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for The Beast Within

6/4/2015 c6 ChasityCat
Probably not the best story but it was... pretty good. I can't say there wasn't emotion in this fic because there was a shit-load! I recommend this to those who believe that the Sonic Underground series is canon (sorry, I don't), and love intense emotion. And... Sonamy(eww). Still, ignore my offensive comments, and you get a good story. :)
11/1/2014 c9 LolzCool
Finally , FINALLY we have a fanfic were sonic is a WOLF, NOT a werehog. Personally, I love wolves, and i'm sooooo happy to see Sonic kick some ass! The story of this fanfic is also brill. Great Job! Please carry this on , i'm dying to see what happens next!
10/14/2014 c9 KittySparkles
WTF! This is an ACE fanfic! Please carry it on! I love sonic and werewolves, and this fanfic is a fucking masterpiece!
10/4/2014 c9 Lone Wolf
Honestly, this is one of the most brill fanfics out there. Being a fan of Sonic and wolves, this was SOOOO enjoyable for me. I'd really, REALLY appreaciate it if you'd continue The Beast Within. Great work! :D
9/29/2014 c2 samantha kuznik
I totally liked Manic and how he saved his little bro from sertain DEATH! (Just damn kidding) I hope to read the next chapter soon.
The story could have shortened paragraphs though. I presently got sick today so what better thing to do than just sit and do Kung Fu!
1/5/2014 c1 madison
Oookkkkaaayyyy the title is that from teen titans
7/19/2012 c2 7Regular sonic fan
great story!
5/3/2012 c6 14Awesome Shadows
SOOOO! Great! I feel bad for sonic but for him to kill on purpose? That is strange. I ownder if he still has traces of his inner beast... I love the story! Hopefully you get more reviewers!
4/28/2012 c6 Ilikepie97
OMG! I love this chapter so much! but it seems to be one of those stories with a sad ending. I am afraid that there is only going to be one more chapter after this. Please prove me wrong!
4/10/2012 c4 Ilikepie97
Ohhhh this is so cool! can't wait to see what happens next!

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