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for Palutena's Farting Problem

4/4 c55 9Ohma flame
Well, 5 years...I feel like it will be another 5 before dis is done
4/4 c31 Ohma flame
The day you joined Palutena?
4/4 c30 Ohma flame
Now, this was the part where I help in my way but alternative universe and such...
Can’t believe where king has gotten since that day all those centuries ago
4/4 c29 Ohma flame
Now that I think about it, Pit’s just weird, but he is also one of two Sane beings with Devine power, the other being Medusa, and how could I forget Arelan?

In the rest of the chapters after 9 or 10, Pit is the ONLY sane being in a world of pure insanity, his goddess is kinda abusive, his enemies are more competent then the troops he leads, so he’s forced to fight on his own, and the Forces of Nature have a Extermination happy freak as there goddess and are pretty much weak to fire with most of the forces.

So, here’s how it works, Palutena is the Ego, Virdi is the Extermination and hades is the insanity, all these gods equally insane, with the only Devine beings who have any trace of sanity being Pit, Medusa and Arelan, the three who are basically a short of tri-force...
‘Ping!’ I got A Idea!
4/4 c28 Ohma flame
Man, it is a good thing I linked King’s brain to something else
Max:...doesn’t he suffer personality shifts form time to time
Details, Max, Details
4/4 c27 Ohma flame
King (Pit): I really thank you for the Therapy, Emperor flame
Eh, no prob. What’s a Emperor for? Gloating?
King: well, there was Kos-go
Fair point
4/4 c20 Ohma flame
Lass, your rear end is a bomb, not as powerful as mine, which has fart ignite once they get out..
Wait, how does a skeleton fart in the first place? I know I’m more of a ghost but still
4/4 c18 Ohma flame
And there’s our Dark Pit’s PTSD found...
Good god I never pry but...Someone get me a Bible!
4/4 c16 Ohma flame
...I know see where my Pit got his PTSD...
I feel sorry for the lad
4/4 c15 Ohma flame
I had to save him...no one should ever go through that...
4/4 c13 Ohma flame
...Thanatos, where the Hades is your stand alone game or Fan-game?
4/4 c9 Ohma flame
Well, this turned weird for me
Max: we’ve gone through weirder!
True that, Cage, true dat
4/4 c7 Ohma flame
Uhh...someone save her?...and if your gonna, then I employ you to wear a gas mask...it’s really the a Only way you’ll survive
4/4 c6 Ohma flame
Max: boss, your jaw
*uh*’click, Snap!’ Thanks, also. (Vomits profusely) ok, at least I couldn’t smell Palutena’s because my sense of smell is dead, Virdi’s just brought it back to life! I am undead this smell should not be effecting me!
Max: well, look on the bright side, you have your sense of smell back
...true, i’ll Give her that
4/4 c3 Ohma flame
Fart Fire Boom Boom
Believe, I learned that the hard way...
We lost so many elementals
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