.
-A happy reader and big Razor's Edge Fan
6/30/2021 c43 JustALapis
I have no idea if you'll ever see this, if you even look back on this, but I feel the need to say something anyway. This story, your story, has been a journey. One filled with ups and downs, laughs, tears, action, adventure, romance, and so much more. Many times I found myself tense for the coming paragraphs, elation coursing in triumphs, tears welling in sorrows. You took me and many others on the trip of a lifetime, and as much as I hate to see it end, I agree. All things must end, and I must say, you ended this spectacularly, All I can really say is... Thank you. Thank you for giving us this truly wonderful story, for those past and those new. Thank you from a 2021 Legendary reader. Keelah 'selai
6/28/2021 c21 JustALapis
Holy shit, I am reading an action movie, I LOVE this
6/27/2021 c18 JustALapis
I know Im waaaaayyy too late on this, but I just wanted to point out: In a conversation between the Cerb engineers in ME3, you learn that Ilusive Man actually drinks American Burbon. Just a funny side thought that came to mind
6/26/2021 c6 JustALapis
3 fingered hand... shattered helmet... Ow, my feelings. Hello, though. Not sure if you want, or care for, any reviews this much later, but hey, just letting you know you still got readers. And lord, you are a great writer
6/15/2021 c43 gunner4555
I really enjoyed the story, like wow soo good
4/3/2021 c43 2dalek117
3 Whole stories and I can only say one thing: Perfection! Utter, pure Perfection!

After binging the start of Razor's Edge and finally ending up here, I am pretty much close to tears and love how you've made the Mass Effect story your own, especially with the ending. Shepard and Tali are my favourite couple and I loved how you portrayed them in this.

Good luck with those plans for the future and thank you for the voyage that you constructed!
2/25/2021 c43 Ashran31
Thank you so much for this, wordsmith
An amazing story
1/29/2021 c15 Enforcer209
In all honestly i’m loosing complete interest in this story all this self loathing or hatred or whatever you want to call it it’s boring as hell to read. I greatly enjoyed your 2 previous stories but this one is circulating the drain fast
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