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for Dreaming

1/15/2019 c1 NutmasterxD
Awwww super lindo los 2, adelante sigue asi -
Saludos (2019)
12/14/2018 c1 5LizardScalesFairyTales
Aww! I support supportive Jack and honest Sally! Really cute and great characterizations!
8/23/2012 c1 6NightFury812
This is really cute, I love it :)
8/17/2012 c1 14WyvernWynne
Awh... So cute! I luffles it! 3
8/2/2012 c1 30GodlyJewel
Aww poor Jack, he's really gotta make her see she isn't dreaming. But its so cute! 3
3/24/2012 c1 2reveur-amira
*wipes away a tear* That was so beautiful! And completely believable in the sense that Jack and Sally seemed very in-character. I loved it, I wish we got to see this very scene occur at the end of the movie! Jack & Sally forever...

Marvelous job! :)

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