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6/28/2020 c1 Curse Of Kings
Will Pan be giving out any no-holds-barred beatdowns in this story?
4/21/2020 c20 deadlywhisper21
Hi. So I was wondering are you going to finish this story? The edited one I mean. Cause I really like it. I am not a fan of dragon ball GT, to be honest. I am a fan of the original dragon ball so I like the fact that you are changing the story up the way you want it while still keeping the interesting parts of the main plot and focusing on the teens. I also love the fact that Bulla has decided to fight and is actually getting stronger. She is the daughter of Vegeta and Bulma, she should be a fighter, at least that's what I think. Anyway, I really hope that you update the next chapter. I can't wait to read it!
2/14/2020 c1 Guest
This is my third time rereading this. Can't wait to see how you've changed in this one like you did not Strong Bonds.
12/1/2019 c1 1Sophielovesdb
I will forever love this story, this my fav TP fanfic and my second time reading it
11/23/2019 c83 Guest
Please put the guardian story back on
8/23/2019 c10 Guest
Update please.
6/5/2019 c1 barbara.woodward.1671
Can you please let us know when you re the chapters like you did on closer some chapters i can tell the differences and i love it so far.
5/15/2019 c1 Guest
Like this version
9/16/2018 c1 14number1dbzgal
This is one of my favorite stories
2/3/2018 c123 Guest
8/15/2017 c1 umadbro1298
Update plz been waiting forever
2/13/2017 c123 2Magic-Saphira
It is really good! I love it!
2/5/2017 c3 12Diclonious57
He did cheat, little stinker XD
11/5/2016 c84 Mackenzie Johnson
I choose a girl
7/26/2016 c1 84Violet Rose of Darkness
It's funny how fate works. In the Mirai timeline, it technically should have been Goten who was born. But becuase Trunks and Pan are mates, they were destined to be together in all universes. It's like destiny knew that Goku would only visit one time in the Mirai timeline, so instead of Goten, it was Pan who was born. In the regular timeline, destiny knew Goku would visit after the Cell Games, so it was Goten who was born first because Pan was destined to be born later. I think.
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